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Best cart bag 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2020

Norman RyanLet’s get started. After spending over 53 hours comparing at least 20 cart bag, I am recommending the best cart bag of 2018

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. So, you will find reviews on some models of cart bag that impressed me (and a good many other people), and you will find a few informational pages as well.

Best cart bag of 2018

We’ve narrowed down our options based on the customer feedback (read positive reviews), functionality, material and size. In other words, we’ve put all fundamentals into consideration to come up with a comprehensive list that suits various needs. I must say I am quite a fan of cart bag, so when the question “What are the best cart bag available on the market?” came to my mind, I excitedly started gathering information together with personal experience to write this article in the hope that it may help you find the suitable cart bag.

Below you can find 3 reviews of the best cart bag to buy in 2018, which I have picked after the deep market research. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your comfort, style, or accessibility, we have picks to fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
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№1 – Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Cart Bag

Six pockets, including: 2 valuables pockets, 2 full length Apparel pockets, range finder pocket, full size golf ball pocket
10 way top divider System
Rain Hood included
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this cart bag win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing!
















№2 – Waterproof PVC Rain Cover for Golf Bag & Cart

Waterproof PVC Rain Cover for Golf Bag & Cart

Fits most Golf bags & carts
Protect your gear dry in wet weather
It smelled a little, but it didn’t last for a long time..
Could be more durable.

Why did this cart bag come in second place?

The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.
















№3 – TaylorMade 2017 Supreme Cart Bag

TaylorMade 2017 Supreme Cart Bag

Tarpaulin reinforced strap pass through
Two micro-suede lined valuables pockets
Keeps valuables protected from weather and scratching
Less durable.
Still fairly pricey.

Why did this cart bag take third place?

The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new.
















cart bag Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy cart bag, right? No!

Carry or Cart

The obvious benefits of carry bags are that they are lighter and feature a stand that provides easy access, meaning your clubs don’t get wet on the ground. Cart or trolley bags are designed to fit specifically onto a trolley and offer plenty of storage space for anything you will need on the course.

Weight and size

After you have decided between a carry or trolley option there is still a wide variety of size options available. In the carry bag category you’ll find very lightweight designs with little pocket space, as well as models that are as big as the smallest cart bags.

Nike Air Sport Lite Golf Stand Bag

One of the best rated golf bags presently on the market is the Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag. Created with some of the best materials, there are many features which make this bag such a best seller. The bottom base system utilizes cushiony Phylon material. That provides a contact area with stronger support and maximum platform.

For suspension, the lightweight frame with an exoskeleton design is amazing. Using the Nike suspension system, the webbing material results in exceptional cushion. The continuous webbing system throughout the Nike Air unit is one of the reasons it has a lifetime limited warranty. By being available in six different colors, it gives those looking to purchase a favorite one more choices. It measures 4x 1x 1inches and weighs 5.pounds.

We found that the kickstand is actually very good when compared to other models. In fact, it is very sturdy and quite useful. The large putter grip is a very useful feature that offers users a separate compartment which work quite well. In addition, the sub storage compartments are also large enough and conveniently placed. They offer ample storage room and the smaller sub compartments can be used for just about anything you want.The strap provides enough support for those with broader shoulders, but still works fine for those with lesser ones.

Callaway 201Org 1Golf Cart Bag

For your valuables, there is also a Velour-lined pocket. That includes a key fob for extra security. If you are still looking for more pockets, users who purchase this golf bag will appreciate the insulated cooler pockets as well. This can very convenient when needing refreshments out on the field. The Callaway 201Org 1has accessory pockets and ball pocket to add to those. Added features include an integrated umbrella sleeve which is a very useful characteristic.

However, the answer to that question pertaining to this model is yes. Users did not have a problem either retrieving nor replacing them at all. Complaints about certain colors costing more than others seem to be one issue some of those who purchased this bag had.

OGIO Grom Golf Stand Bag

For all the golfers out there who are looking for a no nonsense golf bag that delivers, they can choose the OGIO Grom Stand Bag. Made out of polyester fabric with state of the art material, it is very lightweight and sturdy. This bag helps you keep all of your clubs easily organized.

The stand is easy to use and makes the golfing experience that much better. It weighs 6.pounds and measures 43.x 13.x 13.inches. The individual compartments create even more room for storage. One of the great things about the pockets with zippers though, is how easily accessible they are. Moreover, the zippers themselves appear to be quite strong and durable. On the negative side, there is an issue some had with the overall balance. That test though, was done with the bag fully loaded. This included 1golf clubs, gloves, a rangefinder and about balls and tees.

However, with that amount of weight, that can be expected. It still does not take away from the overall customer satisfaction and delivery this golf bag has.

NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag

If you want to let everyone on the golf course know how much of an NFL fan you are while using a great golf bag with a stand, consider the NFL Fairway. Packed with 14-way full length dividers and an integrated top handle, the NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag makes golfing a joy. This amazing bag has zippered pockets and location embroidery pouches as well. There is also a towel ring, umbrella holder and a removable rain hood. With the two-lift assist handles, golfers are able to move around with ease.

There is also a double shoulder strap included which is quite handy. An added bonus is the separate putter included. A few may take issue with the cooler pocket though since it is not that big. Another issue is the inner lining for each divided hole for golf clubs. The concern is that after the top, they are not individually divided. Those small concerns notwithstanding, this is still a golf stand bag which will make those who purchase it very happy.

The Following Reviews Are for The Best Golf Cart Bags Currently Available for 2016.

Prosimmon Tour 1Way Golf Cart Bag

The Prosimmon Tour 1Way Cart Golf Bag comes full of features to make every golfer enjoy the game more. This great bag has 1full length dividers to accommodate your golf clubs. That means you can keep all of them neatly and perfectly organized. This cart bag is perfect for helping players keep their clubs organized. The deep ball pocket which will come in handy for golfers. Other pockets include a small accessory or tee pocket. For your valuables you want to remove and stash while playing, there is a fur lined valuable pocket as well. In addition to these, you also have full-length side pockets. Those pockets are very useful and work perfectly for clothing and waterproofs. To help keep you cool in the golf field, there is an insulated pocket for drinks as well.

However, that tends to happens to golf bags, depending on the clubs and size. The strap interfering with the putter pocket whenever the golf bag was strapped to a golf cart was also a minor issue to some. Nevertheless, this is still an amazing bag with a great design. Being available in cool colors is also a plus.

Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Golf Cart Bag

Another great golf bag for players to consider is the Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Cart Bag. Made with the latest long lasting materials, serious golf players will appreciate the quality and durability. The Tour Edge has 15-way divider top for all of your clubs. It is molded with an easy to lift handle. These full length dividers can help protect graphic shafts. Plus, they also keep the grips from tangling and snagging at the bottom of the bag.

To help gofers keep cool out on the field, the bag has an insulated beverage pocket for storing them. The thick padded carry strap makes it a lot easier to lug around and take with you. For extra items you may want to store separately, it has a waterproof velour-lined dry pocket. That helps protect your valuables and makes it easier to access them. Another useful feature is the bag coming with a snap-on rain cover for the top of the bag. Those who purchase this bag take notice that the zippers are easy to use, tough and durable. There are a few issues that some users might have with the bag though.

For one, whenever you strap the bag into the cart, it can become difficult to reach the pocket on the right side. Some felt that perhaps having a pocket to weave the strap through would have addressed this better. Another problem is the lack of a separate putter compartment. This would make it a lot easier for a player to keep their putter accessible without having to put on the head cover after every use. We should note that the bags that do offer this are a bit more expensive though. Overall, it measures 3x 1x 1inches and weighs pounds. For those looking for a bag that offers extreme performance, this TourEdge Hot Launch is the one.

Hot-Z 2.0 Golf Stand Bag

When out on the playing field, golfers will find the easy to release stand legs very efficient and handy. The dobby nylon materials it is made from make it very lightweight, yet durable. In fact, the durable nylon material it is made of is another reason golfers give this bag such a high rating. It comes with 6-way top graphite separator which is player friendly. When you want to protect your valuables, there is a velour lined pocket for them on the bag. The dual carry strap is conveniently padded for extra comfort and use. Other amenities include a towel ring with a Velcro glove attachment. There is also a pen sleeve and a tee holder as well. Lastly, to help protect your golf clubs and bag during the rain, it also has a rain hood cover.

The Hot-Z weighs pounds and when compared to other similar golfing bags, the price is very competitive. A problem reported was the bag not being able to stand on slippery surfaces such as hardwood. The legs can end up sometimes sliding apart from each other. However, one has to note that these legs are actually made to be placed on golf courses terrain. Apart from that, we feel that it is not enough to keep anyone from considering this golf stand bag for purchase.

Tour Edge Hot Launch Golf Stand Bag

The Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch Stand Bag has many features which golf players can appreciate. Those that purchase it can expect it to last since it is made out of durable and strong material. To help golf players keep all of their clubs organized, it offers a 15-way divider top. It is molded with an easy-lift handle for quick and easy access. That 6-way top which has full-length dividers, is very useful since it offers protection and separation. Aside from the easy lift handle, there is a 6-way divided top.

In addition, there are 4-way padded dual carry straps. Users will appreciate how they help to reduce pressure points when carrying it. It also promotes comfortability as well. Since being able to have access to beverages is important on the golf field, the insulated beverage holder comes in handy. Other useful pockets include a velour-lined pockets for valuables or anything else. There is also an oversized apparel pocket as well. The waterproof velour-lined dry pocket is very intuitive and handy. That design lets them protect their valuables in case it rains. The foam padded hip pad is another feature worth noting. The total measurements are 3x 1x 1inches while weighing pounds. Since this bag is available in colors, chances are there is one just for you.

Callaway 201Hyper-Lite Golf Stand Bag

When it comes to design and looks, the Callaway 201Hyper-Lite Stand Bag gets high ratings. This bag has a lot to offer every golfer looking to enjoy the game more. The 7-way top comes equipped with full length club dividers. There are also alignment stick holders articulately dedicated. The bag has a total of pockets for users to enjoy. That includes a water-resistant pocket for your valuables which is velour lined. The velour lined feature provides much needed extra protection for whatever you place in there.

The Callaway 201does weigh pounds and measures 3x 1x 1inches. One of the best features is the Xtra traction technology base system. It provides stability and great turf interaction for golfers. We found the black satin finished towel hook to be aesthetically pleasing. One grievance some found with this bag was that it sometimes became unable to stand on its own. As we stated in other reviews, that can be the case at times with some golf bags. This largely depends on the golf clubs and their weight. Another minor issue was the size of the beverage pocket. Some may feel that it is not big enough to place all of their desired beverages in there.

The Callaway 201is a bit more costlier than other bags. However, that is because of all the features, durability and other amenities it offers golfers. Overall, this is among one of the highest rated out of all the bags we have reviewed.

The Following Reviews Are for The Best Carry Golf Bags Currently Available for 2016.

The K-Cliffs also has a very useful detachable shoulder strap. As far as the handling, it is very lightweight. The material appears to be quite durable. The specs indicate that the K-Cliffs golf bag material is also water resistant. There is an accessory zipper pocket with a T holder for convenience. Another feature users can enjoy is the rigid body which includes a detachable plastic tube. Since it is fully padded and contains a zipper mouth opening, this bag is very handy. For those golfers who may looking for a bag that stands alone, this one is not it though.

How to Pick a Golf Bag

When you are looking to where to buy a golf bag, make sure you consider the site or place to be reliable. Look for places which make it easy for you to return the item if you have a problem with it. Also, customer service, pricing and dependability are factors to ponder.

Once you’ve decided on a bag type, you’ll want to compare features and price in order to buy the one that suits your needs best while remaining within your budget. Amateurs, in particular, might want to go with a cheaper bag so that there’s not a large, sunk investment if they give up the sport. If you’re a life-long golfer, on the other hand, the investment in a high dollar bag can be well worth it since it’ll be the kind of thing that accompanies you for years.

Callaway Golf 201Capital Stand Bag

The bag weighs just five pounds. With its padded shoulder strap and mesh hip pad, it will be easy to carry around the golf course without wearing yourself out. There is a rain hood included with this bag so if it should rain, you can keep your clubs dry.

New Ping 201Hoofer Golf Stand Bag

The bag weighs just five pounds and has adjustable shoulder straps, which feature Sensor Cool technology, which prevents moisture, so carrying this bag should not sap your energy, allowing you to enjoy your game of golf.

Titleist Golf- 201Lightweight Stand Bag

This sporty golf bag has a four-way top with two full-length dividers to prevent your golf clubs from getting entangled. The bag has six pockets with zips, including an insulated beverage pocket and velour lined valuables pocket. These ensure that you can find a suitable storage space for everything required for an enjoyable game of golf.

Weighing just 5.pounds, this bag won’t weigh you down. It has been designed to make your walk around the golf course a pleasant one as it is light and comfortable to carry.

Sun Mountain Golf Sync Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain Golf Sync Cart Bag offers individualized, 1way dividers for your entire set of clubs. This cart bag also takes it a step farther by offering an individually integrated putter compartment. This bag is optimized to work its best while riding on the back of a golf cart. The top of this golf bag has two utility handles built in for ease of use and faster handling. Overall this bag has a total of nine different pockets.

This bag has two full-length clothing pockets, a beverage pocket, two velvet lined valuable pockets, and a rangefinder pocket. All of these pockets come together and help protect what is most important to you.

This bag also includes a matching rain cover to keep your clubs dry, even in the heaviest of rains. At the base of this bag you will find cart bumpers that were designed to help protect the structural integrity of the golf bag and provide added durability. The Sun Mountain Golf Sync Cart bag is a great all around bag for people who spend the majority of their time playing golf in a cart.

The Titleist 20114-Way Stand Bag is very unique in that it was designed as a walking/carry bag but has 1different sections for each of your clubs. This navy blue golf bag utilizes double shoulder straps so that the bag is easier to carry throughout the duration of your round.

With approximately 10+ pockets this carry bag can fit all necessary items and more. This golf bag has plenty of room to carry your rain gear, umbrella, food, water bottle, valuables, and miscellaneous items, with room to spare.

This bag is going to be like the Ferrari of stand bags that are available on the market today. The quality and craftsmanship that went into this Titleist stand bag is the same thing you should look for when looking into other brands particular model of golf bag.

Titleist set the bar extremely high in 201when they came out with this 1Way stand bag. The Titleist 20114-Way Stand bag is excellence.

The Ping Pioneer Cart Golf Bag is brought to us by Ping Golf comes in four different color combinations. This bag has a 15-way, golf club dividing top with anti-flex walls that helps protect your clubs in a variety of different situations. With eight zippered pockets, including two large apparel pockets, the Ping Pioneer cart golf bag can really hold a bunch of stuff. To be sure that your items are protected when located inside of this bag, Ping made sure to design and construct this bag with water resistant materials. Aside from just keeping water out of the bag, ping also keeps the cold in.

The specially designed insulated beverage pocket keeps even your largest drinks cold, for an extended amount of time. This carry bag is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with a motorized golf cart.  This bag would also pair very well with the quality pushcart. The Ping Pioneer Cart Golf Bag is a classic choice for somebody who plays the majority of their golf with a golf cart.

Callaway Hyper-Lite Stand Bag

The Callaway Hyper-Lite Stand Bag is one of the lightest stand bags available today, weighing in at under pounds. This bag has a inch, five way divider and organizes your clubs and keeps them from damaging each other. At the base of this bag Callaway has introduced us to, “extra traction technology,” which allows us to share the golf bag will not slip or fall over when engaged in a standing position. Even though this bag is so light, you still have to be able to carry it on your back which is why Callaway redesigned their comfort strap system and provided a more ergonomic option.

The soft mesh padding, that rest on your shoulder as you carry this bag around, continually provides support and it helps you improve your posture along the way. Lastly, this bag has a total of eight pockets including a few large clothing pockets and a few smaller valuables pockets. The Callaway Hyper- Lite Five Stand Bag is the best bag on the market for somebody walks the course every single day.

Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Golf Bag

The Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Golf Bag has the coolest set of straps out of any carry bag that we will see available today. This Nike bag uses an “equaflex Max air curved revolving double strap system” to equally distribute the weight of the bag across your upper back and shoulders. This air cushion technology provides for less fatigue and more powerful end of round golf shots. Along with the advanced strap system this bag also has a ventilated cut air mesh back pad that provides a resting point when physically carrying the bag.

Nike blatantly states that this carry back was designed for the person who considers himself an athlete. All athletes need to stay hydrated which is why this Nike performance bag has an insulated cooler pocket to keep your drinks cold. One thing you don’t want getting wet or cold is your valuables. This bag has a specifically designed waterproof, fleece lined valuables pocket that will keep all personal items safe. The Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Golf Bag can be used as either a cart bag or a carry back and excels in both situations.

The Ping Hoofer 1Stand Golf Bag is the best bag available for high school level players. This bag provides a 1way reinforced dividing top that also includes six full length dividers that run all the way to the bottom of the bag. This club organization system allows for better protected golf clubs and faster execution when it is your time to hit. This bag comes in weighing approximately 5.pounds which is perfect for a lightweight carry bag. This bag also has a dual strap system that provides an almost backpack like experience.

The eight easily accessed pockets on this bag can carry almost anything you could imagine. From raingear to extra golf balls and everything in between, this golf bag has the capability of caring and starring everything you will need during the course of a round. Just like every other great golf bag being made today this ping bag features a waterproof valuables pocket that can put your mind at ease if you run into any inclement weather. The Ping Hoofer 1Stand Golf Bag is a favorite among top level high school athletes.

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag is a very luxurious cart bag that is only for the most serious of cart golfers. This bag was designed with cart play in mind because all pockets were designed to be forward facing and to be accessible when the bag was mounted to a golf cart. This bag has a specifically designed “cart strap pass-through” that allows the bag to be secured at all times while still not blocking access to any of the important pockets.

Instead of just having one waterproof valuables pocket this bag actually has two. The second waterproof valuables pocket is ideal for any type of golf rangefinder. The bottom of this golf bag is extremely durable and includes reinforced cart bumpers for added durability. Along with the matching rain this club features water resistant material to keep everything in your golf bag safe from the elements. The Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag is the all American choice for the perfect cart Bag.

Storage Capabilities

The storage capability of modern-day golf bags has drastically increased in the last few years. Clever design and intricate pocket placement have allowed for a magnification of the amount of storage that you have. A high quality golf bag will have different pockets designed for different pieces of equipment. In general cart bags will have more storage room because the issue of weight is less pronounced. Carry bags on the other hand will have less storage capability because walking a golf course can become very taxing when carrying unnecessary amounts of weight. If you’re someone who has lots of different training aids and likes trying out a ton of different pieces of equipment then buying it back with ample storage will be necessary for you.

Carry vs Cart Bag

The main difference between the carry bag and the stand back will be how it is intended to be used. If you’re normal round of golf entails you walking between and 1holes and enjoying exercise than a carry bag will most likely be the right bag for you. If your normal round of golf involves riding in an electric or gas link golf cart the majority of the time then a cart bag will be the correct choice for you. If you’re someone who plays and has a caddie that handles carrying the golf clubs than using a cart bag for those walking rounds is okay. Choosing between the main two types of golf bags is going to be a very personal choice.

Another premium golf bag coming from OGIO, the Ozone Stand Bag comes up with a total of full-length dividers. Apart from it, it is easy to fit in the clubs and then take them out thanks to the superior construction of this golf bag.

When it comes to its weight, the straps are heavily padded. They also adjust themselves automatically to the shoulders of a golfer so that he doesn’t feel much weight while carrying one of an 18-hole golf course. One can even keep his/her drink cool with the help of its insulated drink pouch.

Moving towards the valuables, such as mobile phones or another kind of jewelry, there is a special kind of arrangement for storing such accessories. Talking about it, it’s a weather resistance pocket covered with fleece coating. So apart from protecting them from unwanted scratches, your valuables will be out of the reach from harsh weather conditions.

CaddyDaddy Constrictor Golf Bag Travel Cover

While it is designed to travel, the bag is provided with wheels at the bottom so that the golfer will have no trouble pushing it from one place to the other. While a user buys it, he’ll be provided with two extra sized pockets for shoes and other extra accessories.

Stand up or Cart

As you could extract from their name, both these bags come with an extremely different set of properties. While the former is made for golfers who’ll travel by foot, the latter favors those which possess the option of golf carts. As the standup golf bags are lighter by weight but difficult to be carried via golf carts, the golf cart bag is bulkier but can be easily transported via electronic vehicles.

As a result, it depends on the golfer himself on what kind of facilities does he have on the golf course. And only then he will select a perfect one amongst these two for himself.


Apart from holding in clubs of different types, a golf bag is considered as a home for many other things on the golf course. Starting from Woods, Irons, Wedges and Putters, you’ll find golf bags, tees, gloves and even cup holders residing somewhere inside a golf bag. In order to perform so many functions, a golf bag should be versatile in its design and spacing.


While professional golfers have the option of a caddy, which transports their bags from one place to the other on the golf course, that isn’t the situation with amateur players. As they have to pick their bag by themselves, they just couldn’t afford to buy a bulky carrier. Even after carrying so many clubs, the bag needs to be made in such a way that it shouldn’t cast the huge burden on the shoulders of a golfer. Because when they already have to do enough work on the golf course, a heavier bag will only increase their problems by multiple times.

Easy to Organize

A golfer is allowed to take 1clubs with him on the golf course. Even though no golfer carries so many clubs with him in a professional tournament, but golf bags should be capable of holding the maximum number of sticks.

In order to hold so many equipments, there should be some special arrangement in the bag. From residing woods on one side to placing Irons on the other, it should contain a separate place for every club. Because it helps a golfer in picking their favorite club without wasting any time searching through the bag.

Number of Pockets

There are different types of accessories which a golfer needs to have in order to deal with unforeseen circumstances on the course. While he needs a jacket to protect him from rain, sunglasses are also must to provide him with a perfect vision. Apart from it, a golfer needs golf tees, ball markers, extra balls and a handful of other options when it comes to a professional level.

To perform so many functions, a golf bag has to be equipped with a series of pockets. The number of pockets should be good enough to hold the maximum number of accessories without any trouble.

As you could imagine, a quality golf bag will have a greater effect on your budget than the one with a humble set of features. In fact, there is a direct relation between money and quality when it comes to almost everything on this planet. Because when the developers are providing you state of the art facilities, they can’t afford to charge less than a substantial amount of money for their goods.

Having said that, an experienced golfer can have the best golf bag at a considerably low price. When he is well familiar with the ins and outs of this equipment, he can find a pretty useful thing on low rate as well.

After going through the ideal properties of a golf bag, let’s look at some of them which actually holds them in today’s markets.

Ping Pioneer Cart Golf Bag

The Ping Pioneer cart golf bag is a 7-pound unit that is durable and stylish. It features a spacious 15-way heavy-duty polypropylene top with 1full length dividers and anti-flex walls. The Pioneer is constructed of durable rip-free polyester with anti-flex walls to preserve its structure over time.

It features zippered pockets including two large spaces for clothing to allow you to carry just about anything you need on the course. The Pioneer also includes a large insulated beverage pocket along with a pocket for valuables that is water-resistant and lined in velour.

The bag features a molded putter well to fit over-sized grips along with soft-molded lift handles. Considering other popular cart bags, buyers are impressed with the size, layout and pocket placement on the Pioneer. The quality of the bag itself and its convenient design are its two most powerful features.

RJ Sports EX-350 Cart Bag

The RJ Sports EX-350 is a durable cart bag that comes in at a much lower price point compared to many other models. It features 1club slots with full length dividers along with two large external putter tubes that can be used to easily access a putter or wedge.

The cart bag weighs just 7.pounds, and it features external pockets for easy access. Its insulated beverage compartment helps keep drinks cool, and its rain hood helps protect valuables even when stored in pockets.

Nike 201Performance Cart II Golf Bag

The latest Nike Performance Cart II golf bag is a fierce competitor among many of the top golf cart bags, and it has many of the preferred features in a bag. It has a 14-way dial-side top with side handles that are compatible with trolleys and power carts.

It features an integrated putter well along with individual sections for clubs with 1full length dividers. The bag features ample storage space including two pockets for valuables and a water-resistant pocket at the top that flips open for easy packing or item retrieval. It also features a large insulated cooler pocket that can fit several beverages.

Buyers are impressed with the design quality and appearance of the Performance Cart II. It is able to sit balanced even when packed with clubs due to its legs included at the bottom.

Tour Edge Men’s Exotics XtremeCart Bag

The Tour Edge Exotics Xtremecart bag is uniquely lightweight while still offering lots of storage room. Users rave about the storage room on this bag as there are multiple areas to store goods. Storage compartments include a velour-lined GPS pocket, an extra large garment pocket, a large ball pocket, an insulated beverage pocket and a velour-lined waterproof pocket for valuables.

Buyers are impressed with the construction of the bag that allows it to be firm and steady. The unit features full length dividers that help reduce wear on grips. Each club is given its own head cover to keep them as safe as can be during transport.

The Tour Edge Exotics Xtremecart bag features an integrated strap grip and umbrella sleeve. Along with its triple handle molded top, features such as these make it a quick favorite of many users.

Sun Mountain 201C-130 Golf Cart Bag

The bag features 1club slots with full length dividers to keep clubs secure. It has two velour-lined pockets for valuables, lift handles on its top, a tee holder, a pen holder, a putter sleeve, two towel loops and a rain hood. The C-130 uses a cart strap pass-through to secure the bag to the cart without interfering with its pockets. It comes in a variety of colors for those that prefer to coordinate.

Titleist 201Lightweight Cart Bag

The Titleist 201cart bag is made and known for its incredibly light weight that makes carrying much easier and better organized. The bag includes a padded mesh top along with multiple zippered pockets that are easily accessible from the cart while still offering security for your goods.

The bag is well-built to be durable enough to last round after round. It lives up to its name with its light weight, but it also includes a padded shoulder strap for extra comfort. The ergonomic bag features built-in handles on the top for simple loading into and retrieving from vehicles.

The bag also includes an umbrella sleeve in addition to numerous pockets. The surplus of pockets is one of the most appreciated aspects of this unit. They are available in different sizes to fit balls, gloves and more. The mini cooler pocket helps maintain the temperature of its contents. Its 14-way club dividers keep shafts from getting disorganized.

Nike BG0345-070 Performance Cart II Golf Bag

It features almost 20 functional pockets to provide as much storage space as possible without being cumbersome. Pockets include a large insulated cooler pocket, two water-resistant fleece-lined valuables pockets and two full-sized apparel pockets with internal organization.

The bag is made to carry and organize golf clubs and gear as efficiently as possible. It has a 14-way compartment system with 1individual dividers and a dual-sided 9.5-inch top. The bag has a modern and sleek appeal as well. The Nike Performance II cart bag is an essential tool with innovative features that make it easy to use.

Hot-Z Golf US Military Navy Cart Bag 

This cart bag is made of nylon material that’s why it is the lightweight bag you can ever find. There are a few functions of this Hot-Z Golf US Military Navy Cart Bag that makes it a good purchase such as the bottom and from handles for easy lifting, the elastic band to secure the strap, padded carry strap, rain hood cover and pen sleeve, towel hook, umbrella holder, hydration bottle compartment, velour-lined valuables pocket, zipper pockets, and 14-way separator top of 9.inches. It is a perfect fit for you.

Ogio Golf 201Monster Travel Bag 

The top compartment of this cart bag is spacious enough to keep all your sports items together. The Ogio Golf 201Monster Travel Bag has a height of 5inches with a weight of 13.lbs. It also features tip resistant and many pockets to store the valuables.

Nike BG0360-11Air Hybrid Golf Carry Bag

The Nike BG0360-11Air Hybrid Golf Carry Bag has a tremendous ride and hybrid walk design with brilliant colors. Nike is a one of the best brands that is making outstanding products for many years. If you are willing to buy a bag that can fit in your cart and give you an easy access to take out the clubs.

Plus, there is also big scope for variance in terms of price, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you find that elusive balance between quality and value.

Sound a bit intimidating? Fortunately for you, this page has all the answers you need, encompassing reviews of the five golf bags which we think best cut the mustard for newbies like you, along with key considerations and answers to all your questions as a prospective bag investor.

Callaway Org 1Golf Cart Bag

But the good tidings don’t end there. There are some nifty features, not least a 14-way divider. A new club array ensures it’s very stable in terms of weight distribution and a wider base, and it has the look and feel of a durable, long-lasting bag too. It’s made of some hardcore poly material, which is water resistant, so this bag will keep your clubs nice and dry in the face of the elements.

Storage is no issue whatsoever, as there are pockets, including a water resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket armed with a key fob. There are also two insulated cooler pockets, and an umbrella sleeve. Capping off the features, there’s a tidy umbrella sleeve integrated into the side of the bag – one which is perfectly positioned when the bag is on a cart.

Woe betide the indecisive, as there are no fewer than eight colours to choose from. Not all of them tickled our fancy, but the white/navy/red combo in particular is easy on the eye. Perhaps the most notable takeaway of all is how much thought has gone onto the little things: the zippers all open and close smoothly, the grab handles are where you instinctively expect them to be, and the rain hood slips on with ease. No wonder that this is one of Callaway’s most popular bags – it gets a very emphatic tip of the cap from us.

Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite Golf Stand Bag

But of course if weight – or lack thereof – was your only criterion for picking out a carry bag, then you could just pick up a pencil bag and move on. Luckily, the Callaway Hyper-Lite has plenty more to offer. For starters, the Comfort Tech strap, which is available in a double-strap option, has a heck of a lot of cushion, and feels like a cloud on your shoulders. The straps also don’t tangle or twist, even when we tried to mess with them, which is a tribute to how well designed and balanced they are.

For what it’s worth, it’s also an aesthetically-pleasing bag, which is nice and slender. No harm in that whatsoever. Storage isn’t quite as excessive as you might find with other, bigger (and heavier!) stand bags, but for most players, eight pockets will be more than sufficient. It also has a velour-lined valuables pocket to keep your precious bits safe and warm.

I was also impressed with the quality of the material, and, given the fact that the bag is water resistant, there is good reason to be confident that it should stand the test of time. It isn’t necessarily feature-heavy, but in the quest for quality and ease of use, this stand bag is very difficult to beat.


What sort of treatment is your golf bag likely to get? Is it going to bounce around the back of your vehicle when you travel around? Or are you just going out once a month for a gentle 9-hole stroll at a nearby resort? The tougher the treatment, the better quality and more robust the bag’s material and design needs to be.

Colour and Appearance

Choosing the colour and appearance of the golf bag has more to do with personal preference than anything else. Golf bags come in different shapes and colours with a variety of features. We can tell you what we personally like and dislike, but ultimately this comes down to whatever catches your eye, and makes you feel like a million bucks (or at least a bona fide golfer).

Regardless of whether you carry your golf bag or not, weight plays a crucial role, and the evolution of golf bags over the years towards the slender has been quite incredible. Lightweight bags tend to be costlier, but for those who carry and/or travel a lot, this ranks as one of the most crucial determinants. For those who use golf carts, it no longer becomes about lightness as such, but weight distribution. A nice low centre of gravity with a sturdy base will ensure stability of bag on cart, so that while walking towards your ball, there is nothing else you need to think or worry about except your next shot.

A nice wide top always helps the cause, and makes the process of taking clubs out (or putting them back in) a nuisance-free process. Somewhere in the region of nine to inches across the top is where you want to be, although with cart bags, you could arguably look to go even wider than that.


Storage capacity of the golf bag is another consideration that will differ in priority from player to player. Personally, I like to travel light on the course, but many others have a ton of gadgets and accessories (rangefinders, swing analyzers, clothes, umbrellas etc) which they like to have on hand. In that case, storage becomes the boss, and the number of pockets will take centre stage – not to mention the quality of these pockets, and whether they are zippered. You’ll also want to check for valuables pockets, and, as a bonus, whether they are waterproof or water resistant.

Although fairly standardised, it’s important that your golf bag sits at a comfortable height – one that either fits nicely when strapped to your shoulders, or that is suitable to any cart that you may use. It isn’t rocket science, but it is a handy box to tick all the same.

Dividers for club protection

Again, not everyone is sold on the idea, but the general trend is to move to multiple full length club dividers. Many bags these days employ 14-way dividers, while others have specific sections for drivers and/or putters. The big advantage of dividers is that they offer protection to your clubs when shifting around in the bag. They also keep your clubs safe from damage when rolling around in your car. Sometimes they can create a bit of a hassle when taking clubs out, but generally speaking, dividers are a force for good.


With so many accessories available today for golfers, it becomes imperative to know which are included with the bag, and what provisions are made to accommodate any extra bits that you might have. Normally rain hoods, scorecard clips, towel rings and bottle holders are stock standard, but some bags have nice little features to accommodate more significant accessories like rangefinders and swing analyzers.


As with any product you buy, the guarantee period tells you everything you need to know about how confident the retailer is that your bag will stand the test of time. You don’t want to be back in a few months’ time having to cough up more dollars for a bag, so always ask the question before making the purchase. Almost all the best golf bag brands offer a limited-period warranty, and you really should be looking for at least six months on this.

Cart Bags

Many players, of all ages, use golf carts every time they play the game – be that trolleys, motorised walking carts or golf buggies. Because of this, many manufacturers make golf bags fit for this purpose. These bags are generally larger in size than the stand bag. For players who use golf carts, weight isn’t as big a priority as it is for those who carry. Because of this, these bags can be made of heavier, sturdier material. The cart bag usually has a little more storage compared to the carry bag too, while the frame of the bag is a little heavier and stronger.

There is plenty of room in these bags to house all your golf gadgets and accessories such as rangefinders, swing analyzers, or simpler bits like balls, tees, apparel etc. The base of the cart bag is made to perfectly fit the area provided on the golf cart – although given that each golf cart is different, this requires some versatility on the part of manufacturers. This, along with the cart strap, makes the bag stay in place without moving around.

A golf cart will invariably also bang your clubs around more than walking/carrying would. Because of this, these bags usually have more dividers, which offer some protection against this friction. A cart golf bag is a no brainer if you use golf carts by default. You can still sometimes carry them if need be, but it is not as comfortable and convenient as a stand golf bag, so it is very much horses for courses.

Travel Golf Bags

These golf bags are made to protect your precious clubs while travelling. These are specialty bags that aren’t really conducive to regular play. Travel bags are manufactured by many different brands, but, although you can find them in all sizes and colours, there isn’t usually too much in it – other than durability and cushion. That said, good-quality travel bags do a tremendous job of keeping your clubs safe while on the road or in the air. We all know how hard airlines can be on luggage, and at the price travel golf bags generally go for, this is a no-brainer to buy to keep your babies safely wrapped up.

Hybrid Bag

It took us a long time searching for the best golf bags that are on special right now so that we could share our top selections with you. As you probably could have guessed, most of the most prestigious brands in the golfing industry make an appearance on the list below.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new bag for golfing, then we welcome you to scan over our reviews, as it could save you a significant amount of time and hassle comparing all the different bags all by yourself.

Once you’ve finished reading our list, we’re confident that you’ll find one that will be an ideal match for your golfing habits.

Carry bags

Carry bags only have enough room for the most basic of golfing gear, such as some balls, teas, and a few of your favorite clubs. Carry-on bags are not the complete solution, but they can be used as a backup to your primary golfing bag, or as a provision that you keep in your car for when the sudden urge to golf a few holes strikes.

Carry bags are characteristically lightweight, as they only weigh two pounds out of the box.

Tour bags

Staff (tour) bags are generally used by professionals only. Tour bags are the biggest, and heaviest type of golf bag that you can buy. The somewhat prohibitive size of staff bags means that you will need to attach them to your golfing cart to get any use out of one.

Tour bags weigh in around pounds, and that’s when they’re empty! The added weight and size is the reason why they are the priciest option on the market to buy.

Stand bag

But if you’re the kind of golfer who has a preference for carrying your own clubs, then you should definitely opt for a a stand bag. As you could probably figure out, a stand bag comes with a stand included so you can leverage it on the ground before you tee off.

The legs on a stand bag typically do not get in the way, as they seamlessly extend to prop itself up and then effortlessly retracts when you’re ready to carry it to the next hole.

Stand bags are typically larger than carry bags, yet smaller than cart bags. You’ll be able to put all of your favorite clubs in a stand bag and they typically come with a partition system for easy access to your favorite gear.

Stand bags fall in the weight of between four and five pounds when they are fully unloaded, but you could find bags that are even more lightweight than that.

What features to keep in mind for golf bags

So, by now you should have at least a rough idea of the type of bags that are available on the market, as well as what model you think will be right for you.

Now it’s time to go over the the most common features that you’ll find in most golf bags. One thing to keep in mind as you weigh up the different brands and models on the market is that you can pick and choose more or less any feature you could want in any type of bag.

But sometimes, the availability of a particular model with the features you’d like could be scarce. So, let’s begin by listing what we consider to be the most important features when buying a golf bag, so you’ll be able to decide for yourself what makes a good golf bag for you.

The weight of your bag is a somewhat overlooked feature when buying a new golf bag. In fact, how hard or easy it will be to carry around should be one of your primary considerations. After all, the last thing that you’d want to happen is to damage your back just by carrying around all your golf gear.

Even if you decide on using a cart that you can push or pull, you’ll still want to opt for something that’s not overly heavy. For this reason, we suggest that you consider the most lightweight bags that you can find, along with the other features that are important to you.


Just like the overall weight of your new golf bag, the amount of pockets is something that can be easily overlooked in favor of more exciting features. Because you’re likely to discover that you’ll need extra pockets for things that go beyond just a few extra balls or tees, such as a rangefinder.

Unless you are playing in some particularly arid environments where it’s very unlikely to experience rain, you’ll definitely want to ensure that you have a spare pocket to house an emergency poncho or rain jacket, which is where an apparel pocket can come in handy.

You’ll also want some pockets to store your most important valuables, such as your wallet, wrist watch, or other items of significant value. Keeping hydrated throughout the day will supply you with the focus and energy you need to perfect your shots, so getting a bag with a beverage holster or sleeve is an absolute necessity.

There are also some other pockets that provide more utility than others, such as a cooler pocket that can keep your drinks chilled, and even an umbrella pocket to save yourself from the heaviest of storms.

Rain Cover

Most premium golf bags on the market come with a rain hood, or otherwise known as a waterproof cover to protect against rain showers. Rain covers usually come included with your purchase, but if you golf bag doesn’t come with a rain cover, you can always buy one separately.

Divider System

The amount of of dividers differs from model to model, so you should pay careful attention to the number of dividers that your bag comes with. That being said, some golf bags do not come with any dividers whatsoever.

Getting a bag with a divider system is the most reliable way to ensure that you’re not flittering away your time hunt for the right club.

It’s sometimes common to see bags with up to fourteen dividers so you can have a dedicated space for each club you own. Divider systems are most commonly seen in higher end bags, while cheaper bags will only have whats called a top divider system, which means that the ends of the clubs will touch each other in the bag.

If you own a set of expensive clubs, then a full divider system could be way the way to go. You may not want your clubs touching each other while you cart around your bag, as this can lead to some minor cosmetic damage.

Putter Well

Not every bag comes with a putter well, but a putter well is a dedicated area just for your putter. The advantage of having a putter well is that it can prevent the putter from making contact with the shafts of your other clubs. It will also keep your putter’s head protected at the same time.

What to look for in a cart bag

The handle on the cart bag is something you’ll need to pay extra attention to. Ensure that the handle is comfortable to use, and that it seems like it could withstand plenty of use while on the golfing green.

The amount of pockets on a cart bag is also important, as we mentioned earlier. Locate where on the bag the pockets are, because you’ll want easy access to all of them. In general, you won’t want to bending down too much to look for your needed club, tee, or ball, as this can put some serious train on your back. The height should be just right, and it should feel like the bag is doing you a convenience by being there and not the other way around.

Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag

Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag weighs less than four pounds making it easier to carry for the golfing professionals. Regardless of its light weight, the manufacturer has designed these best golf stand bags to be extremely durable. These golf bag with stand are ideal for storing and organizing your golfing items in the best possible manner. The golfers can take advantage of a broad spectrum of convenient features incorporated in this Nike golf stand bag. Nike Sport Lite Stand Bag includes oval shaped five- way top with full length compartments and putter. With these xxx, it is quite easier and effortless to carry all the gears and items for golfing.

Affinity ZLS Stand Bag

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Exterior Compression Straps are typically nylon straps with run around each end of the bag to help keep equipment secured in the bag. For ski bags which are too long for the pair of skis inside, the fabric can often times be folded and tucked under the exterior compression straps to shorten the ski bag.


Many of the larger ski and snowboard bags have plenty of pockets for storing gear. These pockets are a great place to store waxing kits, gloves, goggles, etc. Additionally when flying with your skis or snowboards, it is best to fill your ski or snowboard bag with additional gear to maximize travel space.

Large Wheels

It might sound crazy but some of the best wheeled ski and snowboard bags actually use Inline Skate Wheels to give consumers the best roll. Other top quality bags use other styles of large sized sometimes “heavy tread” wheels to help with traveling in snowy parking lots.

It’s designed to be an everyday bag as well as a laptop bag, with plenty of space for your laptop (up to 15in), charger, phone, lunch and even a jacket – believe me, I’ve tried. There are plenty of pockets of all shapes and sizes that’ll hold everything from sunglasses to phones to battery packs and more.

That’s not to say that it has some impressive laptop-specific features including the company’s own Slingtech protection that suspends the laptop sleeve from the ground to protect it from drops, while also providing extra cushioning at the corners.

Toffee Commuter Satchel

The Commuter Satchel from Australian brand Toffee is a smart laptop messenger bag with looks that work for both weekday and weekend.

Alongside the padded laptop pocket there are multiple storage compartments for extra gadgets and all the other stuff you carry around with you and your computer.

Speck Ruck Backpack

Speck is best known for its range of phone and tablet cases, but The Ruck (great name, we’ve got to admit) is proof that the company is capable of more.

Available in grey or khaki, The Ruck has a hefty capacity of 2litres, and should hold most 15-inch laptops in its dedicated padded section, found within the main compartment.

A second zipped compartment contains separate padding for a tablet, along with an assortment of other smaller pockets and pouches for organising your gear. This pouch is designed to only open halfway down, which might sound annoying but is actually very convenient, as it stops it falling completely open, spilling your stuff everywhere.

There are a couple of side pockets, ideal for water bottles or small umbrellas, and there are two separate smaller zipped sections at the front for other stuff – one on the flap, and one underneath it.

The straps are padded with an air mesh fabric to keep the bag comfortable to wear no matter how weighed down it is, and the top handle is lightly padded too.

Build quality is solid too, which is especially impressive given the price – for its size and features, this is one of the most affordable laptop bags around.

RiutBag R15

If you’re constantly worried that someone will try and steal something from your bag then the anti-theft R1laptop rucksack will put your mind to rest. All the zips are on the opposite site to regular rucksacks so no one can get it unless you take it off.

Top- and D-pockets mean you can get quick access to things while other handy features include waterproof Cordura nylon, suitcase strap, durable Thermoplastic polyurethane base and detachable chest straps.

We like the new navy blue colour and you can also personalise the bag with RiutBands – colourful clip on bands which are reflective to help keep you safe.

It’s also available in a smaller litre Rmodel which is £89, but both fit up to 15in laptops.

STM Trilogy

Another STM bag in this list for good reason. It’s an all-round carry solution for all your tech, and more. There are three storage compartments with all the bells and whistles like internal mesh pockets, an overflow stash part and decent support for when it gets heavy.

With 24L space, you’ll easily fit a laptop (up to 15in) as well as a tablet, books, shoes and clothes. STM’s clever suspension design means when you put your bag down your gear is never hitting the hard floor.

Moshi Arcus

This bag from Moshi is expensive, but the quality shines through. It’s named after an arcus cloud (no, us neither) but the headline is it’s very spacious. We like the fact the main compartment doesn’t actually store your laptop or tablet, instead using a zippered section next to your back.

Moleskine Digital Device Bag

Moleskine traditionally produces fine notebooks – and not the laptop kind either. However, the company also makes carrying bags for laptops, and the classy, understated Digital Device bag (Vertical or Horizontal) is a great option for those on the market.

There are a multitude of options available for laptops between 1and 15.4in, and there’s plenty of padding within the bag to protect your valuable digital goods. The vertical bag can be worn as a rucksack while the horizontal bag comes with a strap to be worn as a satchel, and both come with a strap to be securely fastened to suitcase handles.

Thule Crossover 25L Backpack

The Crossover 25L has a 25-litre capacity and is crafted from dobby nylon that makes the bag appear dark graphite in colour at a distance, as opposed to pure black. The outer fabric is backed by a high-quality waterproof coating that should protect your laptop and other gadgets in a downpour.

There’s one main compartment to the bag, sealed by a double-end zip and sectioned off with a designated laptop pocket large enough to fit a 17in laptop. The main compartment along with zipped sub-pockets are quite large and you can carry more than first expected.

The only real downside is the lack of protection at the bottom of the laptop compartment – only a single layer of foam separates your laptop and the hard ground, potentially devastating if you drop your bag.

STM Saga Backpack

If you like the look of the STM backpacks above but are looking for something a little smaller, you might want to check out the Saga. It takes most of the best features of the STM range and squeezes them into a design that’s both cheaper and slighter than its siblings.

There’s only a single main compartment, but it’s helpfully split down into a 15in padded laptop pouch and several other smaller pockets, along with an interior mesh pouch opposite – smartly weighted so that it will hang outwards when the bag is open. Beyond that there’s a small zip pocket on the outside, bottle pockets, and one un-zipped pouch in case you want to store anything for quick access.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your cart bag wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of cart bag



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