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Best levitating speaker 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2020

Norman RyanHELLO! I’m Norman Ryan. After more than 46 hours of research and testing, which included using 17 different levitating speaker in five cities and interviewing product teams at five major companies, I made a list of the best levitating speaker of 2018

The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. In this section we provide our readers with a comparison table of our top picks. Scroll past the table for a closer look at each of the 3 best levitating speaker in our review section.

Best levitating speaker of 2018

So, what exactly would anyone want to know about levitating speaker? I know most of us don’t really care much about the history and the origin, all we want to know is which of them is the best. Of course, I will spare you the history and go straight on to the best levitating speaker. I browse the various levitating speaker available on the market and list three of the very best.

I want to find something that’s designed well (both for aesthetic purposes and efficiency). Welcome to my website! If you plan to buy levitating speaker and looking for some recommendations, you have come to the right place.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
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№1 – Mars by Crazybaby World’s Only Auto Levitating Speaker with Subwoofer

Mars by Crazybaby  World’s Only Auto Levitating Speaker with Subwoofer

Mars craft floats elegantly in space, unique automatic launch & land levitation system
Hi-fi full range sound from floating tweeter and sub-woofer base
8 hour battery life with auto land and charge for craft
Everything is OK.

Why did this levitating speaker win the first place?

I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.
















№2 – Levitating Speaker

Levitating Speaker

360 DEGREE SURROUND STEREO SOUND. The speaker rotates 360 degrees continuously with the rhythm of the muisc. You’ll enjoy watching this speaker as much as listening to it. It floats in the air and puts on a mini-light show.
AN AMAZING VISUAL DISPLAY. The speaker orb floats over its base, suspended on a magnetic field. And the base features LEDs that flash and change color in time with the music.
Has some durability issues.
Heavy and big.

Why did this levitating speaker come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery.
















№3 – ICE Orb Levitating/Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

ICE Orb Levitating/Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Floating Speaker Orb spinning above a magnetic base
Special sound guide cone designed to increase 3D surround effect
Bluetooth speaker floating in the air with 10mm ground clearance
The least durable frames we reviewed.
Not suited for novices.

Why did this levitating speaker take third place?

It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.
















levitating speaker Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy levitating speaker, right? No!


The ICE Portable levitating bluetooth speaker tops this list as one of the best designed, durable and artistic levitating speaker currently available. The ICE Orb is essentially an orbital speaker spinning elegantly above a magnetic base, with the bluetooth orb speaker floating in the air with at least a 10mm ground clearance. The magnetic base connects to a power source to provide the energy to ‘levitate’ the bluetooth speaker. It also features a built-in NFC function which allows any smartphone or tablet with NFC function to pair automatically. The orbital speaker has a special sound guide cone designed to increase 3D surround effect, and has speaker vents in a 360 degree alignment to enable to speaker to play more music efficiently. The ICE Orb also comes with a green illumination band running around the speaker, making the Arc Star look extremely stunning when used in the dark.

Apart from the circular design which delivers equal sound in every direction, the orbital speaker can also be used without the magnetic base as a portable bluetooth speaker on the go with hours of playtime on a full charge, which is pretty neat considering that all you need to do is grab the orb and be on your way. You will be able to play your music and soundtracks so long as you have a bluetooth device connected. The magnetic base comes with a port which charges your speaker orb directly so that it can play your favorite soundtracks while floating in the air. The port can also be used as a charging hub to charge your smartphones. The magnetic base houses green balancing LEDs which assist in helping to get the orb floating on top of the base – you can get the orb to float and spin perfectly by following the flickering of the green LED indicators. This is pretty useful to help you get started with the levitating bluetooth speaker set up in no time.

The ICE Orb levitating bluetooth speaker provides very decent sound which stays distortion free even at the higher volumes, although you shouldn’t expect too much from a speaker of this size. We also found that connecting this speaker to iPhone or Android via bluetooth very straightforward and simple. The real punch that the ICE Orb gives is the ‘wow’ factor of having it spin and float on your desk. The levitating bluetooth speaker looks like an object straight out of a sci-fi movie, and you will definitely get many compliments from simply displaying this speaker on your desk from anyone who sees it. The stunning design, coupled with the blue/green LED lights, make the ICE Orb simply one of the best levitating bluetooth speaker we have ever seen.

Apart from the stunning levitating appearance, we felt that the ICE Orb speaker was really well designed and meticulously thought out. The speaker feels durable and does not look cheap at all, and there was no hint of any painting flaw or defect when it arrived. The speaker also looks really cool at night and makes for a great decorative piece at home, with fancy LED lights and mesmerizing rotation. The ICE Orb levitating bluetooth speaker definitely delivers in terms of the fun factor and is one of the most beautifully designed and crafted speaker we have seen in this category of speakers.

The Verdict? If you are looking for a masterfully designed levitating bluetooth speaker, the ICE Orb is definitely among the very best you can find and is now available at a good and affordable price. Not only does the ICE Orb look immensely stunning and cool while floating on the magnetic base, it can also serve the dual purpose of a portable bluetooth speaker on the go with hours of playtime on a single full charge. The ICE Orb also delivers very good and decent sound with 360 degree omni-directional sound, making it an ideal levitating bleutooth speaker for home or office use. We were impressed by how stunning these speakers looked and we highly recommend them.

The ZVOLTZ is very well designed levitating bluetooth speaker that delivers excellent sound performance, stronger bass and crystal clear music with its integrated 5W hi-definition speaker. The speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 which allows you to connect to almost any bluetooth enabled device wirelessly from a distance to stream your favorite music, and is also equipped with a built-in microphone for you to enjoy hands-free calls. The levitation of the speaker allows for a 360 degree rotation for a fully immersive and richer listening experience. It also comes with a convenient ‘one-touch control’ which allows you to play and pause music, accept and end calls and turn on the LED lights with the touch of your fingertips. The ZVOLTZ also comes with an incredible LED design, which creates an amazing visual effect that looks stunning under dim light conditions. The speaker orb can also double as a standalone portable bluetooth speaker which you can carry on the go.

The sound performance of the ZVOLTZ is awesome – it has great sound quality for a speaker of this size, with crisp highs and clear mids and some bass response. We were quite surprised at how good the sound quality was. The speaker can get really loud – loud enough to fill an entire room with music and the sound does not distort even at higher volumes. The speaker does provide a nice 360 degree listening experience and you can even spin the speaker orb while playing music, which gives it a really cool appearance. The speaker is very easy to pair with a mobile Bluetooth device and the Bluetooth range and connectivity is very good. The speaker provides a good solid hours of playtime on a single charge.

Do note that to get these speakers to levitate, you would need to charge the levitating speaker orb for at least half an hour before powering on. You would also have to plug in the AC charger to activate the magnetic base in order for the magnetic levitation to work. You can get the speaker in its levitating position by lifting the ball up and setting it up from the top of the center of the speaker base, and letting the speaker adjust itself on the magnet. The speaker also features very cool LED lights that power on the moment the magnetic ball speaker is placed above the charging base. The speaker orb floats about 1-inch above the magnetic base and you can even spin the speaker while it levitates above the base, which is plenty of fun.

We really enjoyed listening to the ZVOLTZ – it sounds very good and is definitely on par with other good quality smaller bluetooth speakers, with the added experience of stunning LED visual effects and a spinning levitating orb.  This levitating bluetooth speaker will make a great conversation piece and will definitely attract lots of compliments from friends and family due to its unique and stunning design. One thing that we definitely liked was the ‘one-touch’ design which allows you to basically control all the basic speaker functions such as pause/play at the touch of your fingertips. The entire package comes with a levitating bluetooth speaker orb, magnetic base, charging base and a power adapter which you can carry around on the go.

The Verdict? The ZVOLTZ levitating bluetooth speaker is overall a great choice for those looking for incredible music performance, stunning design, coupled with the ‘one-touch’ design which allows you to control the speaker at the touch of your fingertips. We were quite surprised at how good these speakers sounded and they can go really loud without any distortion. The manufacturers also included directions that were easy to follow with simple controls to operate. Connecting to this levitating bluetooth speaker was a breeze and the connection range was also very good, without any noticeable drops in connection. While it does take a few tries to get the speaker orb to successfully levitate on the magnetic base, once you get it to levitate the end result is an incredibly stunning speaker that will grab the attention of almost anyone with the levitating orb and visually impactful LED lights. At the time of writing, this levitating bluetooth speaker is a really good speaker you can find on a budget and we highly recommend them.

The ReVolt Levio is a fascinating levitating bluetooth speaker that delivers incredible sound performance with its high quality speaker orb and visually stunning design. The ReVolt Levio works equally well as a stand-alone, portable bleutooth speaker which you can take around without any hassle. It also comes with an in-built internal battery which allows you to listen to your favorite music on the go with up to hours of playtime on a single charge. The circular design form also makes it possible for this levitating orb speaker to produce omni-directional sound – it is designed to distribute sound equally in all directions to ensure that you get the best possible music listening experience. The design of the ReVlot Levio is both eye-catchy and visually stunning with its red LED lights on the magnetic stabilizer and the floating orb. The style, color and sound make this one of the most stunning look levitating bluetooth speaker on this list.

The sound performance on the ReVolt Levio is excellent and it connects easily to any Bluetooth enabled device. While the sound will not blow you away, it does produce very loud, crisp and clear sound with some bass reproduction. The floating speaker orb spins while playing music which is definitely an added plus, and you can hear music coming from these speakers no matter which position you are at. The circular design form makes this speaker capable of producing omni-directional sound so it doesn’t really matter where you place this speaker in your home. The sound of the ReVolt Levio does go very loud without any distortion at maximum volume. The speaker orb can also be used as a standalone bluetooth speaker without the magnetic base.

This levitating bluetooth speaker is especially designed with a magnetic powerhouse base with integrated LED lights to assist in the speaker balancing process. You can get the speaker orb to float easily by simply aligning the speaker to the LED indicator lights and you will have it floating without any hassle. We really liked the fact that it comes with a USB port on the magnetic base which allows you to plugin and charge your mobile devices at the same time. This is a really convenient function, especially if you intend to place this speaker in an accessible location where you need to charge your mobile devices on the go. The internal battery provides an incredible hours of playtime; you will need to charge this speaker for at least 30 minutes before getting it to levitate successfully.

The Verdict? The ReVolt Levio is an incredibly well designed levitating bluetooth speaker that delivers extraordinary sound performance and comes in an aesthetically pleasing and stunning design. The LED indicators on the magnetic base make the speaker set up look funky and cool, while providing guidance for you to easily get the speaker orb to float. The internal battery gives a whopping nice hours of playtime which is really good considering the size of the speaker; you can also take this speaker on the go without the magnetic base as a fully functional portable speaker. The form factor, sleek design and visually stunning appearance of the ReVolt Levio makes this truly one of the best looking levitating bluetooth speaker in the market and we highly recommend them.

The hellosy Star Wars Death Star is one of the coolest and best looking levitating bluetooth speaker we have come across. This stunning levitating bluetooth speaker floats in the air with 10mm ground clearance and plays high quality music while connected to your smartphone, tablet or other bluetooth enabled device. The Death Star spins above the magnetic base constantly and glows in the dark, with nice flashing effects. We were particularly impressed with the illuminous glow of the Death Star and the nice lights that shine through the refined edges of the orb, giving it a very space like appearance. The speaker also levitates superbly well above the magnetic base and will spin around while playing your favorite soundtracks, which is a truly magnificent sight to behold. If you are looking for the most exotic and unique levitating bluetooth speaker, you cannot go wrong with hellosy Death Star.

The sound performance of the hellosy Death Star was pretty decent considering its size. We found that the sound is very clear, and songs with instrumental music separate out really well with this speaker. The sound does get loud and does not distort at high volumes, which is pretty good. The bass response on this speaker was reasonable, but nothing to shout home about. However, the sound quality felt smooth and really nice to listen to, and we really liked the fact that the sound did not feel harsh or muted at all. Spinning the hellosy Death Star while listening to it play music made it a quite an enjoyable experience.

Although the outside of the speaker is made of plastic and printed on, it looks just as cool from close-up and especially when the illuminating LED lights are turned on. We were pretty blown away by how stunning this levitating bluetooth speaker looked from every angle – the ability to spin the hellosy Death Star made it also an incredible experience and the fact that it levitates above the magnetic base made it feel even more realistic. The visual effects of this speaker alone made it truly one of the most unforgettable and unique levitating bluetooth speaker we have come across on this list.

The Death Star levitating bluetooth speaker has the added advantage of USB charging ports so that you can actually charge your phone while listening to music, which is a pretty neat function. In addition, you can also make calls using this speaker through your mobile device. To get the Death Star to levitate over the magnetic base, simply cup the speaker on both hands and place it on top of the center of the base – that way you can easily find the levitating spot without having the orb stick to surface of the magnetic base. We found that although some practice is needed to get the Death Star to successfully levitate over the base, it becomes easier with more practice and just watching this incredible Death Star levitate makes the effort worth it.

The Verdict? The hellosy Death Star levitating bluetooth speaker is one of the most unique and fantastic looking speakers with have come across with incredible glowing lights and superb visual effects. The sound quality of the Death Star is good and we really enjoyed listening to music while watching the mesmerizing Death Star spin on its magnetic base. While the exterior material is made of light plastic, the speaker still looks visually stunning and we received many compliments from simply displaying this speaker on the table with the LED lights turned on. If you are looking for an impressive levitating bluetooth speaker that will blow you away with its incredible design and stunning visual effects, the hellosy Death Star levitating bluetooth speaker is the one to get.

The B4M Orb Dark levitating bluetooth speaker is a very cool levitating speaker that delivers very good sound performance and stunning design. The floating orb speaker comes with a special sound guide cone designed to increase 3d surround effect and is able to spin while levitating above the magnetic base. The bluetooth speaker floats in the air with 10mm ground clearance and looks very exotic from almost any angle. It also comes with a built-in NFC function which allows any smartphone or tablet with NFC function to pair automatically. Overall, the B4M is a sleek, well designed levitating bluetooth speaker that delivers high quality music with a nice hovering effect.

We were pretty impressed with the sound quality of the B4M Orb levitating bluetooth speaker. While it will not deliver heavy duty sound performance, it sounds far better than expected with crisp mids and highs. The bass is decent but don’t expect much from a speaker of this size. The great thing about the B4M is that it gets pretty loud and will fill a room with sound easily, and the sound does not distort even at high volumes. The speaker also spins while playing your favorite music which makes it even more of a pleasure listening to and a visually stunning experience. The B4M also comes with a built-in rechargeable 1500mAh battery which provides up to hours of continuous playback, which is really good for a portable bluetooth speaker of this size.

The B4M Orb is very well designed and comes with a USB cable which you can use to charge up your smartphone, tablet and other gadgets. While it does take a few tries to get the speaker orb to levitate, the instructions are well written and easy to understand and we managed to get the speaker to float within a few minutes. The Bluetooth range is also a good meters with NFC support, and the 5W speaker has a good frequency range of 40hz – 20KHz.The magnetic base has four red stabilising lights which look pretty cool and visually stunning at night, and makes playing music with these speakers fun and entertaining. You can also charge the speaker orb while it hovers above the magnetic base or use it as a standalone bluetooth speaker without the base, which is pretty neat.

The Verdict? The B4M Orb levitating bluetooth speaker is a real attention grabber with its visually stunning levitating orb speaker and red LED lights, and delivers very good sound quality for a speaker of this size. The B4M looks like something straight out of a sci-fiction movie and we were captivated by the incredible design, sound performance and the ability for the speaker orb to spin while levitating. We also liked the fact that the speaker comes with integrated NFC bluetooth pairing function and with a 1500mAh battery for a good hours of playtime. The magnetic base also comes with a USB port which is convenient to charge your other devices while listening to music. Overall, the B4M Orb is a solid levitating bluetooth speaker which gets many things right, and we highly recommend them.

The UPPEL levitation bluetooth speaker is an incredibly designed speaker with integrated floating technology design which allows you to listen to music with a constant full 360 degree rotation. The speaker and magnetic base comes with nice blue LED visual effects while playing music, which enhances the overall listening experience. The speaker itself is small, lightweight and portable – you can carry it virtually anywhere and enjoy good quality music with these speakers. It also comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 for you to connect the levitating speaker with any Bluetooth enabled mobile device for high quality audio streaming. All in all, we were quite happy with the sound performance of the UPPEL and the sleek, well-thought out design that gave it a stunning appearance throughout.

The entire package itself comes with one portable bluetooth speaker, charger adapter, user manual, USB cable and magnetic base. The speaker has a wireless range of meters with two 2W speakers built inside the levitating orb. It comes with a decent 550mhv rechargeable battery which provides a good solid to hours of playtime on a single charge. The entire speaker itself is really well designed and comes with white / black variations depending on what you prefer. The blue LED lights are also a nice addition, giving this levitating bluetooth speaker a nice glowing effect in the dark.

The UPPEL speaker produces very clean, clear and crisp sound and sounds better than expected. It’s quite a small speaker so don’t expect any kind of booming bass, although the speaker does produce good enough bass for listening. We liked the fact that this speaker delivers a nice 360 degree integrated sound  which means that you can expect to hear music from this speaker in all directions. Apart from the great sound quality, the material and build quality is good too. The material does not feel like cheap plastic and the speaker itself looks expensive and cool. We really liked the overall design and LED lights that gave this levitating bluetooth speaker a visually stunning appearance. The speaker also floats very well over the magnetic base without any issues, giving it a cool futuristic vibe.

The Mars Craft is designed to be ultra-portable, with IPXwater resistance making the craft waterproof up to feet deep and aircraft grade aluminium to protect the exterior from outdoor elements. The packaging and build quality was the most impressive aspect of the Mars Craft – the speaker feels heavy and high quality and looks gorgeously futuristic from almost any angle. The back panel on the Mars is put together well and the buttons have a good feel to them. The LEDs on the Mars are uniform and extend to the edges of the cuts into the housing, which gives it a very sleek and stunning appearance.

The Verdict? The Mars by Crazybaby is a very funky and cool looking levitating bluetooth speaker that offers excellent build quality and great audio quality. While we did experience some minor issues with the Crazybaby app on the EQ settings, we found that the overall sound performance of the Mars really decent and crisp. We really liked the levitation of the Mars Craft which absolutely looked incredibly stunning from almost every angle. The Mars Base does produce a good decent amount of bass which enhances the low end parts of the music, and looks incredibly futuristic with the LED lights and clean design. Although this levitating bluetooth speaker costs more on the expensive range, it is meticulously well designed and visually stunning in almost every aspect of levitation. All things considered, the Mars is a very unique and exotic levitating speaker and possibly the only levitating speaker with a fully integrated subwoofer.

The ICE Harmony is a very cool looking and uniquely designed levitating bluetooth speaker which floats and spins 10mm above a magnetic base. The Orb Harmony has a distinct and unique design making it look like a floating light-bulb; it produces a warm-golden glow and the intensity/brightness is adjustable when switched on, making it the perfect bed side companion while listening to music. The Orb Harmony can be used individually as a standalone bluetooth speaker without the magnetic base. The versatile Bluetooth functionality of this speaker allows it to connect to any bluetooth enabled smartphone and tablet, and comes with a special sound guide cone designed to increase the 360 surround effect. Overall, the ICE Harmony is a very good levitating bluetooth speaker and looks incredibly stunning while illuminated and floating in the dark.

The ICE Harmony Orb levitates very smoothly above the magnetic base without any issues – the levitating Orb tilts on its axis and balances itself dynamically. The Orb itself is crafted from soft padding material and champagne gold finish base with speaker vents, giving it a very classy overall appearance. You can also spin the orb while playing your favorite music, giving your sound a nice 360 degree sound experience. We really enjoyed the aesthetic of the ICE Harmony which looked superb from every angle while playing music. It’s one of the most visually stunning levitating bluetooth speaker currently available on the market.

The sound performance of the ICE Harmony Orb is loud and clear – it produces crisp highs and mids and has decent separation in reproducing sound from musical instruments. The bass on the ICE Harmony is somewhat lacking but this is really to be expected from a speaker of this size. The sound of the ICE Harmony can get really loud without much distortion at high volumes. The sound feels smooth and crystal clear, and we did not sense any harshness in the music at all. We also liked the fact that the levitating orb speaker can double as a night lamp with adjustable brightness, which is a pretty neat add on. When the speaker is powered on the floating is quite stable. That being said, we wished that the magnetic base had an additional USB port to charge the Orb while floating.

The Verdict? The ICE Harmony is a very well designed, egg shaped levitating bluetooth speaker that delivers very good sound performance and has some pretty funky features such as the ability of the entire orb to light up. The levitating orb comes with a delicately crafted soft cushion padding, which gets illuminated once the levitating orb is switched on – it has a warm-golden glow which compliments the overall color of the product. The warm and soft golden glow is also adjustable, making it ideal for bed side lighting or yoga meditation sessions. You can also enjoy very good sound quality from the speaker Orb with hours of playback time, and is overall one of cutest levitating bluetooth speaker in this category.

The Wasserstein levitating bluetooth speaker is a cool, futuristic and funky looking orbital bluetooth speaker that features an elegant matte black design and good sound performance. At first glance, this levitating bluetooth speaker comes across as pretty unique due to the LED design around the electromagnetic base and the levitating magnetic speaker which floats nicely above the magnetic base. The spinning black orb comes with an integrated speaker system which lets you play songs at high volume without much distortion, and the black orb speaker can also be used as a standalone bluetooth speaker to be carried as a portable speaker without the base. The Bluetooth functionality works quite well – you can connect virtually any phone or tablet via Bluetooth to play your favorite soundtracks, as well as receive hands free phone calls while playing music by holding down the “on” button. We really liked the circular LED design around the magnetic base which looks really cool in low light conditions.

The sound performance of this levitating bluetooth speaker is nice and crisp, and will play your favorite soundtracks without much distortion at louder volumes. We really liked the sound quality of the speaker considering the overall size and compact design, although you should not expect any audiophile-grade performance from these speakers. One thing we liked was the fact that this speaker had some decent bass output – and electronic rock music sounded quite pleasing coming from the levitating bluetooth speaker. We found that the sound performance of this levitating bluetooth speaker will definitely be better than the speaker in your mobile device.

It may take some effort to get the speaker to levitate as the magnets keep drawing the speaker together – but once we figured out how to get it to levitate the speaker looked stunning at almost every angle. The speaker levitates about 1-inch above the magnetic base and you can even spin the ball and it stays spinning for some time. The speaker comes with instructions that you can follow on how to position the ball in the center of the magnetic base. Do note that you would have to charge the speaker ball and the base before you can get the speaker to levitate. The base must be plugged in for the speaker to levitate and the power turns on immediately when the base is plugged in.

On the whole, we felt that the design of this levitating bluetooth speaker was pretty awesome and something of a novelty device that will definitely make a great conversation piece. The ball speaker also serves the dual purpose as a standalone bluetooth speaker which you can take outdoors, and will connect to your mobile device to play your favorite soundtracks on the go. The package comes with a levitating magnetic Bluetooth speaker, electromagnetic base, charging station, charging cable, instructions and product warranty.

The Verdict? The Wasserstein levitating bluetooth speaker is a really nice orbital floating speaker that looks great and sounds very good for a speaker of this size. It comes with an attractive LED magnetic base with circular LED lights that makes it look quite stunning and impressive under dim light / low light conditions, while playing your favorite soundtracks from your mobile bluetooth device. We also liked the elegant black matte design and the fact that you can spin the levitating speaker while floating on the magnetic base. While it does take some practice to get this speaker to levitate, we were overall quite impressed with the novelty design and sound performance and we highly recommend them.

The MMSS MOXO X-is an outstanding levitating bluetooth speaker that gets almost every aspect of design, sound quality and levitating right. The speaker is designed with a special sound guide cone to increase 3D surround effect and rotate 360 degrees, providing an immersive sound experience. Apart from the floating speaker orb which has the ability to spin above a magnetic base, the speaker comes with built-in NFC function which allows any smartphone or tablet with NFC function to pair automatically. The floating ball speaker floats in the air with a comfortable 10mm ground clearance. We also liked the charging LED dock with the useful levitating position indicators which guide the placement of the ball speaker above the magnetic base. Once the base is connected directly to a power source, it can be simultaneously used as a charging dock for tablets and smartphone devices. Overall, we felt that the MOXO Xis a high quality levitating bluetooth speaker that delivers good quality sound at a reasonable price range.

The sound performance of the MOXO Xis very impressive – it has an integrated 5W speaker with a frequency range of 40Hz to 20KHz and can go really loud without any noticeable distortion in the music. The sound on this speaker sounded crisp and crystal clear, and it also produces decent lows although you shouldn’t expect deep bass due to the small compact size of the floating ball speaker. The speaker will start to spin when you start playing music through it but you can also spin it manually – the spinning speaker will not slow down due to the lack of any friction or magnetic resistance to slow it down. The base has no internal battery in it and needs to be connected directly to a power source to get the orb to float. The rechargeable battery in the speaker is really good, and you can run your speaker consecutively for hours of playtime which is pretty decent.

To get the speaker to levitating, you will need to place the base on a horizontal surface and connect the power adaptor to the base power. You will need to turn on the speaker ball and pair it with your smartphone or tablet device, and hold the orb with your two hands and put your fingers under the orb to move vertically downwards to the center of the base. Once you make the orb approach the center of the base slowly, you can move it towards the left or right to try slowly to try to get to the levitating point. The speaker base has four levitating position indicator lights that should all turn on when you reach the levitating point – and at this point, release the orb gently to get it to levitate automatically.

We really liked the stunning design of the MOXO Xlevitating bluetooth speaker, which makes for a really great conversation piece in the office or at home. The red LED lights on this magnetic speaker looked mesmerizing and impressive from every angle. We received many compliments simply by displaying this incredible speaker on the desk while letting the speaker orb spin freely. The speaker orb itself is around 85mm in diameter and the speaker base dimensions are 150mm in diameter and 25mm height. The speaker base also comes with an integrated USB port for charging the speaker orb or smartphone device, and is a really convenient function to have while listening to your favorite music.

Differences between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speakers

Wi-Fi systems are different from Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth systems are preferred because they are portable, but Wi-Fi systems are meant for indoor solutions. They are usually installed permanently in particular locations.

Connecting Bluetooth Speakers

For you to understand how you can connect several Bluetooth speakers at once, you need first to know how Bluetooth technology works.

Bluetooth works through radio waves, no wires or cables are required. The unit uses radio waves, and due to this, several Bluetooth enabled devices can be connected to one speaker. For you to connect, you should first ensure that you have turned on the speakers at the same frequency as the device you as using to control them. Bluetooth technology works on a principle of control; this means that a single machine or a primary device is the central unit. Bluetooth devices are thus connected to the main unit’s frequency. This is what makes it possible to connect several speakers to one unit.

Bluetooth Speakers for the car

There are two types of speakers you can use in your car. You can make a choice between Bluetooth and audio speakers. Bluetooth speakers enable you to receive calls without using your hands even when driving. Audio speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music. The two speakers come in different models. When buying Bluetooth speakers for your car, it is important to do research first so that you can select the one that fits your needs.

Bluetooth speakers for the outdoors

Turtle shell 2.0 is a renowned speaker that works well in the outdoor environment. The speaker comes in different colors. It is usually covered by a waterproof case which protects it from any damage. The speaker contains Hi-Fi, and you can connect it to any PC, phone or tablet that is Bluetooth enabled. It also has an inbuilt microphone and a standard camera. It is one of the best speakers which you can consider for all your outdoor activities.

Bluetooth speakers for iPhones

There are various types of Bluetooth speakers which you can connect your phone in the market today. These speakers are portable and enable you to listen to your favorite music wherever you go. Most of these speakers have a clip which allows you to attach to the backpack, belt or bag. They have a rechargeable battery and are portable; this enables you to use them in any place.

Bluetooth is undoubtedly the most common tech in the market. In any case, this will be the ideal protocol for most folks. Since the inception of Bluetooth, it has grown by leaps and bounds and you may not believe just how broadly it’s being used today. Bluetooth has the advantage of being very easy to use and very fast to connect (three to five seconds actually). The problem, however, is that its transmission would offer destitute sound quality and is limited to a mere 3feet, not a minuscule distance though.

The fact that it requires no network to connect makes it the cheapest method to use. The latest Bluetooth iteration, version 4.1, offers more than battery efficiency and high functionality. The sound resolution has been improved, and you will have difficulty distinguishing it from Wi-Fi streaming. This is made so due to the added aptX Codec which provides sound up to CD-quality. However, this Codec is not available for iPhones.


Wi-Fi remains one of the best techs available for wireless music speakers. Its use can offer you countless number of services and features, including accessing audio from a surplus of sources. The main problem with Wi-Fi is that it is not as cheap as Bluetooth is. Again, it is homebound, and it is quite tricky to use while compared to other wireless technologies that is if your speakers are not Sono’s gear.


This is the Apple’s magic for sending files, music and video over Wi-Fi connection. It is increasingly becoming popular nowadays as more speakers are incorporating the technology. Although it is very convenient to use it, it is Apple specific and the technology cost companies a lot, a cost they surely handle down to you.


Digital Living Network Alliance is both an organization and an open protocol for transmitting pictures, videos, and music across devices over Wi-Fi. While this is usually the only way to play when we have to deal with Wi-Fi speakers, this protocol is exceptionally ubiquitous and notoriously slow and clunky, in any case use it over Bluetooth when you want to develop stomach ulcers.

Factors to consider

Now that there’s nothing more no learn about wireless protocol, let’s figure out what you really need to look for when buying the wireless protocol speakers. Practically all speakers will offer some basic functionality, which include a speakerphone, an Aux input to hardware sound, and a charging port for your mobile devices. More importantly, you’ll need to look at other factors to consider so as you arrive at the best music system for you.

So how will you be using your speakers, at home or on the go? By the pool, patio, or your living room? In the woods or near the power source? If you already have these factors on mind, then you’ll have no difficulty locking down the most value and ultimately an amazing audio experience.

Multi-room speakers

Multi-speaker systems are receiving substantial attention lately. The speakers are Wi-Fi connect systems and employ integrated apps that link to your mobile devices, computer, or storage device allowing you control from each and then streaming your whole music collection. Again, most of them make use of Internet radio apps such as Spotify.

Even more remarkably, the more speakers you buy, the more you can link up and thus spread a latency-free audio throughout the home playing different music on each, simultaneously. Multi-room speakers have among the best audio clarity although they top up at CD-quality, you may never have problems with them. They set up with the press of a button saving you from all the hassle. If you need one speaker though, be sure to pay more than you will get, they are quite pricey for that.

Sound Bar Red

DEWALT DCR00Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker

When you want to take your music to work you will have to consider the environment you’re working in. If you work outdoors on construction sites or in any other messy environment, the DEWALT DCR00Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect choice. This Speaker is rugged and durable, making it ideal for handling the harsh environments it may sometimes be exposed to on the jobsite. That doesn’t mean you have to accept poor quality music, as the level of sound that this speaker is capable of putting out is as good as any other speaker in this price range.

Extended Range

One of the most important considerations for any speaker you’re going to use on a jobsite is how well it does at an extended range. While you’re busy working you don’t want to have to worry about moving the speaker every few minutes to make sure you stay in range. That’s not a problem with this DeWalt model as it has an extended range of up to 100 feet; that’s more than likely adequate for most people’s purposes and it definitely gives the speaker an edge over the competition.

Take It with You Anywhere

This speaker’s portable in every sense of the word. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery which enables you to cut the cord and take it with you anywhere. It’s also got great range – you can put the speaker anywhere and, as long as you’re within 3feet of the unit, you’ll still be able to listen to your music without any interruptions. These features wouldn’t be a lot of good if the speaker wasn’t also lightweight, but that’s not an issue either, as this speaker weighs in at about 1.pounds.

Start the Light Show

While there are other great tower speakers on the market, they don’t have the unique ambient blue LED lights that this speaker has built into it. As your favorite songs play you can dim the lights and watch the light show as the speakers actually pulsate with light with every pounding bass track. There’s nothing quite like bringing perfect sound and light together – it makes for a very entertaining night. You may not want to have a light show every time you listen to music, but not to worry – you can turn this feature on and off if you want to.

Fine-Tune Your Sound

The reason that you can fine-tune your sound with this speaker is because it has a built in equalizer – this means you can adjust the bass and treble until it sounds right to your ear. There are other Bluetooth speakers with built in equalizers, but not as many as you might think. This speaker actually has three different EQ modes that you can use to tweak your sound until it’s absolutely perfect. With a little bit of consultation with your guests at your next social gathering, you can probably come to some agreement as to what sounds best to everyone’s ears.

Multiple Listening Options

You don’t want to be limited in how you can listen to your music, and with this speaker you have options. Since it is a Bluetooth speaker you can, of course, listen to your music by connecting your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth and streaming your music through the speaker from your device. That isn’t the only way you can listen to music on the speaker, though – this machine also has a built in SD card slot which you can load up with all your favorite songs and leave in the speaker permanently. You can even connect an older device by using the Aux-in port.

Connect the Way You Want

As you can already gather from our above discussion of this speaker, you can connect your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth and you can also connect devices using the Aux-in port – but these aren’t your only options with the speaker. It’s also compatible with NFC technology, which means you can simply tap your device on the NFC reader on the speaker and instantly connect for some great music. If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet that’s NFC compatible, this is a very easy and convenient way to connect with a Bluetooth speaker.

Bass Egg VERB Bluetooth Vibration Speaker

We’ve saved the most unique Bluetooth speaker in this guide for last. The Bass Egg VERB Bluetooth Vibration Speaker is in a class all its own – in fact I have no problem saying that I’ve never seen anything quite like it. This speaker has no standard drivers to produce any sound; instead, your music plays via vibration technology using any solid surface. It sends a vibration via transduction to any device with a solid surface, such as your dining room table. It’s an amazing piece of technology which will simply blow you away.

Quick Charge and Long-Lasting

There are lots of Bluetooth devices with pretty impressive battery life, but most of them take a while to charge. This unique little device not only has great battery life, with up to hours, but it also charges very rapidly. It will take you no more than 90 minutes to charge this device, so even if you let the battery run right down it won’t be long until you’re listening to your favorite songs again. In most cases a Bluetooth speaker will take at least to hours to recharge, so this is a significant improvement over other speakers.

Compatible with Most Devices

As a Bluetooth speaker this device allows you to connect smart phones or tablets wirelessly, but it will also connect with older devices, such as record players or older iPods, using its Aux-in port. Just because a device is a little bit older it doesn’t mean you have to discard it, and you won’t have to when you have one of these speakers. It always surprises me when I find a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t include this type of port, as it seems a little shortsighted to me.

NUWA Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker

The speaker has dual five watts of power, so the sound is pretty impeccable. The battery will last up to five hours, but at that point, your fingers will be pretty wrinkly and ready for a break anyway.

Photive Hydra Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Hydra has IP6ingress protection, offers up to eight hours of listening time, and the sound is incredibly clear. You can stream music through any of your Bluetooth devices, but the quality of your music selection is on you.

COLOCROWN Floating Globe Maglev

This floating speaker comes with a superb quality. It is also environment friendly and ecofriendly. It gives you a wonderful experience of music while using it. It comes with a latest power saving technology. You can effectively save a lot of energy with a usage of this product. If you want to gift floating speakers to your friends or relatives, then this is a right choice for you. The product is inclusive of AC power adaptor. The height of the product is 1.0 inches, length of the product is 8.inches and width of the product is 6.inches.

Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth floating speaker comes with a latest technology. It offers wonderful sound quality. It offers NFC connectivity along with Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily charge the speaker balls with the magnetic port while playing your favorite music for long hours. It comes with 1500 mah in-built battery. You can get equal amount of sound in each direction due to the circular design. The devise is portable that can be carried anywhere.

The product comes with lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. The battery of the product offers 1000 mAh of battery life through which you can easily play music till to long hours. It comes with a combo of charger, Bluetooth speaker, charging cradle, user manual and packing box. The product is easy to use. You can enjoy high definition sound with adjustable volume levels.

UPPEL Floating Speaker

This Bluetooth floating speaker comes with a floating technology that allows you to enjoy your favorite music with complete 360 degree rotation. The product has a compact design that makes it easy to carry and portable. You can carry your devise anywhere that is garden, beach, kitchen, boat or pool and start partying. It comes with a warranty. If you want to gift the devise to your loved one, then you should definitely chose this product. The product offers a great musical experience.

ZVOLTZ Floating Speaker

This Bluetooth floating speaker offers best LED visual effects that make the product catchy. It can be easily carried and the product is portable, too. You can play and pause your favorite music, turn the Led light off and on and end and accept calls with just a single touch. The product is compatible with all the devises that offers Bluetooth connectivity. It offers 360 degree rotation experience with high definition of qualitative sound to give you a rich experience.


This product is available in different colors, shapes, versions and sizes. The product has a unique feature of noise cancellation and noise reduction technology. It has a high qualitative NFC technology to offer along with in-built microphone. It offers 30 hours of play time for each charge. The product is light weight. It offers clear vocals and crisp bass experience. It comes with a user manual, micro USB cable, noise cancelling and noise reduction Bluetooth headphone and 3.mm of audio cable.

The product comes with a magnetic base and floating spinning speaker. You can enjoy 3D effect of music with the usage of this product. The product has a stylish and elegant look to offer. The product is highly qualitative. It is available in different kind of colors and shapes. The Bluetooth enabled devises such as tablet, iPod, iPhone, smart phones etc. can be easily paired with this devise. The product consists of unique levitation technology.

Meet the future.

For our list of the best floating pool speakers, this is the last one on here, but it is still a great floating pool speaker on the list. It comes with many different features which you might like, least of which is the awesome LED light show which it produces. It also has various other neat features such as being extremely strong and durable, having good sound quality, being lightweight and portable, and it features a great Bluetooth connection system too.

One of our favorite features of the OWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is that it has absolutely fantastic sound quality. A part of this does have to do with the great Bluetooth connection which the speaker provides you with, but mostly it is thanks to the high quality components used in the construction of the OWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. This is in fact a watt speaker, which is not really expected based on its small size. None the less, this little guy has a full watts of power and that helps to make it extremely loud and clear. Many other speakers are hard to hear over kids yelling, splashing, and waves breaking, but not this one. It can be easily heard from quite a far distance.

Even better is that the OWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker comes with its own built in subwoofer for an outstandingly deep, clear, and buzz-free bass sound. Fear not because this particular floating pool speaker does just as well with the high notes as it does with the low, plus with treble too. The point here is that the sound quality produced by this little OWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is top notch without a doubt.

The high quality build of the OWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker does also help ensure its durability and water proof nature. First off, the internal components are housed inside of a thick plastic shell and protected with a layer of hardened rubber on the outside. This makes the OWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker impact resistant like no other floating pool speaker out there. You can drop this thing from pretty high up and you never have to worry about it getting damaged.

At the same time, the special construction of this speaker ensures that dust and dirt cannot get to the important internal electrical components. As you might have guessed, this is a floating speaker, which means that it is obviously water proof. It has an IPXwater proof rating, which means that it can actually be submerged under water for a short period of time without any worries of the water damaging it. This is a really important feature when it comes to any speaker that you are going to be using in a pool. It’s bound to get wet, so it needs to be able to deal with that.

Something else that many people like about the OWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is that it features 3colored LED lights on the top. It might not make this speaker any louder or clearer, or make it more durable either, but it does certainly add a certain level of fun and entertainment to the mix. These red, blue, and green LED lights change with the sound of the music, thus providing you with a neat little light show for the duration of your music listening experience. To make life a little easier for you, the OWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker does have easy to use control buttons located on the top. You can pause, play, change the volume, and more with these easy to navigate controls.

The OWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is intended to be used while floating in a pool, so you can’t exactly have your music playing device floating next to it in the water, which is why this speaker is a Bluetooth one. The Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 system has a really far range so the speaker can be in the pool while your device is safe and sound at poolside. Moreover, the Bluetooth can connect to more or less any Bluetooth compatible device. This is a newer version of Bluetooth, so pairing is made very easy, plus the connection is always strong and reliable. This helps ensure that you have an uninterrupted experience, plus it makes the music itself much louder and clearer too.

The battery life for the OWIN COWIN-Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is pretty decent, but not the best of all floating pool speakers. It comes with a micro USB charging cable so you can easily charge it, something that only takes a couple of hours to complete. The battery will last for roughly hours with the volume turned up to around 70%. However, if you have the volume turned up to the maximum, the battery life is significantly shorter. This is not great, but it is not horrible either.

Other Pool Speakers

Here are some more great floating pool speakers that you can use to make those sunny days by the pool all the more exciting. From a pool speaker that resembles a mini tri-hull boat to one fun ball-shaped speaker that offers an exciting light show – if none of our above-mentioned best pool speakers did it for you then one of these four speakers are bound to.

Maze Exclusive Floating Bluetooth Shower Speaker

IPX100% Waterproof & Dust-proof Floating Bluetooth Shower SpeakerThis speaker from Maze has an IPXrating, which means it can be submerged to a depth of up to one meter for up to thirty minutes without the water doing any damage. Not that you have to worry about this speaker sinking that deep as it is designed to float on top of the water. It connects to any Bluetooth audio devices, which makes it a breeze to pair with a phone for music playback.

Since this speaker uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries you can expect playing times in excess of 1hours. These batteries also only take about four to five hours to fully charge. It can also be recharged via a computer using the USB port.

While the speaker is quite compact it definitely packs a big sound. It sounds great when used in the shower and even features a suction cup for mounting on any smooth, flat surface. Since the speaker can float you can take use it in the bath, hot tub or swimming pool as well and still enjoy your music. When connected to your phone it even allows you to answer phone calls.

For a loud, clear speaker that is very comfortable around or even in the water this offering from Maze comes highly recommended.

NYNE Multimedia Aqua Floatable Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerThe NYNE Multimedia Aqua is another IPXrated Bluetooth speaker, so it has no problem with water. It has been specifically designed to float and features a stylish look that, according to the creators, is meant to resemble a mini tri-hull boat.

The Aqua connects via Bluetooth and has a 33-foot range, so your precious phone or tablet doesn’t need to be anywhere near the water for you to listen to music. The Aqua is a bigger speaker than the one from Maze, but still manages a decent hours of playback per battery charge.

I really like the sound quality of the NYNE Aqua and it even has four equalizer settings for those who want to adjust the playback. It features 2.0 stereo channel output with passive radiators, which means it sounds as good in the pool as it does in the shower. In addition to audio playback, it is also capable of hands-free calling thanks to the integrated waterproof microphone.

With its high-quality rubberized finish cabinet, the Aqua not only looks good but is pretty durable as well. It is not a very heavy speaker, but the included strap makes it easy to carry around or hang wherever you need it. If you are away from water and want to connect an older device that doesn’t have Bluetooth you can use the 3.5mm AUX input located on the sealed rear panel of the Aqua.

For a decent waterproof speaker that features a unique design, the Aqua is a must.

3. Sharper Image SBT60Bluetooth Floating Party Speaker

Sharper Image SBT60Bluetooth Floating Party SpeakerSome portable speakers look function while others are a bit more adventurous with their designs, but the SBT60is downright flashy. This is thanks to the responsive LED lights on it that blink in rhythm with your playlist. This nifty gimmick doesn’t detract from the design of the speaker either as it has an IPXrating.

While the LED lights are probably a bit much for the bath or hot tub, they do add another dimension to pool parties. The party doesn’t just have to be confined to the pool either as it is also able to light up a room with its multi-colored lights when placed on a flat surface. Incidentally, the lights can be set to pulse along with the music playing through the speaker or simply at random.

As with all good portable speakers the SBT60connects via Bluetooth and pairing it with a compatible phone or tablet is very quick. When not immersed in water the speaker can also be connected to an audio device using an auxiliary wire.

The battery life of the SBT60is very impressive and it can keep going for a couple of hours even if you had the lights going the whole time. The audio quality is generally very good, but at its best when in the water. This is because on a flat surface the speaker faces downwards, which obviously impacts the volume and quality.

If you are looking for a floating pool speaker that can do more than just play music you won’t be disappointed with the SBT606.

Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Swimming Pool Floating SpeakerOut of all the pool speakers on this list, the Ivation offering is probably the only one that looks like it actually belongs in a pool. That is because it looks more like a bright mini beach ball than a speaker, but beneath its colorful exterior lurks a pretty powerful speaker.

The Ivation uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology, so it is able to stream from any compatible device up to a distance of about 3feet. It has fully waterproof seals, so the speaker, batteries, controls, and lights are all protected from water.

Anyone who enjoys swimming at night and wants to chill out with some tunes will appreciate the cool blue mood lighting that the Ivation is capable of producing. This feature also makes it easier to locate the speaker at night but can be switched off during the day. The rounded design of the Ivation is very nice but limits its use outside of a pool. When immersed in water the audio quality remains crisp and because of the weight distribution of the speaker, it remains right-side-up even when used in a wave pool.

The Ivation is powered by AA batteries, which offers a decent amount of playback time. Sound quality is not an issue either as the speaker is able to deliver plenty of volume along with some solid bass. Since it only has a single driver it is not going to be able to compete with more expensive speakers, but for its price range, it is a solid performer.

If you are looking for a decent portable speaker that will only be used in the pool the Ivation fits the bill.

Pool speakers and floating pool speakers can definitely help add some fun and entertainment to your already awesome pool party, beach party, or camping trip. They are very useful, they are portable, and they often employ some great technology too. That being said, these things can be a little expensive, so you don’t want to just buy the first one you see. Before you go out and spend any amount of money on pool speakers of any kind, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.

Water Proof vs Water Resistant

There is a really important distinction to be made here. Some pool speakers are water resistant or splash proof, while others are totally water proof. This is very important to remember. Most floating pool speakers, due to the fact that they are built to be directly in the pool, are going to be totally water proof. This means that they can be splashed, rained on, they can float in a pool, and more often than not, they can be totally submerged in water for a given period of time. Water proof speakers are the best way to go as pretty much no amount of water will damage them.

On the other hand, pool speakers, not floating pool speakers, will only be water proof to a certain degree, or in other words, they are only water resistant. This means that they can be rained on or splashed, but they cannot be totally submerged in water. While water resistant speakers can deal with a certain level of moisture, they certainly cannot handle being totally submerged in water.

The Battery Life

One of the more important things to look out for is what the battery life of the speaker in question is like. You don’t want to be half way through a pool or beach party only to have the speaker die on you. Something to look out for here is a lithium ion battery. A good integrated lithium ion battery that can be recharged with a micro USB or regular USB cable is really convenient. You definitely do not want to have to always be buying batteries.

Also, the battery life does depend on the speaker in question, with some having an hour life and others being able to go for up to 2or 30 hours without charging. Ones with better battery life will cost more, but if you plan on listening to lots of music for hours on end, you will have to spend a little extra. Keep in mind that most speakers will only last for the advertised amount of time when the music volume is set to 60% or 70%. However, when the volume is set to the maximum level, you can rest assured that the battery life will be significantly lower than what is advertised.

The Controls

This one is a no brainer, but having some kind of control panel, touch or otherwise, is really important too. At the very least you want to be able to pause and play songs, plus change the volume too. A pool speaker without any kind of control panel is going to be pain to use.

Pool Speaker vs Floating Pool Speaker

Just keep in mind that pool speakers are generally meant to be kept poolside, but not in the pool. On the other hand, floating pool speakers are designed to be right beside you floating in the pool. The choice here is totally up to you to make. It really is a matter of your needs and personal preferences more than anything else.

Equipped with powerful 5W speaker, the Plox Death Star Levitating Speaker plays your favourite tracks with uncompromising quality. With Bluetooth connectivity and up to hours of continuous playback, listening to music through the Death Star Levitating Speaker is truly an out of this world experience.

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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your levitating speaker wisely! Good luck!

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