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Best light timers 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2020

Norman RyanHi there, I’m Norman Ryan. Here are the best light timers for 2018 – based on my own expert opinion, feature sets, prices, and overall popularity.

Eventually, I found something that would suit my needs but it occurred to me that I wasn’t the only one who might be having the same problems I did. I hope that my Top 3 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.

Let’s get to it!

Best light timers of 2018

The “Total” indicates the overall value of the product. There are dozens of choices for an light timers these days. These are composed of modern styling with modern technology to match it. Here are some good examples. Many models on the market may be confusing to a person who is shopping for their first time. If you’re reading this, it is very likely that you’re scouting for the best light timers.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Woods 50007WD Indoor 24-Hour Digital Plug-In Timer

Woods 50007WD Indoor 24-Hour Digital Plug-In Timer

Timer settings repeat daily. The digital daily timer has a simple-set 4-button programming
Slim design does not block open outlet
Works with lamps, fans, and other 2-prong(conductor) appliances
Literally no flaws

Why did this light timers win the first place?

I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch!
















№2 – Smart Digital Light Timer with 3-Prong Outlet 7-day Programmable Plug-in Electrical Switch with Anti-theft Random Option

Smart Digital Light Timer with 3-Prong Outlet 7-day Programmable Plug-in Electrical Switch with Anti-theft Random Option

Flexible Scheduling: up to 10 different ON/OFF programs in a 7-day period; every program you set repeats once each week
Energy Saving: automatically turns on and off lamps, Christmas lights, humidifiers and other electrical devices, and protects your phone from overcharge
Lack of sufficient storage space.

Why did this light timers come in second place?

I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office.
















№3 – Century Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer

Century Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer

SIMPLE TO USE: Pins UP means timer is OFF. Pins DOWN means timer is ON. Please note that your timer’s pins will come pressed DOWN new of the box. Pull the pins UP to begin setting your timer.
AUTOMATE YOUR HOME OR OFFICE: Turn on and off lamps, small appliances, Christmas trees, and other electrical devices with a handy timer.
Requires some skill/knowledge to use.
The price is clearly unaffordable for the most buyers..

Why did this light timers take third place?

This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new.
















light timers Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy light timers, right? No!

TP-Link LB130

Best of all, the TP-Link bulbs don’t require any sort of smart hub to function, so there’s no need to buy a starter kit or pay extra for a hub – once you buy a bulb, that’s it, making these an especially good choice for anyone who only wants one or two smart lights, and not a whole house worth.

All of the bulbs other than the cheapest LB100 model also come with energy monitoring, so you can see how much energy you’ve used and plan your usage accordingly.

Connectivity is reliable, with only one brief network drop in our testing time, and our biggest complaint is that at just 800 lumens these aren’t the brightest bulbs around – but they should be enough to suit most uses.


Lightwave is a smart lighting solution that’s a bit different to the others in this round-up, since it requires you to replace your light switches rather than the light bulbs themselves. It is ideal for homes with multiple spotlights that would otherwise be incredibly expensive to individually replace, and also means that when one bulb blows you can just buy a regular replacement. Sadly, it’s UK-only for now.

The Web Link will also manage other smart home devices from the company – you can set up devices that control your hot water and individual room heating, motion detection, and the opening and closing of blinds or curtains. You can also install smart switches on your plug sockets that allow you to turn on and off power when required.

Lightwave has a companion app through which you can turn on and off the switches from your phone or tablet, and through which you can set up schedules or timers that are ideal if you are going on holiday.

Elgato Avea Flare

You create ‘rules’ for the lamps to work and these can be for them to turn on and off at sunset and sunrise, or at times you choose. They can be individually named and controlled, and you can even set a dimming period so the lamp fades in to your set brightness over a few minutes (or even up to 30 minutes). You can also define a sleep period, so the bulb will turn off after a set time, just like a TV or radio.

Watch this

CNET’s LED Buying Guide makes sense of the light bulb…

It’s been more than years since Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 200(EISA). In doing so, they put the age of inefficient incandescent lighting on notice. The law mandated strict new energy standards designed to kick-start a new era of greener, longer-lasting, more cost-efficient light bulbs — and that meant kicking outdated, inefficient bulbs to the curb.

The rising standards have already long rendered 100W and 75W incandescents obsolete, and in 2014, their 60W and 40W cousins met the same fate. Congressional budget waffling briefly seemed to put the new standards on hold, but it was largely too late — the industry had already moved on, and wasn’t interested in reversing course.

Color temperature

After lumens, the next concept you’ll want to understand is color temperature. Measured on the Kelvin scale, color temperature isn’t really a measure of heat. Instead, it’s a measure of the color that a light source produces, ranging from yellow on the low end of the scale to bluish on the high end, with whitish light in the middle.

An easy way to keep track of color temperature is to think of a flame: it starts out yellow and orange, but when it gets really hot, it turns blue. You could also think of color temperature in terms of the sun — low, yellowy color temperatures mimic the tone of light at sunrise or sunset, while hotter, more bluish-white color temperatures are more akin to daylight (sure enough, bulbs with color temperatures like these are commonly called “daylight” bulbs). This is also why a lot of people prefer high color temperatures during the day and lower color temperatures in the morning and evening. Some smart bulbs can even shift back and forth throughout the day.

Generally speaking, incandescents sit at the bottom of the scale with their yellow light, while CFLs and LEDs have long been thought to tend toward the high, bluish end of the spectrum. This has been a steady complaint about new lighting alternatives, as many people prefer the warm, familiar, low color temperature of incandescents. Manufacturers are listening, though, and in this case they heard consumers loud and clear, with more and more low-color-temperature CFL and LED options hitting the shelves. Don’t believe me? Take another look at those two paper lamps in the picture above, because they’re both CFL bulbs — from the same manufacturer, no less.

Sylvania often color codes its packaging. Blue indicates a hot, bluish color temperature, while the lighter shade indicates a white, more neutral light.

Bulb shape

As you’re probably aware, light bulbs come in a fairly wide variety of shapes. Sure, it’s easy enough to tell a hardware store clerk that you want “one of those flamey-looking lights,” or “just a normal ol’ bulby light bulb,” but knowing the actual nomenclature might save you some time.

Your automated-lighting options

It used to be that if you wanted your lights to turn on and off automatically, then you had to rely on a cheap wall socket timer, the kind you might use to control a Christmas tree. These days, it’s easier than ever to dive into the sort of advanced automation controls that can make any home feel modern and futuristic. Use the right devices, and you’ll be able to control your lights in all sorts of creative ways, and make your life a little bit easier in the process.

The most obvious way to get started with smart lighting is with the bulbs themselves. You’ve got plenty of intelligent options from brands both big and small, and to find the one that’s best for you, you’re going to need to understand what sets them apart.

The first thing to look at is how the bulbs communicate with you. Some offer direct connections with your smart phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which makes setup as simple as screwing the thing in and following the in-app pairing instructions.

Cree Connected LED and the

GE Link LED, cost a lot less up front, but don’t come with their own gateways — that means you’ll need a compatible third-party hub in order to control them.

Hubs like those are your best bet at building your own, elaborate smart home setup with different kinds of products from different brands all working together. However, if that sounds like too much of a headache, or if all you want are lights that come on automatically at sunset, then one of those starter kits that comes with its own gateway is probably worth the cash.

Color control

If you’re looking for a little more color in your life, then be sure and take a look at a product like the Philips Hue Starter Kit. Aside from being fully automatable via a mobile app and control hub, the Hue LED bulbs are capable of on-demand color changes. Just pull out your phone, select one of millions of possible shades, and the light will match it. And if you’re into voice control, Hue bulbs hit the compatibility trifecta — they’ll work with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Because Philips opened its lighting controls to third-party developers, you’ll also find lots of fun novelty uses for Hue bulbs, like changing the color of your lights in rhythm with whatever music you’re playing. There’s even an app that’ll sync your Hue lights up with certain TV programming. Philips plans to double down on the idea in a big way this year.

Hue lights are also directly compatible with the popular web service IFTTT, with recipes already available that will change the color of your lights to match the weather, or to signal a touchdown from your favorite football team or even to indicate when your stocks are doing well.

Home Lighting

Track lighting has become a staple of modern home design, and you don’t have to wonder why. It’s an easy way to add a contemporary feel to new or existing homes and versatile enough to light several areas around the house. However, with the large variety of different sizes, track types, and lamp head styles, diving head first into the world of track lighting can seem pretty overwhelming. Instead of driving yourself crazy, let us do the work for you. In part one of this two-part Buyers’ Guide, we’ll be covering tips and tricks for getting the most out of your track lighting in various applications.

Accent Lighting

Probably the most common way to use track lighting is accent lighting. Track lighting got its big start in art galleries and museums, so it’s no surprise that illuminating decor is what its best at doing. The wall washing technique is the way to go when you need a wide, unfocused spread of light to cover a large area, such as for bookshelves or your action figure collection. For narrower beams of light, use adjustable spotlights to bring attention to decorative pieces like paintings and photos.

AmerTac 73092CC LED Motion-Activated Nite Lite

I’ve written about consumer electronics for over 1years and have tested smart-home products from remotes and security cameras to AV receivers and speakers. As an editor for Electronic House and Big Picture Big Sound I’ve written buyer’s guides for all kinds of consumer electronics. I’ve also done tech-related work for Wired, Woman’s Day, GeekMom, Men’s Health, USA Today, and others.

Who should get this

Smartphones and tablets can put access to a slew of functions into your pockets these days. You already use that phone or tablet to answer email, watch TV, and even check in on your old high school friends, why not use it to make sure the lights and other appliances at home are on or off? If you’re the type of person who is constantly paranoid about whether you left the iron on, smart plugs can ease your anxiety.

Pull Quote

A smart switch is a perfect starter device for someone interested in smart-home technology. You don’t need fancy hubs, programming skills, or an installer on speed dial to use them.

These are small devices that plug into any outlet and allow you to control the connected appliance wirelessly via an app. Some (like our picks) communicate via Wi-Fi, others use Bluetooth.

A smart switch is a perfect starter device for someone interested in smart-home technology. You don’t need fancy hubs, programming skills, or an installer on speed dial to use them, and they give you real functionality with very little fuss. If you’ve got a smartphone and an empty outlet in your house, you can automate something easily. Putting even just one smart switch into your home can ensure that you’ll never enter a dark house; add a few and you can control items such as household fans, speakers, slow cookers, air conditioners, and more.

The smart switches we picked were designed for beginners or anyone looking to squeeze a little extra automation into a specific spot of their home. These units will work in homes, apartments, dorm rooms, offices, or anywhere else with a free outlet and, in most cases, a Wi-Fi connection. We focused on the models that could easily work alone, though you can integrate some of them with other smart devices.

How we picked

Of course, having a hub or system means that you can integrate your plugs into a larger setup with lighting, sensors, cameras, and more. Some plugs also offer remote control from outside of the home without requiring a hub, as well as options to dim lights, set schedules and timers, and even work with IFTTT so you can create your own home-automation recipes. For instance, if your wireless security camera senses motion, the plug can turn on a light. Similarly, many of the switches we looked at are part of a family of smart devices, such as wall switches, motion sensors, or smart bulbs, which all use the same app and may be designed to work together in differing capacities.

How we tested

The switch’s app should be compatible with your smartphone or tablet of choice and include the ability to turn the switch’s power on and off. The app should also provide extras such as scheduling and the option to group multiple smart switches. For our testing, features beyond basic on-off or dimming were considered bonuses, especially if they proved useful.

Belkin’s Wemo Mini Switch turns any outlet into a smart outlet you can control with your iOS or Android device.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The Wemo Mini may be the cheapest Belkin smart plug currently out there, but that savings will cost you in features. Unlike the Wemo Insight, the Mini does not offer energy monitoring or the customizable alerts that we loved so much last time around. The latter allows you to receive notices on your smartphone or tablet every time the switch goes on or off.

Belkin added HomeKit support to its Wemo lineup in January 2018, via the Wemo Bridge. This add-on dongle connects to your router and provides HomeKit support over all current Wemo devices. It works well, but adds to the cost of the setup. Also know that you will need an Apple TV or iPad at home if you want to access the Wemo Bridge outside of the house.

The iSPadds energy monitoring and extra smart-home integration, including support for Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Wink, and more.

The iHome iSPis a solid runner-up. It performs all of the standard smart-switch features very well, but adds additional smart-home integration and energy monitoring so you can see how much energy your lava lamp is wasting. It also comes with a separate remote control for controlling it without a smartphone (from up to 3feet away). The drawback of these extra features is that they cost more than our top pick. If you don’t need it to work with a smart-home hub, you don’t need to spend the extra money.

The latest smart switch from iHome looks a lot like the model we tested last time around, the iSPHowever, this one comes with a lot of improvements. The most obvious is that it includes energy monitoring, which can be tracked in the companion app for iOS and Android devices. It also performed a lot better than its predecessor, without any of the connectivity problems we experienced the last time around.

Also worth noting is that this model has a few additional smart-home perks over our main pick. Besides Alexa, HomeKit, Google and Nest integration, the iSPoffers support for SmartThings and Wink smart-home systems, so you can connect it to a hub and make it a part of a larger, whole-house smart-home system (including devices not made by iHome).

This model also packs a separate remote control, which comes in handy if you don’t have your smartphone nearby. The remote is extremely basic, offering just on and off features for the one plug, up to 3feet away from the device. However, it does not need line-of-sight, which is very much appreciated.

The app is easy to use, offering options for zones, rooms, scenes, schedules, and triggers. Available for iOS and Android devices, it does have a few graphical elements under the Scenes section. It would be nice if iHome could extend some of those aesthetics to the rest of the app, but it’s extremely easy to use.

It’s a bit bulkier than our other two picks, which will banish it to the bottom receptacle of your outlet. Geeni’s Android and iOS apps are identical, offering on-off controls, scheduling, timers, rules, the ability to group devices, and energy-usage information. Besides letting you set a profile picture and naming your devices, the app doesn’t offer any customization, but it’s laid out well and is easy to use.

Because Geeni is a new company, it doesn’t have a track record of customer support or firmware updates. Still, the Energi performed well, providing on-off control from inside and outside of the house. We even created schedules and controlled the Energi with Alexa. At press time, the company had just completed Google Home Integration Beta, so support for that is expected to go live over the next 30 days.

Belkin Wemo Insight Switch

Last time around, we picked the Switch as our runner-up, and it’s still an aesthetic standout. It’s currently the only model to make its physical presence useful via a customizable LED night-light that can be turned on-off or tweaked to match your room’s color scheme. It’s also the only model to feature a side outlet versus having the receptacle on the front. After months of use, it still performs very well, and includes energy monitoring and support for Alexa and Apple HomeKit.


If you’re sticking to our recommendations and going for an entry level first BMX bike, then we’d recommend going down to your nearest BMX shop and having a look around.

Weight: Buying a BMX bike that is super lightweight can be pretty expensive, but luckily for you, you don’t need a first BMX bike that’s super lightweight. What you do need is a ride that’s light enough to let you keep control, maintain energy levels and provide a good amount of manoeuvrability. Generally, lighter bikes will have better parts too, as the parts have been made with all of this in mind, so though they may cost a little extra, they’ll last you that much longer.

Double wall rims, on the outside of the wheel, are a lot more durable than single, and as such will last you a lot longer. Single walls dent easily. Doubles don’t.

Cranks, the component that connects the pedals to the bike and turns the sprocket, need to be strong enough for your style of riding. Tubular cranks or branded cranks are both great options.


Smart bulbs offer a degree of control and interactivity you just can’t get with traditional bulbs, like scheduled timers and remote control options. They’re also more convenient; it’s easier to tap on a smartphone screen than to get up and trudge over to a wall switch.

Aside from keeping you out of the dark, most of the bulbs listed here can be scheduled or controlled remotely, which is great if you want to save on energy costs or you often forget to turn off the lights before leaving the house.

Some bulbs use geofencing, which means they work with the GPS in your smartphone to pinpoint your exact location, and can automatically turn the lights on or off when you reach a certain point. Color-changing bulbs are great for mood lighting, and some can even sync up with certain movies and TV shows.

You can also integrate some of the bulbs on this list with security cameras, thermostats, and other smart home devices.

If This Then That (IFTTT) compatibility lets you create recipes that automatically cause your lights to react to certain triggers, like phone notifications or changes in weather.

Right now we don’t recommend bulbs that do double-duty as a speaker (like the Sony LED Bulb Speaker), as we haven’t found any particularly good ones in testing.


I have set my budget, I’ve bought my lights, now how do I install them?  This is perhaps a consideration you should make before the purchase of the lights.  How you will install your lights may even come into play when setting your budget depending on whether you require any specialist machinery.

The internet is jam packed full of handy guides, tips and tricks on the actual securing of your lights to the structure they are decorating.  In our experience the ever faithful cable tie takes a lot of beating.  Strong and resilient they are extendable and flexible, easily removable and a key plus point, cheap.  S hooks and gutter hooks are invaluable for using to decorating guttering.

It should be kept in mind that LED’s produce no heat so are ideal for use indoors when used with material and voile, filament bulbs can get very warm when left on for a long time.

Other Considerations

The amount of daylight varies across the country. In some regions, the length of daylight changes quickly. Here in Oregon, the day will be three minutes shorter tomorrow than it was today.  That means supplemental lighting requirements will change fairly rapidly from month to month. One of the best ways to manage those changes is with an automatic light timer. A timer will help you easily adjust to changing daylight lengths as well as save energy and bulb life.

If you chose to use any type of florescent lighting, you will need to account for plant growth. Florescent lights perform best when positioned very close to plants. As plants grow into the light, it is important to raise the fixture. Generally only the plants touching the lights will burn, but be prepared because they grow quickly. Adjustable hangers are a good solution. These hangers move easily allowing you to make quick adjustments.


6.x 1.x 1.inches iHome’s outdoor plug can withstand the elements, which makes it great for powering all those tree lights and outdoor displays you put up every December. It only has one plug, though, so you may need several to get juice to all of your lights.

I based on these criteria

A note about this comparison: Of these four, the Click and Grow, AeroGarden and Foody are very similar growing systems in size, lighting, care specifics and germination time. The Emily’s Hydrofarm is an obvious outsider, and is quite different in that it is much larger, uses clay pebbles and water rather than soil, doesn’t come with seeds, and the set-up process is extensive.

Grade: A

Getting up in the middle of the night can be very problematic. The darkness brings many uncertainties and you’ll never know what lies in front of you. Despite traversing through your home innumerable times, you’re more prone to accidents when the lights are out. With this in mind, you’ll want to equip yourself with a sufficient light. A flashlight won’t do the trick, since it’ll awake your child and only make matter worse.

Power Outlet Location

Do you have an available power outlet in your child’s room? If you do not, you may need to choose a portable or battery powered model. Be sure to pay close attention to the room’s power outlets and the length of cord provided with the nightlight. This will help you determine whether or not it’ll work well for your individualistic situation.

Light Color

Although some nightlights are only available in white, others can be purchased in an array of different colors. This can make the purchase slightly more complicated, but selecting the right color can dramatically enhance the light’s effects. Initially, some parents will believe that blue is the best color to lull their child asleep, but this isn’t the case.

Instead, you should acquire an orange or red light. These colors simulate the sunset and will help to encourage your child’s body to fall into a peaceful slumber. Red is also capable of soothing your toddler, so it’ll help them fall asleep quicker and remain asleep more comfortably for a lengthier period of time.

Timer Feature

Some nightlights are equipped with a convenient timer. This is a good feature, if you wish the light to shut itself off, after your child has fallen asleep. With the timer, you will be able to save battery life or cut down on your electricity use. Although a timer isn’t a necessity, it is very handy.

Light Brightness

Although the above factors are also important, the light’s brightness may be the most important of all. If the light is too bright, it’ll become problematic and could awake your child, once switched on. If the light isn’t bright enough, it may not serve its purpose efficiently. Therefore, you will need to be very diligent, when attempting to find the right brightness. You’ll need to find a middle ground and choose a light with the optimum brightness.

Now that you’ve learned precisely what to look for in a child’s night light, it is time to look at some of the market’s best options.

Does not have an automatic shutoff

Overall, the Essential Choice Constellation is a wonderful night light for any infant, toddler, or adolescent. It will provide your child with unlimited entertainment for many years. Its compact design is very desirable, since it will not require a lot of space, which will come in handy for those with overcrowded nurseries.

Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb

If you are looking for some amazing nursery décor, you should look no further than the Bedtime Originals Sail Away lamp. This beautiful lamp includes a plaid designed shade that matches the little sailboat design perfectly. This will make the perfect addition for a boy’s room, plus it will provide sufficient lighting, without driving up your electric bill.

The sailboats, lifesaver, and waves are very colorful and will definitely add appeal to any area of the nursery. Once you receive your new Sail Away lamp, you will instantly fall in love with it, so much so that you will want to purchase the additional matching musical mobile and wall décor. These items will transform your baby’s nursery or toddler’s room into a virtual, nautical environment like no other.

This is an electrical powered lamp that must be plugged into a 1volt electrical outlet. This will make the perfect baby shower gift for someone that is expecting a bouncing baby boy. The overall construction is solid, with the boats being very thick and durable.

Have not found one yet

Overall, the Bedtime Originals Sail Away lamp is designed to add appeal to any young boy’s room. It is designed to offer durability and longevity, plus it provides a generous warm light that will emit throughout the entire room.

Noise Output

The Haier was the very definition of average in our control panel high fan speed and long distance high fan speed noise output tests where it was the 5th loudest out of the ten high capacity units that we tested in both tests. At low fan speed the Haier performed more poorly. It was 8th in the control panel test and dead last in the long distance test.

Whether its poor performance on low fan speed should be a concern for you will depend on how you plan on using the dehumidifier. Many consumers will buy a dehumidifier and set it to low fan speed in mildly humid living spaces where they will actually be spending a lot of time. The Haier is a terrible choice if you plan on using it in this capacity. If you plan on using it in a basement or in any other area where noise output is not an issue or if you have a constant humidity problem that requires a high fan speed then the Haier is not a bad option as far as noise output is concerned.

Incandescent bulbs

The natural light inside most houses is fairly dim so if you own a diurnal reptile, you’ll need to provide it with a bright white light during the day. This is to mimic the bright natural light it would be used to in the wild.

For this, any incandescent bulb can be used (the type of bulb you use in table lamps or ceiling lights). However, it is important to remember that incandescent bulbs don’t provide UVA or UVB light (or heat) so this will need to be catered for separately.

Exo Terra Reptile UVB100 PT218- 25W Bulb

Make sure you research this before you buy any UV lighting. As a rough guide, the following reptiles need this intensity of UV light:The amount of UV light that different reptiles need varies depending on the environment it comes on. If your reptile originates from the desert where they would be exposed to large amounts of sunlight, they will need a higher intensity of UV light than reptiles from the rainforest.

Reptile lighting timers

Your vivarium lighting should mimic the hours of daylight your reptile would have in its natural environment but it’s impractical to have to remember to turn your vivarium lights on and off at the right time every day. For one thing, you might not be at home when they need turning off.

For this reason we’d recommend putting your vivarium lights on a timer to eliminate the problem of forgetting to turn them on and off and make sure your reptile always gets enough light.

SettingsAnd Compactness

Most of the brands are easy to use and compact in size, so you can easily place them on your kitchen counter. However some models have advanced settings for the temperature and timers that may help your specific cooking needs. So you need to consider the settings too.

To own an air fryer that keeps you eating healthy foods and enjoy them at the same time you have to choose a product that meets with all your specific cooking needs and is durable and worth the money you shell out.

Don’t worry, you need not do the extensive research required to hone in on the apt product. We have everything covered. Here is a list of best air fryers in 201to help you out in your search for the right air fryer for you.

Food cooked in the fryer is very dry

Power Air Fryer XL model by Tristar Products is an amazing product that uses very minimal or no oil for cooking tasty and delicious food. From juicy chicken tenders and crispy French fries to delicious chicken wings and fish sticks the air fryer can virtually cook up a storm in your kitchen. And it also makes delicious desserts like fried donuts, chocolate chip cookies and fruit crisps.

Digital control is bright and convenient to use

Now that you have read our lineup of best air fryers in 2017, you can make an informed and wise choice.  Cooking your favorite grilled, toasted, baked and fried foods healthily and with very little oil will become easier and quicker with the proper airfryer.You will get your money’s worth and change over to a healthy lifestyle while enjoying your favorite foods as before.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the light timers by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your light timers wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of light timers



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about light timers is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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