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Best electric fireplace tv stand 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2020

Norman RyanLet’s get started. After spending over 29 hours comparing at least 13 electric fireplace tv stand, I am recommending the best electric fireplace tv stand of 2018

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. So, you will find reviews on some models of electric fireplace tv stand that impressed me (and a good many other people), and you will find a few informational pages as well.

Best electric fireplace tv stand of 2018

If you’re reading this, it is very likely that you’re scouting for the best electric fireplace tv stand. Here we have compiled a detailed list of some of the best electric fireplace tv stand of the 2018. After carefully examining the reviews and ratings of the people who have used them earlier this listicle has been made. The above tidbits will bring you closer to selecting electric fireplace tv stand that best serves your needs and as per your budget.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
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№1 – WE Furniture 58″ Wood Fireplace TV Stand Console

WE Furniture 58

High-Grade MDF
Includes electric fireplace insert
No electrician required, simple plug-in unit
Nothing, except that I wasted too much time making my choice.

Why did this electric fireplace tv stand win the first place?

I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable.
















№2 – WE Furniture 58″ Wood Highboy Style TV Stand Fireplace Console

WE Furniture 58

Includes electric fireplace insert
High-grade MDF and laminate construction
Accommodates most TVs up to 60 inches
Guide can be a pain.
Heavier and thicker.

Why did this electric fireplace tv stand come in second place?

Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice.
















№3 – Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace in Burnished Oak Finish w/Remote

Lifesmart  Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace in Burnished Oak Finish w/Remote

Dimensions: 28”L X 11”W X 20”H
Heats 1000 sq. feet with 5100 BTU’s
Features a Quakerstown dark oak cabinet and mantel
Not the most affordable on the market.
The least durable frames we reviewed.

Why did this electric fireplace tv stand take third place?

It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great! This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.
















electric fireplace tv stand Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy electric fireplace tv stand, right? No!

Electrical Requirements

Plugging an electric fireplace into an electrical outlet that shares one circuit breaker or fuse with several other outlets and lighting fixtures could overload the circuit, trip the circuit breaker and create a safety hazard.

If your Electric Fireplace is a built-in model that needs to be hardwired, a new circuit breaker and wiring is required. We recommend hiring a licensed electrician if you need new wiring for your plug-in fireplace or installing a hardwired model.

Fan-forced Coil Heaters

Electric fireplaces with fan-forced coil heaters can provide supplemental heat for a 400-500 sq.ft. room. This is the majority of electric fireplaces. Here is how these heaters work – a silent fan blows air over the heated coils and the heated air comes out of a vent that can be located at the top, bottom, or front of the fireplace.

Depending on where you want to install your fireplace, the location of the vent might make a difference because it needs to be at least feet away from the combustible materials, like curtains, carpet, or furniture.

Electric Log Inserts

Electric log inserts look like a grate with logs and they have built in lights that create a flame like effect on the walls of your existing fireplace. Log inserts have a built in heater and come with an included remote allowing you to control the flame height, intensity, heat and even the ember bed lighting.

Zone Heating

Electric fireplaces are great sources of supplemental heat. They are 99% efficient meaning that there is no loss of energy all of it gets converted into heat. Electric fireplaces can be placed in any room to add some warmth just there thus helping you save on your heating bill.

TV and Media Consoles

These high-quality units usually merge the functions of a media center with the lighted flames and heat of an electric fireplace. A top mantel will support a flat screen TV up to 200 pounds. A remote control is provided to change your fireplace settings while catching your favorite movie or sports features on the television.

Corner units

Traditional—Designed the same as a classic fireplace, this console stand model is large and flat enough to be a stand for a flat screen TV. Cabinet space and/or shelving are provided for your electronics media or other items. These are available in different wood types, colors, and sizes. Options highlight side shelves and some with doors for handy media storage space for CDs/DVDs and smaller media equipment or other items. Authentic flames, with the heat on or heat off are characteristics and distinctive attributes to heat up to a 400-square foot space. The media and TV console are the perfect pair in one place using less space. The time-honored traditional style is fashionable and complements your home style and décor.

Contemporary—Today’s contemporary electric fireplace TV console stands are trendy and stylish. The tops are made of glass, while most models are constructed with metal, stainless steel, wood, and a combination of glass and wood. The mantel is wider than the standard console, providing more room for your wide screen TV and media devices. The firebox has glass embers for an authentic fire look, and a number of units provide embers of crushed glass for an elegant look rather than typical log sets. The media and TV console are the ideal duo in one place using less space having style-grabbing attention and functionality for this stylish twosome.

Corner units—This particular electric fireplace console stand with a mantel top is constructed to be placed in a corner. This frees up valuable floor space in a smaller home or office. They are offered in exquisite traditional and contemporary styles. They run on electricity so can be easily unplugged and moved to a different room and simply plugged back in. When you want a changeable unit, this one permits either a flat wall or corner installation. Use the corner kit provided for a corner system.

Storage Shelves

Electric fireplaces with storage shelves add a convenient place to store your cable box, media components, CDs, books, pictures, and decorations. Your fireplace provides heat, and flames, and your shelves hold everything that matters to you in one place for your convenience. When you purchase your fireplace media console, be sure it has everything for what you need. Contemporary units provide more shelve space, yet traditional styles also have ample shelf space for your specific storage needs.

Heating Considerations

Electric fireplaces have several heating systems for your specific requirements. One is a fan forced directional air system and it will heat 400-square feet. The other is an infrared heating system. Electric fireplaces evenly heat the room whichever system you choose. Circulated by the room’s humidity, the Infrared (IR) heat is absorbed by the heat exchanger and dispersed into the room with a quiet fan. It will support 1000-square feet with heat. If heating a large room is up for consideration, purchasing the IR system will be more effective. Most fireplaces do not use the IR system, yet it is worth mentioning for your space and heat considerations.

The touchstone features a wall mount, a drywall and wood screws.

The black touchstone fireplace will blend with your decor, thereby adding a touch of elegance and modernity to your living space.

Two heat options enable you to control the amount of heat you want to warm the room.

Easy installation. When you buy this fireplace you get a step by step manual that tells you how to unpack it and install the whole unit.

Easy installation

There are two ways you can install it. You can mount it or recess it onto the wall. It takes time to do all this, but it is one time.

The faux fire log gives your home a crisp, relaxing vibes that will transform your evenings into something cozy and warm.

The Duraflame electric stove gives you the freedom and luxury of having a portable unit that you can move it to any side of the room.

Without going through the tedious act of installing a free standing fireplace. This electric stove has an instant ambiance with its beautiful antique design and flickering flames.

How To Install The Electric Inserts

When you have bought your first electric fireplace insert, the next daunting task is installing it. If you don’t follow the right direction, then you it can result in damage.

Here is a simple guide on how to install the whole thing all together.

The wall Hanging 

Do you have a hearth or an existing fireplace in your house? If so, then all you need is an insert. The perfect kind of insert that you can go include: electric log inserts and electric fireboxes.

Before jumping on to getting one of these, it is vital for you to check the different functionality that each has.

Choosing the Right Size

When you have the right size of fireplace, you make a statement about your home. Most first time buyers make the mistake of ignoring the size of this fireplace.

If you have a hearth, it is common for a buyer to be excited about the fireplace, but miss to take into consideration the size of the whole thing. Fortunately, I won’t let you make that mistake. Not my watch, that is why I want to show you the things that you should pay attention the most when choosing the right sized electric fireplace.

Select the Room

You need to select the place or room that you will place the fireplace. Most people place their fireplace in the living room to make it a focal point or center of attention. When you have decided on the location, you need to make sure that it has enough space. That is why you need to…

Take its Measurement of the Room

You need to take off the perimeter of the area. Would you want the fireplace to sit on the floor? Or you plan to screw the walls so that you can mount the fireplace. Once you have the perimeter, the next thing is to multiply it by the length and width to find out the total square feet of your room. If you have got the square feet of the room, then you will need to compare to the product descriptions.

Rebates Sizes

You have heard most of the time, what is the rebate size? I believe at one time a manufacturer or contractor has asked you that question. A rebate is a space between the inside of the fireplace and the wall. All fireplaces will have rebates that measure 25mm, 35mm, 50mm or 75mm.

The window is made of tempered glass and it has a curved design that enhances the look of the fireplace with metallic elements as well. Dimplex uses some of the most innovative flame technologies with its remote control operation, and the unit can be used with or without heat.

The highlight feature in Dimplex electric fireplace reviews is that the logs on the stove are handmade to resemble genuine ones, and no two logs are the same. This is the top electric fireplace for peace and relaxation as the CS33116A features a high-quality quiet fan that circulates heat efficiently around the room with almost no audible commotion.

It can be set to just have fire or to have warmth and lighting. A handle on the back of the stove allows you to adjust the temperature to low or high, but there are no real variable temperature settings. The stove is made with a quality build, and you can move it around to any room of your home.

Duraflame DFS-750-Pendleton Electric Stove Heater

The Dimplex DFI23Electric Fireplace Deluxe Insert is a great insert to put in place of your old fireplace, and it can be steel-lined or lined with brick. This insert could be the perfect match for fireplaces that are older and no longer being used.

It has a 23-inch width that should and must be able to fit into the existing space of your fireplace.

If you live in the city, you may have restrictions on how or if you can burn wood. This is done to keep environmental pollution to a minimum. This fireplace insert can use the space within your home to create a realistic simulated fire with just electricity.

It features long-lasting LED logs that make a much better alternative to burning gas, gel or wood. You can use the unit with or without heating no matter the season, and a built-in fan spread hot air throughout the room while running quietly.

The remote control can power the unit on or off from nearly anywhere in the room, and it comes with a built-in thermostat to control temperature efficiently. This insert is so simple that all you have to do is plug it into a typical 120 volt outlet.

Electric vs. Standard

Electric models present numerous benefits over the standard fireplace. Compared to standard types, electric fireplaces offer hardly any effort to operate and little maintenance or upkeep. An electric fireplace offers heat to your room in just minutes, and you only have to press a button or switch to activate it.

You can also operate an electric fireplace from the other side of your room with the use of a remote control. Without the presence of smoke or ash, there is less effort required for you to take care of it. These are all the most important factors mentioned in electric fireplace reviews.

You can also avoid keeping a chimney clean. Lastly, you can use an electric fireplace any time of the year. These devices can provide the light and flame look of a fire, but you can choose to leave the heat off.


A digital control circuit board makes adjusting the fireplace much easier. If you want the ultimate in convenience, a simple push of a button makes operation much more enjoyable. Digital control is one of the most sought after features in electric fireplace heater reviews.

Flame Speed

Fake fireplaces that look real are not always easy to find. You may not realize how the speed of the flame effect can affect how genuine your fireplace looks. If you want realistic flames, you can purchase a model that allows you to control the speed of the flame for a charming flicker.

Many electric fireplaces already feature a trimming to add esthetic appeal. The ready-made accent helps add an authentic look, and it prevents you from having to buy your own trim.

Plug-In Electric Insert

The plug-in electric fireplace insert is a simple and inexpensive solution for anyone who wants to install an electric fireplace into a cabinet or mantel. Plug-in units are completely self-contained units, like a space heater. The units are fully enclosed on all sides and have glass fronts, which make them great for modern-style homes. The fan-forced heat output comes from the top of the unit above the heating element. Like electric log inserts, most plug-in inserts plug into a standard 1volt outlet and can heat up to a 400 square foot room. Infrared plug-in inserts can provide safe, comfortable heat for up to 1,000 square feet.

Flashing and Trim Options

Some inserts offer decorative flashings and trim to enhance the look and style of your installation. For example, instead of a basic black sheet metal flashing, some inserts offer a cast iron surround trim. In the rare case that none of the appropriate flashings or surrounds will cover your entire fireplace openings (particularly for those with very large fireplaces), it is possible to purchase the insert only and then have a custom surround fabricated by a local machine shop or sheet metal expert. Some of the best retailers offer services to help you do this.

Flame Effects

All electric log inserts and fireboxes are designed to pulsate and glow while the flame effect is in use. The result is a realistic flame effect without the nuisance of smoke or the dangers of burning logs. How the effect will look, however, will differ based on the design and style of each of the inserts.

Some flame effects are generated using a pan of water that mists. Originally patented by Dimplex, this is the most realistic-looking approach. Others mimic flames using blown air and fireproof materials.

Duraflame DFS-750-Large Stove Heater

This model is incredibly durable and features an antique wood stove design.

A 4,600 BTU heater ensures that rooms of most sizes will stay comfortably warm, and it fits into many smaller spaces, being just 2inches tall and 1inches wide.

The mantel is also included.

The fire flame is looking really realistic, and it will bring the cozy feeling every time you will turn it on.

This unit has a remote control included, and you can simply put on a timer, you can set up the brightness, etc.

It is using LED technology, and the flame is being ultra-bright and realistic.

You need to be careful when you are installing it because it needs to be anchored to a wall or it will drop.

Home Heating Options

Nothing can be more pleasant than sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold chilly afternoon. The traditional fireplace is being eliminated from the modern home and electric fireplaces are becoming the norm. An electric fireplace offer homeowners and renters the convenience of keeping their home warm without chopping wood and burning it later in the open flames. Anyone can experience the pleasure of owning a beautiful and unique fireplace.


If you love the look of your existing fireplace, but you are tired of the maintenance involved with keeping it in working order, an electric fireplace insert is ideal. This type of fireplace is designed to fit into a wood-burning fireplace. They come in an array of sizes and finishes, so you can easily find one that fits snugly and complements the fireplace in your home.


The majority of wall-mounted units come with brackets, so all you need to do is check for studs and level the brackets. For recessed fireplaces, you will need to create a cut out in the wall with enough depth for the fireplace to sit flush.

Also, if you plan to mount a television above the fireplace, make sure the vent is located at the bottom. If the vent is at the top, leave foot of space between the ceiling and fireplace.


Electric fireplaces are not the type of appliance people keep for a year or two before they get tossed. Therefore, you want to choose a fireplace made of long-lasting materials. Some tiny desktop fireplaces are made of thick, durable plastic.

Even though plastic may be acceptable for these units, bigger fireplaces should have wood or tile surrounds and a metal firebox. For the purpose of realism, logs and embers constructed from resin typically look more lifelike than other materials.

Additional Features

Are you looking for the simplest unit available? How about storage space? Will your mantel unit also be used as a TV stand? These are important factors to keep in mind, as not all units will have the same features. Additionally, many of these units feature added enhancements like integrated heaters or ambient LED lighting.

Most Contemporary Design

Your guests may not have given the previous entries on this list a second glance. The Napoleon Alanis Mantel with Allure Series Slimline Electric Fireplace is more of a statement piece. This sharp contemporary design brings the classic fireplace into the 21st Century. In addition, integrated storage drawers make this piece functional and beautiful.

Crystal fire glass and optional media kits give this firebox an added flair. Backlit LED lighting enhances the ambiance of this unit as well, creating a truly stunning piece capable of becoming the centerpiece of your room.

Most Impressive Profile

The GreatCo Rio Grande Series Mantel with Electric Fireplace offers a one-of-a-kind piece for your room. After all, how often do you see a fireplace/bookcase combo this easy to install? It’s ambiance, storage, and a conversation piece all in one. Tie it all together with a simple design aesthetic and you have a piece great for just about any décor. You can choose to exclude the mantel top bookcase, but we really think the look of the full piece can’t be beat.

This unit features an electric fireplace insert with multiple front mantel options, high efficiency LED backlighting, and high definition flame technology. Pair these features with the 5,000 BTU/hour heater, and you have a charming fireplace capable of changing the entire feel of your room.

This is one of the most popular types of electric fireplaces available on the market, and the reason for this popularity is its easy operation. Once you buy a wall mounted fireplace, all you have to do is plug it into a wall socket and you’re done. The most difficult operation you have to do is to screw the fireplace into a wall. Most wall mounted electric heater models are lightweight and you will be able to carry them all by yourself. However, it’s better to have someone helping you with the installation.

The great thing about wall mounted fireplaces is that they have a small footprint and don’t take up much space, so you can use them in a smaller room. Another advantage of getting this type of fireplace is that you can mount it on a wall, away from pets or small children.

A slight disadvantage of choosing a wall mounted fireplace is that they look modern. Your house needs to have a modern look to it for these models to fit in, which is less common among fireplaces enthusiasts.


If supplemental heating is your first priority, you will need to measure the room you plan to use the electric fireplace and find a model which is capable of providing the right amount of heat for the whole surface. Some of the best heating fireplaces use radiant heat, much the same as a normal fireplace does, but instead of using flames, they use infrared radiation.

Special LED lighting inside electric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular. You can dim them or make them pop by turning them up to full intensity. They can even come in different colors or multiple colors at once. You may be able to even change the light pattern and make them blink in special ways. The lighting feature varies from unit to unit so be sure you know what yours exactly does.

LED lights in the electric fireplaces are safe and energy efficient. These lights allow you to use your new investment year round as most electric fireplaces also function with a lights only mode. You are able to turn off the heat and enjoy the beautiful, warm looking display.

Thermostat control

If you are temperature sensitive, make sure you are getting an electric fireplace that has an adjustable thermostat. Some heaters only have a low and high setting. Most will range from 60 degrees to around 8degrees Fahrenheit and can be controlled from the remote. Some remotes also have an LCD display so you know what the temperature is set at without checking the physical unit.

Easy to move

Not all wall mounted electric fireplaces have to stay in one spot. Some lighter ones only take one person to install and can easily come down. Perfect for renters who want the fireplace feel in their home. They will also be able to take it with them when they move out of that home.

Stands are another feature to make the fireplace portable. They can be placed on some surfaces or on the floor. Not as easy as pushing one on wheels but still convenient for moving from room to room.

Consider This

Wall-Mount: There are types of wall-mountable electric fireplaces: Models mounted to your wall and models recessed into your wall. Wall-mounting brackets and materials are typically included with your fireplace. Fireplaces that are mounted to your wall are easier to install, but some customers prefer having their fireplace built-in a wall. These models are more portable than other fireplaces and also save you valuable floor space, making them popular in condos, apartments, and lobbies.

Media Consoles: Add ambiance, heat, and a place for your flat screen TV with a media console electric fireplace. These durable entertainment centers are built with lasting quality and  their designs are similar to wall fireplaces. Most models include ample storage space for electronics and media equipment, and we offer a wide-variety of styles to match any indoor environment. There should be a maximum flat screen size provided for media console fireplaces; confirm your media fireplace can hold your TV.

Size and Heating Power

Most models offer between 750 and 1500 watts for low and high heat settings. This wattage offers supplemental heat for spaces as large as 400 square feet—which is why these products are perfect for living rooms, basements, and offices. Electric fireplaces are typically used as supplemental heat in these areas but can be the primary heat source for spaces like a small den.

Some larger models may require higher voltages (a 240-volt plug) and offer higher wattages, so confirm your fireplace is compatible with your home—but most use the standard residential 120-volts.

Product Details

This is a first-class fireplace offered in today’s marketplace. This Houston model is a 50-inch-wide electric fireplace with brilliant flames. The contemporary black or white metal frame provides a beautiful look that harmonizes with its glass front. You can install this fireplace in your home or office for heat and visual interest. Enjoy your electric fireplace having three heat settings of low, high, and no heat with flame only, with a brightness control, and a quiet fan. The wall-mounted unit adds atmosphere and character without fire, smoke, and fumes. With the built-in timer, you can program the fireplace to shut off for 30 minutes and up to 7.hours. You will need a 36-inch clearance if you plan to mount the fireplace under a flat screen TV. The power usage with the flames is only 2.Watts each hour. The flames look true-to-life and are mesmerizing to look into. The Houston fireplace heater requires no gas, ethanol, gel cans, chimney, or vent to work—just plug it into a standard 120-Volt outlet. The heater with settings for supplemental heat has no smell or ashes. A 6-foot power cord is located at the bottom right when facing the unit—no hardwiring required. Wall mounting hardware is included for any flat wall; cannot be recess mounted into the wall. The hand-held remote unit has an auto-off switch for controlling the flame and heat and uses 2-AAA batteries not included. The Houston fireplace is energy efficient with long-life LED lights. A mounting bracket included ensures easy and level wall mounting. Installation can be accomplished usually by one person. The easy-to-open glass door remains cool to the touch having no combustion in the fireplace. This electric fireplace is one of the highly demandable fireplaces in the marketplace.

Features to Put into Consideration

From convenient features to safety features and even to energy-efficient features, you can find a whole plethora of them among the modern electric fireplaces today. Because of this, it is easy to just always say yes to what the sales persons might offer you. What we suggest is for you to go through these and choose only the ones you really need. Through that way, you can stay practical and not go over budget when purchasing an electric fireplace.

Remote control option

Some models come with or without a remote control. Having a remote will make it easier for you to control the settings without you moving from your couch. The settings include heat settings, adjusting the interior light and flame speed.

But before that

As usual, we start by enlightening you on some important things you should always look for when purchasing an electric fireplace. Features make a product. The better the features, the more efficient the product proves to be.

Ease of Installation

You want to buy an electric fireplace, head straight to your home and put it into action. Unfortunately, if you purchase a system that gives you a headache on the installation part, things might not go as you wanted them to.

But you can avoid this by buying an easy to install unit that does not make your spend whole day put it into place. Ensure you go for the electric fireplaces that fit easily and smoothly, without much effort.

Most of the units available today comes with the necessary mounting hardware and a list of well-outlined instructions on how you can get the thing ready in a matter of minutes.

Wall-mounted electric fireplace models do not require much installation job. They don’t demand that you reconstruct the wall you hang them on or a major remodeling of your house.

Energy Efficient

Have you confirmed the manufacturer’s claims with the reviews of the previous users of that unit? Of course, an ideal unit should consume energy efficiently.

Let it not be a liability that keeps n raising your energy bill every single bill. Rather, it should be a valuable asset that heats up your room allowing you to realize huge savings on the amount of cash you spend on energy annually (at least up to 50% energy saving in most cases).

At this point, I’ll take you straight to our list of Top-Notch electric fireplaces that are ruling the market.

Highlighted Feature

Altra Furniture is a reputable company behind the manufacture of top quality electric fireplaces for over 20 years. Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Fireplace is one of their latest releases that serves the dual task of an electric fireplace as well as a television stand.

The gorgeous black finish of this TV stand will defiantly create a beautiful focal point in any room in your home. It’s made from high-quality, laminated Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and durable particleboard.

These active materials enable it to hold your flat screen TV and other media accessories for a longer period. With the molded details of this unit, it has enjoyed millions of visual appreciation. The 2inches wide fireplace is incredibly easy to operate using remote control.

You can easily warm up your room with a couple of heat settings that fall between 7and 8degrees. You can opt to enjoy the ambiance of the flames with or without the heat- it all depends on your needs.

You can quickly switch between levels of flame light for varied ambiance. The unit’s heater blower will automatically go off whenever it reaches the set temperature.

Highlighted Features

You can mount the 50-inches electric fireplace anywhere- on the walls of your bedroom, children’s room, etc., living room, and even office.

You can install it to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of this finely crafted unit without any safety hazards.

The unit allows you to use it for stylistic reasons or simple mood, without producing heat. And when you want it to warm up your room, it lets you choose between two heating levels- High and Low.

These are sufficient to heat up approx. 400sq. Feet of your room. On top of all this, the Onyx electric fireplace demands only a simple installation job (comes with step by step instructions for this part).

If you’re mounting the unit under your flat-screen TV, make sure the unit stands at around 2inches below the TV base.

Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater

This is a highly affordable fire insert that you can use to enhance any room with existing traditional fireplace. Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater is ideal for the retrofit applications. Given its compact size, you can easily insert it even in the smallest fireplaces.

The design of this particular fireplace is unlike the others we have discussed before. The unit has no back part which means that flames will project to the back of your fireplace.

When not running, this unit looks as realistic as your traditional fireplace. It comes with a fan- forced heat near the base of the great which effectively and quietly generates instant warmth of approximately 4,600BTU’s- more than enough for a 400 square feet space.

Like other top-quality fireplace inserts, this unit too allows you to operate it without heat (or with flame effect only).

Thus, it’s ideal for any season, through the year. A user-friendly multi-purpose remote control that comes with the unit lets you adjust flame and heat settings independently, at the comfort of your sofa. The unit remains cool to the touch- making it 100% safe for young kids and pets.

Also View on

This ventless freestanding convertible corner and wall electric fireplace from Cartwright features a charming espresso hue that is further accented with decorative earth tone tiles that arch over the firebox. You’re going to love the special accents such as sleek columns on either side of the fire, meant to complement the crown molding at the top of the fireplace. This model is designed to be able to fit flat against a wall or be placed into the corner, dependent upon the requirements of your home. There is no electrician or contractor required to install this fireplace, and that means that you get an instant remodel to your home without any of the extra mess or expense. There are so many options for placement of this piece, such as the living room or bedroom, and the unit could also be placed in the dining room for romantic dinners filled with ambience and comfort. You can even place the ventless fireplace below a flat screen TV in your media room.

You’re going to see that what the Cartwright does best is add a welcoming vibe to your home with minimal effort. A tremendous value, this fireplace burns cleanly and safely, and adds a gentle glow to any room. Easy to install and use, this fireplace is also made from durable materials that are meant to stand the test of time, and gives you hours of quality fire for years to come.


How is your electric fireplace appearance? If you do not have an electric fireplace TV stand there is something missing. Probably you never know they do exist, but they do and they are a must-have addition to your room. Choosing one may not be so easy with the countless number of brands. But that may not be a problem anymore for here are best reviews that will guide you to make the right choice.

SEI Carrington Convertible

The last on our 201list of the top electric fire places is the Southern Enterprises, Carrington Convertible fireplace. It is a dark earth-tone, featuring faux-slate tiles that surrounds the main firebox on the black fireplace mantel. It gives an aesthetically unbeatable look. The fireplace has rounded columns on either side of the firebox, which are topped by square tiles.

It has a collapsible panel which can make it easy to put against a flat surface or a corner.

Aesthetically designed, with tiles. Giving a premium look and feel.

Calvert Carved Electric

Reaching to the end of our list, next comes in line. A fire place which is not only very elegant but also designed in a very floral manner. The fireplace has a rich espresso theme. Consisting of bold fluted columns on either side of the main place. Giving it height and greater volume.

Includes energy efficient LED’s, down light illumination, four system remote control system, Cool to the touch glass, able to turn off heat while keeping the lighting ambience on.

ClassicFlame 36EB111-GRC 36″

Next in line on our list is the ClassicFlame built in electric fireplace, which is a contemporary themed fireplace. Made for a more modern look, the built-in fireplace is an ideal choice for contemporary homes, which are limited on floor space and area. It provides the ambience of a real gas base fireplace, with LED gas burning effect.

Cartwright Convertible

The Cartwright fireplace, features a deep espresso based hue finish with wood grain characteristics. Earth toned tiles arching over the firebox. The fireplace consist of sleek columns. It can be fitted against any flat or corner surface with ease.

The Look and Feel of a Real Fire

Some electric fireplaces are so convincing in creating the look and feel of a real fire many people would not be able to tell the difference at first glance.

Obviously, cost is an issue here. If you are looking for a small portable fireplace heater in the shape of a stove or small fireplace insert then your options may be adequate but not completely convincing. But at the higher end of the market you can get some fantastic fireplaces that look amazingly like a real fire.

Classic Flame and Dimplex are both suppliers of top of the line models. They make a range of fireplaces in a number of styles ranging from contemporary to traditional and with freestanding, inserts or wall hanging models. If you have the budget for it we recommend you check them out.

Little or No Maintenance

Anyone who has had a real fire knows the effort needed in order to keep it running. First there is sourcing the fuel. Wood has to be sourced, cut up and seasoned before being ready for the fire. Even if you have a good and reliable wood source, it still needs to be stored. Similar problems are experienced with coal, which has the added complexity of being dirty.

In addition to the problem of sourcing and storing the fuel the fireplace needs to be regularly cleaned, the chimney periodically swept and the fire set every time.

Compare this to the use of an electric fireplace. The fuel is electricity which is always available. The heater is simply turned on and the thermostat set at the required temperature. And that really is it. There is little to no maintenance, with it being limited to ensuring the vents are obstruction free.

So even if you live in accommodation that can have a real fire, a fireplace heater is often a clear winner from the value and convenience perspective.

Straightforward Installation

Perhaps the biggest obstacle in people’s minds to buying an electric fireplace is the cost and complexity of installation. But installation is surprisingly straightforward, even with the inserts.

Freestanding units require no installation. They just need to be positioned in the room, plugged into the socket and turned on. Many models combine entertainment and media centers and look great.

Wall hung heaters are simple to install with brackets being attached to the wall in a secure location and then the fireplace fitted to the bracket.

Even inserts are not particularly difficult to install, the main complexity is if they are hardwired, which would require the services of a licensed electrician. But this is no more complex than if you need to move an electric outlet.

The point is that installation of these units is not as difficult as many believe.

Vent Free

These fireplace heaters are essentially electric space heater, either fan forced ceramic heaters or quartz infrared heaters. These do not produce fumes of any sort and as a result do not require venting.

Not having to install a vent means that your unit can be installed in a position that is ideal for you and you are not constrained by the positioning of a vent.

There are two aspects to the cost argument.

First, the cost of installation. If you were to install a fireplace from scratch in a home the costs can run into many thousands of dollars. In comparison, electric fireplaces are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install.

Secondly, the cost of fuel for keeping a real fire running can add up quickly. Contrast this with running an electric heater. The electricity costs a few pennies an hour and the costs are only incurred when the heater is in use. Overall, the running costs of a fireplace heater can be significantly lower than those of a real fire.

There are other benefits, such as “all year round” use, and on-demand heating that you get from installing and using these units, but hopefully by now you get the picture.

Heater Output

Electric fireplaces range in size and heating power. They also range from standalone to installed inset fireplaces.

The first consideration you need to make is the size of the room. Knowing the size of the room allows you to evaluate the heater power you will need to comfortably heat it. As a general rule, a 1500 watt heater is capable of heating a 400 sq. ft. room to a comfortable level. This data point should help you determine what sort of power your heater needs to be drawing. Obviously the larger the room, the more powerful heater you will need.

Size and Location

You need to decide where within the room the heater will be best located. This will also help you determine size of the fireplace. Some units are large and will take up a good portion of a wall. You should ensure that the heater does not overly dominate as this will make staging the room with furniture difficult.

Some models are designed to fit into corners, so don’t always assume that you need a blank wall to locate your heater.

In this article we try to give you a sense of the price point for each of our best selections. Use that information as a start point for further research. You should quickly be able to determine which models fit within your budget and which are too expensive.

Look and Feel

A huge part of the decision to purchase an one of these heaters is to get the convenience of a conventional space heater while at the same time not giving up the look and feel of having a real fire.

Remember, if you are trying to make your home warm and welcoming then being able to turn on a heater and have a wonderful fire going very quickly is great. It should make you feel good and make you want to spend time in that room.

So make sure that when you choose your heater you choose a model that provides the most realistic fire that you can afford.

Fully Featured

Some fireplaces allow you to change the fire effect. This is a reflection of the way a real fire might behave. As a real fire burns down, the glow tends to shift from a bright, flickering yellow glow, to a deep red pulsing glow. Some fireplaces allow you to do set your preferred light effect.

Timer and Programmable Thermostat

It is always useful to put your heater on a timer to ensure that you will not leave it running. For all the energy efficiency of modern space heaters, the cost will add up if you accidentally leave it on when you are not present or do not need it. This also applies to the temperature settings.

Popular Brands

This list—in no particular order—presents to you the unique features of the products that are manufactured by the top brands in the electric fireplace heating industry.

Since Dimplex equipment are designed across North America, Europe and Asia, they deliver the best quality heaters in the industry with high-quality furniture construction and their patented flame and heating technology. As far as consumer service is concerned, Dimplex provides a trilingual customer support which can help you with everything from design advice to troubleshooting.

The Linear Convector series by Dimplex offer fireplaces that are forty-two percent smaller size than conventional baseboard heaters saving more space for your floor plan flexibility.


The in-house designers of ClassicFlame have studied the great furniture tradition of the past and they also keep studying the furniture trends of today’s market. With this combination, they come out with diversified and comprehensive products. Every model is designed with the finest hardwoods, wood veneers and finishes available. This gives every product a unique character.

ClassicFlame has been honored as “The Finest Furniture in the Electric Fireplace Industry.” This company employs the highest manufacturing standards. The Incoming Control Quality (ICQ) at ClassicFlame ensures that their product conforms to all specifications always within the life of the product. The AQL standards ensure the acceptable quality levels of the product.

Furthermore, the ISTA packaging standards protect the product from structural or environmental damage. Lastly, the CSA certification for US and Canadian Markets and the UL standards of ClassicFlame fireplace heaters provide increased assurance of quality and safety in all of their electrical components.


They make wall/corner combo electric mantel packages, TV/media units, small unit mantel packages (Petit Foyer) and many other mantel fireplace options. They operate with or without the heater throughout the year and can easily be plugged into a standard hundred and twenty-volt electrical outlet.


Duraflame has been in the industry for more than fifty years and operates with two manufacturing units; one in California and the other one in Kentucky. Duraflame’s Powerheat’ series of products features models in two categories: Infrared Quartz heaters and Infrared Tower Heaters.

With the infrared heating technology Duraflame, these heaters generate heat quickly and distributes them evenly throughout the room. Infrared technology helps fireplaces in producing what is called a “healthy heat”. Healthy heat is a moist heat that never lets the atmosphere become dry.

Moist heat also prevents the oxygen levels from falling. Duraflame Powerheat is absolutely safe for kids and pets as it always stays cool to touch. Lastly, it helps in saving the electricity bill substantially.

Installing an Insert Heater

The first thing to note is that this would rank as a moderately difficult do-it-yourself task, and you should consider getting some professional assistance to ensure you get the best result. All inserts come with manufacturers’ installation instructions and you should make sure that you read these through in detail before starting any installation work.

Wiring the Heater Up

As previously noted, we recommend for hardwire inserts you employ an licensed electrical professional.

However, in any event you must ensure that the connections you make are sound and properly insulated. You should also test the connection before turning the fireplace on, as you would not want to damage your insert due to errors.

Once you are satisfied that the installation is correct, we recommend you turn on the fireplace and go through the controls to ensure that the unit is fully functional.

Installing a Hung Unit

The installation process for hanging an electric fireplace is far simpler than that involved in installing an insert fireplace.

The key criteria here is to make sure that the brackets are secured properly to studs.

First you must locate the studs behind the drywall or sheetrock. The best way to do this is using a stud finder. This should save you from having to make a number of small holes in the wall as you attempt to locate the studs.

Once you have located the studs you can safely install the brackets that will hold the electric fireplace. Make sure you use the recommended screw length as you want to make sure that the screws are firmly secured into the studs behind and not just in the drywall surface.

Once the brackets are in place the electric fireplace can be attached. The fireplace can then be plugged into the nearest electric outlet and the fireplace heater is ready to go.

Summing It Up

With the advent of realistic flame effects the electric fireplace has become a very popular alternative to a real fire. The reason for this popularity is clear. An electric fireplace can replace an existing fire, can be installed in apartments that have no chimney, require no venting, are very low maintenance, are energy efficient and very cheap to run.

You can choose from a wide variety of designs. You can get ultra-contemporary designs or you can get traditional looking stoves. You can choose the fireplace design that fits best in your home and all for a comparatively low cost.

Fuel for you electric fireplace is always available and the heater once installed requires almost no maintenance. You can operate the fireplace by remote control and can turn it off when not in use.

This brief recap should provide you with an excellent set of reasons why you will not regret choosing a fireplace heater for your home. We recommend you read our reviews found above and choose the best electric fireplace on the market for your home.

Remote Control

This wall mount electric fireplace provides you a great sense of warmth, relaxation and comfort of a good heater. It is a combination of great safety options and several other luxuries.

This heater is ideal to be fit into any surrounding regardless of the design. It is 100% smoke and odor free and can minimize the pollution.

The built-in LED flames are a great energy saving option that offers maximum light utilization. The smart remote controller enables you to adjust the heat or the flame within the available radius.

The in-built shutoff timer allows you to decide upon the time to shut down the machine and you can set it up to 7.hours with no issues.

The three different heat setting platform has a plenty of variations. The fantastic no-heat flame is meant to be used during warm summer months. This 50” machine is a great blend of modern day technology and a designing masterpiece.

LED lights

The all natural earth tones bring in high glamor and class to this electric fireplace. The sleek columns on either side add extra utilities to this machine. This electric fireplace is crafted to fit into any flat wall or a corner.

The brick design within the heater looks all natural and active. You can set the temperature using the four option heat providing gauge and it could easily be done via the remote controller.

Not only the heat gauge, but you can also adjust the timer, thermostat, the log, and the flame through the remote controller. This machine has some great safety options as well.

The glass is fully safe since it is heat resistant and remains cool all the time. You can set your preferred time for the machine to shut down on its own. This Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace is capable of covering a region up to 400 square feet.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your electric fireplace tv stand wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of electric fireplace tv stand



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