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Best punching bags 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2020

Norman RyanHi there, my name is Norman Ryan and the first thing I would like to say is thanks for stopping by my website. After more than 41 hours of research, including interviewing two experts and spending 10 hours testing 19 popular punching bags, I found the best punching bags of 2018.

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. We take a close look at some of the best punching bags to help you get ripped.

Best punching bags of 2018

I want to find something that’s designed well (both for aesthetic purposes and efficiency). Below you can find 3 reviews of the best punching bags to buy in 2018, which I have picked after the deep market research.

You must have heard that the best punching bags should allow you to save money, right? Sure, but that’s not the only reason you should consider getting one. I am going to specify each good-to-buy feature as much as possible for your references.

Test Results and Ratings

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Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
4 points
5 points
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№1 – RDX Punching Bag Filled Wall Bracket Boxing Training MMA Heavy Punch Gloves Chain Ceiling Hook Muay Thai Kickboxing 14PC Martial Arts 4FT 5FT Set

RDX Punching Bag Filled Wall Bracket Boxing Training MMA Heavy Punch Gloves Chain Ceiling Hook Muay Thai Kickboxing 14PC Martial Arts 4FT 5FT Set

1 x RDX 16 Gauge Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel 1.5ft Long Wall Pro Bracket, 1 x RDX 18 Gauges High-grade Powder Coated Steel Heavy Ceiling Hook
1 x Pair of Hand Wraps, 1 x Steel chains, 1 x Swivel, 1 x Jump rope, 1 x D-Shackle
1 x RDX Fixture and fittings, 1 x Hand Gripper, 1 x Boxing Glove (Mini) for hanging,
I didn’t notice a single drawback yet

Why did this punching bags win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable.
















№2 – Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts

Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts

Hand-Shaped Mould. Constructed to fit the natural curvature of the hand
Santec Ultra Light Foam. Light weight foam provides superior shock absorbency while limiting trainer fatigue
Performance Engineered Leather Construction. High quality and durable material is easier to clean and maintain
Can require care/upkeep.

Why did this punching bags come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.
















№3 – Everlast MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

Everlast MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

Kit includes 70-Pound, heavy bag, heavy bag gloves, 108-Inch hand wraps
Heavy bag stuffed with a custom filling of natural and synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand
Heavy Bag gloves and wraps for protecting your hands against the abrasion of the bag
On the more expensive end of the price scale.
Not suited for novices.

Why did this punching bags take third place?

We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great! It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.
















punching bags Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy punching bags, right? No!

Century Tidal Wave Hydrocore Heavy Bag

If you want water-filled punching bags then using the Century Tidal Wave Hydrocore Heavy Bag should be your first choice. Why? Most MMA fighters prefer punching bags that can easily be filled with water because they do not involve much technicalities and are easier to fill.

Second thing to note is that sand isn’t available at all places.

The tidal wave hydrocore is a great punching bag that provides realistic feel and makes you feel like you are fighting a real opponent. It is made of durable vinyl and doesn’t cause fatigue like most other traditional bags do.

The punching bag is hangs low and uses chains instead of straps. The century heavy bag manufacturer has been making bags for quite a long time. That’s why there products are rated some of the finest in the world. They are known for martial arts bags, punching bags and heavy gym bags.

Their products authenticity can be found out by their products that are better in quality and are made with the finest materials available.


Century tidal wave hydrocore heavy bag is available in multiple sizes (large and extra-large) depending upon your preferences.

The extra-large bag is about five inches tall and has a height of 6inches. It has a filling diameter of 1inches as well.


In our case, the best punching bag is the Everlast 80lbs boxing bag. The reason is that it is a regular punching bag that can fit in all places, whether your home, office or gym. Similarly, it is more reliable than the rest.

You can also get Outslayer punching bag of 80lbs as well because it offers better warranty than all.

Timing and accuracy

Due to the constant movement of a double end punching bag, the timing and accuracy matters a lot in these bags. These are powerful bags and you would need to utilize your constant focus to land a punch on it. Even then, these are nimble enough to doge your second punch. But these are only to improve precision, so use a heavy or dummy punching bag instead if you want to improve strength.

Reflexes and Rhythm

Hand to eye coordination matters a lot while punching the double end punching bags. But still, these are only made that way to improve your reflexes. While punching the bag, it moves so fast that you can’t even land a second punch on it. When that happens, get near the bag and try to doge it with your hands. Your upper body movement reflexes will also improve due to this technique.

Hooks and upper cuts

While punching on the training bag, you can use a mix of punches including hooks, uppercuts, and punch techniques. You will need to reset and set your rhythm again before you work out. You can use even more techniques when you become a more advanced user of it.

When you imagined yourself in constant motion, you probably pictured a heavy bag. It’s a cylindrical bag that hangs from the ceiling and stars in most movies. It works great for strength training because it resists your strikes.

These bags can weigh between 70 and 150 pounds and are usually cloth filled. They are most useful for kicking and punching. Keep in mind, though, that they have less mobility than other bags. That means you won’t have to reposition it between hits, but obviously that also makes heavy bags more stationary and less convenient. It’s important that you also check to make sure your ceiling can handle the bag’s weight before installing.

Teardrop Bags

A fun variation, teardrop bags hang from the ceiling and have a similar weight range, but they have a less even shape.

This teardrop shape approximates a human body better and allows you to practice kneeing, elbowing and uppercutting. In the interest of fitness, these added moves increase your range of motion, contributing variability to your workout.

Double End Bags

If you want to get a little more hit back from your speed bag, check out a double-end bag. This option is immobile because it’s attached to both the floor and the ceiling, but because it has a freer range of motion than a typical speed bag, it can strike back, helping develop reflexes. In essence, this bag attempts to train you to respond to the parries of actual opponents. Double end bags also allow users to move around their target.

Fitness and training decisions can be tough. What’s best for your body? For your workout? For your enjoyment? Use this handy guide to decide what will give you the best results, punch for punch.

Hanging Bags

Hanging bags are typically hung using a wall-mounting socket or free standing system. They are more popular and often more effective for training. They can help you improve your speed, timing, power, and other essential techniques. When you are buying hanging bags, it is more advisable you go for those that are hung using chains. They are better than those hung with straps because they are stronger and have swivel for flexibility, and therefore easily adjustable.

Muay Thai Punching Bags

Muay Thai Punching bags are designed specifically for the type of boxing called Muay Thai, which has a root linking to the techniques of Boran Muay. If you are going to go on training for Muay Thai or just practicing for stand up fighting, you may need a heavy bag for practice. However, with so many brands and models out there, it might be sometimes difficult. This is the reason we came up with the list of the best heavy bags so that you can find the right one.

Choosing the Right Weight

The first thing is to make sure you choose the right weight. This depends on how tall you are and what your weight is. Some people have found that choosing bags that weigh more than 100 pounds is much better. However, if your weight is around 200lbs or more, you may want to look at something more robust.

Sand Bags

Sand bags are another filler material that will provide you with excellent striking experience. Using sand as a filler material is not as effective as fiber because the grains occasionally settle at the bottom of the bag making the bottom harder and heavier. The upper section would be soft and easy to punch. If you do buy a quality bag, you can still enjoy it when you fill it with sand.

Water Bags

When you use water as filler material, you will get a better experience than you would with both sand and fiber. Water gives consistency to the bag. It has that natural feeling to every strike. To recommend this would be great but you can choose either of the three-filler materials. All these depend on your personal preference.

Vinyl Bags

This is another choice for boxers. It is similar in look and feels to the leather bag and can be a good option. However, the quality of vinyl bags cannot be compared to that of the leather bags. One advantage these types of bags have over the leather-designed bags is that they are cheaper and can be used for regular training. They have also been pronounced to be of good quality. And with the combination of affordable price and good quality, they are easily the most popular punching bags for MMA.

Canvas Bags

These are at the lower ebb of the ladder. They are often cheaper and of lower quality than vinyl and leather bags. If you are on a budget or just want a quick fix, you can go with this model. Other than their inexpensiveness, they can also do well when wet with water. If you intend to place your bag in a place that is exposed to the elements (e.g. water) this might be a better option that the other two we just mentioned above.

Glove Weights

The weight of the glove depends on what you intend to use the glove for.   The heavier the weight, the more padding, the harder it is to throw punches, the tougher the workout you get.   If you are doing all round boxing training, you would opt for 1oz. or 1oz. boxing glove.    Women may opt for a oz. or 1oz. boxing glove. When sparring, you usually use a 1oz. glove to protect the fighters from injury.

The heavier gloves will mean more weight for you to lift each time you punch. This can assist with developing strength in your upper body and will also give you a more powerful workout.

Lighter boxing gloves will be easier to lift; thus, enabling you to work on your speed. You will be able to punch faster with lighter gloves which will also help you work on your cardiovascular fitness.

So, when choosing which boxing gloves to buy, consider your body weight and what style of boxing you will be using them for.   For general speed and fitness work, the lighter gloves will be a good choice. For strength development, the heavier gloves should be your choice.

Boxing gloves come in different sizes and different styles.   The size of the glove you choose will depend to some extent on the size of your hands and body.   The bigger you are, the easier it is going to be control heavier boxing gloves.   If you have a smaller body frame, then using lighter gloves will be suggested.

There are various sizes and weight, but you should remember that these two factors are not the same thing.   Often times, the size of the gloves does correspond with the glove’s weight, but this is not true in all cases.   The weight of our boxing gloves should be chosen depending on the type of boxing method you are going to use.   In the meantime, the size of the gloves has to do with finding the best fit.

Overall, it is common for the gloves sizes to run in the sizes of small, medium, or large.   You will typically find oz., oz., 1oz., 1oz., 1oz., or 20 oz. gloves.   Both oz. and oz. are more common for the competitive boxer.

It is more common to see a smaller size in a 1oz., a medium in a 1oz., and a larger size in a 1oz.   Professional boxers that you find in the ring are typically using a oz. or oz. but fighters come in all sizes and are in various weight classes, meaning they require different sizes in boxing gloves.

The 1oz. gloves are commonly for women and people who are training that have smaller size hands.   The 1oz. gloves are simply for the average, while 1oz. are commonly used for average sized individuals who are training.   The larger weight training classes will typically use the 1oz. or 20 oz. gloves.

Keep in mind that everyone has different needs, has different hand sizes and so on.   You will want a tighter fit so that your hands will not move around within the glove. Consider that the glove will stretch the more they are used.   The best gloves in the beginning will not fit perfectly but will then stretch to fit.

Start off a little tighter.   Don’t forget hand wraps!   Never purchase gloves without trying them on with wrapping your hands.   Without the hand wraps, if the gloves fit snug without them, they certainly will not fit with them.

Aerobic Workout Bag

Unlike the heavy bag, the aerobic workout bag is made for those who consider boxing as means for fitness. These bags are not made to withstand high-intensity punching and kicking. However, it’s great for aerobic workouts and are significantly smaller and lighter than other free standing bags.

Power Systems PowerForce

If it’s a heavy-duty standing bag you want, then get the Power Systems PowerForce. This is a colossal and heavy training bag standing at 7inches high and weighing 300 pounds. Plus, it’s made with strong and durable rubber coil and is clad in smooth, durable fabric backed with nylon canvas as well as open cell padding.

This is the ideal training bag for hardcore boxers and fighters. In fact, its padding is so thick that trainees are required to wear 12-ounce gloves each time they use it. Furthermore, this bag comes with a removable collar and a spring in the base that lets the bag swivel more with each hit. No matter how fast you kick and punch, it snaps back into shape instantly. In terms of shock absorption, this bag isn’t kidding around.

If you’re after stability and durability, this is definitely the gym buddy you want to work out with. However, be prepared to churn out a little more for this one. It may be expensive but it’s definitely worth the investment. Definitely this is one of the best free standing punching bags you will ever use if you buy this.

Century Wavemaster XXL

Another free standing punching bag worth mentioning is the Century Wavemaster XXL. It’s one of the best-selling bags in the market, and for plenty of good reasons. First, it’s seamlessly easy to set up and store. You simply have to fill the base with water or sand and let it stand on a carpeted or padded surface. Once you’re done using it, you can simply roll it back to storage.

Beyond ease in set up and storage, the Century Wavemaster XXL training bag is made with heavy-duty vinyl and high-density foam. It can withstand strong punches and kicks but compared to other standing bags, this has a tendency to move around a bit. Other than that, the effectiveness of the bag welcomes a variety of training styles. Whether you’re going for your regular cardio or training to become a pro, this is one bag you can use at home or in the gym.

Standing at 6inches and weighing over 200 pounds, the Century Wavemaster XXL accommodates a variety of heights and makes for effective practice on different-sized opponents. It’s cheaper than the two previous bags, which makes it an ideal choice for many trainees.

In every combat sports gym across the world, most notably boxing gyms, you will see a collection of different heavy punching bags that often show the markings of years of constant pounding.

They are the very essence of boxing training, and they allow you to work on the various aspects of your boxing technique including punching power, hooks, straight punches, uppercuts and overhands.

They also help you to work on your footwork, upper body movement and physical endurance. Each type of heavy punching bag is designed specifically for a certain aspect of your boxing training, and in this article I will be giving an explanation of each one.

When it comes to boxing equipment, especially heavy punching bags, brands matter. Ideally, you want to go for a brand that has had a long history and experience in manufacturing combat sports equipment.

Brands such as Title, Ringside, Century and Everlast (though their lower-end bags are catered more specifically to regular people rather than proper athletes/fighters).

The type of heavy bag that you decide to get will heavily depend on how much space you have in your home. Hanging heavy bags are best, but require a free standing system or wall mounted bracket.

If neither are suitable, then the next best alternative will have to be a free-standing heavy bag. If this is the case, I wouldn’t recommend buying the Body Opponent Bags (BOB) unless you’re a martial artist, or plan on just working on accuracy and light punches.

Build and Material

This is the most important aspect of a heavy bag, and it will determine how many beatings the bag can take, and how long it will last. The outer material must be tough so it doesn’t tear – leather, synthetic leather and heavy duty vinyl are the best options.

The inner material is even more important because if it’s inadequately built, you’ll find that after a while of constant pounding, much of the material will sink to the bottom of the bag leaving the top area non-padded and the bottom rock solid. This will just end up damaging your hands and wrists.

All areas of the bag have to remain consistent with no area softer or harder than another. For lower end heavy bags, sand is typically used, and tend to sink to the bottom after a while. If you want higher quality, you have to aim for bags that have fiber type material that is specially compressed and inserted to maintain consistency.

Some heavy bags have a foam layer which helps to absorb punches better, and a newer type of filler is water encased within a hard plastic shell. This is designed to give the sensation of striking a live person, and these types of bags from reputable brands have typically received good reviews.

Size and Weight

The general rule of thumb is for a heavy bag to be half your body weight. Though this rule can be broken if you’re light but still want a heavier bag for more stability. However, if you’re a hard hitting heavyweight, it’s not a good idea to choose a light weight bag.

To work on your strength and power, you need a heavy bag with a thick diameter, and most heavy bags typically have this. There are also thinner longer heavy bags also, which are Muay Thai style heavy bags. They’re designed for kicking as well as punching. If you’re a boxer, then you’ll just be aiming for the top half of the bag, meaning that it’ll swing less compared to hitting it at the bottom.

Hanging Heavy Punching Bags

The most common and most effective heavy punching bag is the type that is hung either from a free standing support or a wall-mounted bracket. They are a staple piece of furniture in every gym.

Due to their center of gravity, consistent shape and swinging movement, they are considered to be a lot more effective than free standing heavy bags, in terms of helping you with timing, speed, power and technique.

I find it better for heavy bags to be hung using chains instead of straps, because they’re sturdier, often adjustable and have a swivel for more flexibility.

Conventional Heavy Bag

The classic conventional heavy bag is the most commonly used type of punching bag. It’s completely cylinder shaped, thick in diameter and designed to take a pounding. You can work your combinations, strength, power, punching technique and stamina on this bag.

It’s back and forth swing motion as you hit the bag allows you to use your footwork to circle around the bag while peppering it with punches. You can also allow the bag to rest on one shoulder and work on your inside game, while you cannot do this with most of the other heavy punching bags.

Certain heavy bags have a loop beneath the bag, which allows it to be stabilized to the ground, or legs from a stand, so that it doesn’t swing as much.

One of the best ways to work on your stamina on a heavy punching bag is to set your timer to minute rounds, and for the first minutes, work on your power, accuracy and short explosive combinations, and for the last remaining minute, continue with non-stop quick punches.

Angle Heavy Bag

The angle heavy bag is constructed similarly to a conventional heavy bag, but it’s usually shaped so that the upper half of its body is larger in diameter, with it curving downwards to a thinner lower half.

They can vary in shape, with some angle heavy bags having a thin middle with the top and bottom being larger, but they all have an angle that enables you to connect with uppercuts, as well as other angled and normal punches.

Uppercut Heavy Bag

The uppercut heavy bag can be described as a conventional heavy bag hung horizontally, instead of vertically. They usually weigh between 40-60 lbs, and held up by straps instead of chains.

The type of punches that can be practiced on the uppercut heavy bag, are like the name suggests, uppercuts, but you can it’s also good for practicing jabs and straight punches.

Maize Bag

One of the most versatile bags around is the maize bag, as its tear or round shape allow you to practice an array of punches and defensive maneuvers such as slipping, ducking and rolling under the bag.

It also differs from other heavy bags because its filled with maize (corn) inside, which feels harder and absorbs impact rather than bouncing it back. Prolonged sessions can damage your hands, so it’s wise to limit your time on the maize bag, and don’t exert too much power on it.

Wall Mounted Bracket

The primary solution for hanging your heavy punching bag should be via a wall mounted bracket. They’re extremely sturdy when secured properly onto a solid wall, and it must be stressed that it is properly secures and your wall is built to withstand the weight of a 40-100+ lbs heavy bag with the pressure of consistent forceful impact.

It also gives you immediate feedback.

If you punch wrong, you will know it — whether because it is painful or because the bag doesn’t respond the way you want or expect it to — and so you can make quick adjustments.

For these reasons, it is important to use a punching bag.

If you don’t already have one, or if you are on the market for a new one, then you are likely wondering what the best punching bags are in 2017.

This buying guide is in place to help you discover the answer to that question.

Punching Bag Filler

Another thing that you need to focus on is the filler of your punching bag. Naturally, filled punching bags have better quality than unfilled ones.

Most punching bags are manufactured to be fully filled, but others are not. If you plan to get the best punching bag, you need to choose one that is completely filled.

Moreover, you will also have to consider the kinds of fillers that a punching bag has.

Most heavy punching bags are packed with shredded materials.

Originally, when you try to fill a punching bag, it will be very slack because there’ll be air pouches between the materials inside.

However, as soon as you begin striking the bag, the material will soon press together and become tougher.

This is why most heavy bags become harder at the bottom part overtime.

If you don’t want to devote your time and effort in filling a punching bag, then buy an already filled bag.

However, you need to keep in mind that you can’t modify the experience of the punching bag.

That’s unless you take out the sewing at the top of the punching bag and seal it again after.

The bag fill is what is contained in the punching bag. There are four main types of filler in punching bags – sand, foam, fiber and water.

Some punching bags come in combination like sand and foam together.

Sand bag fills provide a lot of strong resistance and work much better for experienced fighters.

Sand bags specially work well in training a fighter’s power.

Sand bags may develop or clump air pockets, so you would need to shake the sand around again by turning the bag upside down.

Foam bag fills are really good filler and have many benefits. Foam bags won’t move towards the end as you use the bag, so you don’t have to blunder with it.

The experience is more reliable in all the aspects of the bag. Many companies that manufacture punching bags invest in creating the best foam technology.

Fibers are generally used for punching bag fills, and they have their own good features.

They give a bag a regular feel in all aspects. Beginner boxers, MMA competitors, and Muay Thai athletes will get some advantage out of this fill, since it offers great level of resistance.

Bags filled with water are much more convenient than bags with other kinds of fill.

If you’re shifting to a new gym or home, you can empty your water filled bag, fold it, and then re-fill it before setting it up in the new location.

Other than mobility, there’s not much significant use on water filled bags except that some fighters feel that linking with a water-filled bag provides more reality than other kinds of filler.


The next thing that you need to consider is the kind of material used in a punching bag.

Getting to know the materials used in making a punching bag and identifying which is the best will help you have an easier time in choosing the to purchase.


Although punching bags look similar in shape at first glance, there are actually several differences between them as they are designed by different manufacturers.

There’s no telling which punching bag shape is the best.

That’s why the trick is to just look for the shape that works great for you and your preference.

Stiffness of the Bag

The softness and firmness of the bag is another component that you will need to take into consideration.

While you may want to buy a soft punching bag that has no effect on your body, it is not recommended.

Firmer punching bags are going to help you to develop stronger legs and build up your body’s natural sturdiness.

Punching Bag Mounting

In buying a punching bag, you will have to know where you’re going to mount the bag.  You will also need to know the kinds of punching bag mountings.

There are two types of punching bag mountings: the free-standing and the mounted.

Mounted Punching Bags

If you have a wall area, you can buy a regular punching bag that can be hanged with a chin.

These bags are the most popular punching bags because they can fully swing and they allow you to move around as you do your training.

Outslayer Punching Bag

Its synthetic material filler is cut and not shredded, which is a great thing as it adds more flexibility to the product.

This large 80-pound punching bag is a top great quality punching bag for your training and workout purposes.

It is also perfect for hard Tae Kwon Do kicks, especially if you’re still a beginner in the field.

The quality of this product is superior. Its solidity provides a firm but not extremely hard surface and is constant all throughout the bag.

Outslayer Heavy Bag

The Outslayer Heavy Bag is one of the highest quality heavy bags you can buy. It is priced according to its quality. One of the best punching bags for the money.

It is made of high-quality material and will most certainly last for decades.

This bag can withstand absolutely anything you throw at it (as long as you stick to striking it with your body and not any weapons).

The bag ships with 100 pounds of fill, but it can hold up to a massive 300 pounds, making it very valuable for training in heavy hitting, particularly if you are a kickboxer.

Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

This design is a bit costlier, but it is an outstanding equipment that operates as it should.

With this type of material, there’s no need for you to be scared of tearing. In addition, the loop is double layered and is centered perfectly.

The covering is made of a special genuine leather that provides comfort for the user’s hands and prevents slick.

Another feature is that it doesn’t have welting and laces.

Because of this, a user can better control his punches and not rough up his hands. This method is hardly ever used by other manufacturers.

Black Canvas Punching Bag with Chains

The canvas material is an excellent punching that can withstand the weather. Its dimension is 17.by.0by 10.inches.

The bag is measured 4inches with chains so it can hang down safely without worrying about landing a blow accidentally at the base of the bag that can cause an injury to the user.

Ringside 40 Pound Small Punching Bag

The Ringside Small Punching Bag according to many criteria the best small bag on the market.

It weighs in at 40 pounds, which about the ideal weight for a small bag.

At that weight, this bag gives you a lot of resistance while still moving when you strike it, responding in much the way that you would expect a well-placed head strike to respond.

It is light enough to allow you to easily practice things such as finger jabs, and it will take an elbow well but still weighty enough to withstand a full head kick (while of course moving considerably).

The size of the bag is somewhere between head-sized and torso sized. It is ideal both for practicing head kicks (and high elbows) and upper torso knee strikes.

Overall, this is a great piece of equipment at a great price.

Most people who train as strikers, especially those who use a lot of elbows and knees (such as Muay Thai fighters) will not regret buying one of these.

If you want to do your trainings at home during your leisure time, it’s best for you to use home punching bags.

Outslayer Filled Hanging Punching Bag 

You will be happy when using Outslayer Filled Punching Bag in your daily life. This bag has about 80-pound volume to support your daily suitability needs. It comes with a 10-year guarantee and has a 300 lbs capacity and is occupied with fabric, so you can rely on its quality or performance. This best heavy bag is covered by a high quality and top vinyl cover. This cover is able to help you take care and also continue the overall superiority of this punching bag easily. You can simply hang this punching bag in your home simply and comes in the many colors like green, yellow, white, black, purple, pink, coffee and beige.

Ringside Muay Thai 100 lbs Heavy Bag

Ringside Muay Thai heavy bag is more specific and focused piece of equipment. This instrument is great for people who are working their careful martial art and want a dialed in a bag to hone their skills. Boxers looking for a great value will love this Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag. It is well finished, planned to last a long time, and fashionable. Fighters can throw punches and land kicks on these bags with great comfort.  The bag also has an eye-catching aesthetic and is very sleek. It’s a great option for anyone looking to practice their moves from the comfort of their own home. The bag stands at a height of feet tall and weighs 130 pounds once it is filled. It also comes with a 10-year warranty that helps to ensure the device’s quality and longevity.

Double-End Bags

The “double-end bags” was so named because of how it was used to train boxers from avoiding hits to the face and body and it was a name that was appropriately given because of how it was attached to the ceiling and floor. The double-end bags are used to train boxers to develop their counter-punching techniques while trying to avoid punches being delivered by their opponents. The height that it was usually hung was about at the same level as that of the boxer’s shoulders to simulate an opponent’s punches and was usually tied to an elastic band to recreate the forward and backward motion of an advancing and retracting opponent.

Speed Bag

The “speed bag” is essentially an air-filled bl adder bag which is used to develop a boxer’s arm muscles which are suspended just about the same height as a boxer’s head on a pivoted mounting. This bag is used to develop a boxer’s punching speed in close proximity to their opponents body at close range, particularly when a boxer embraces its other opponent in an attempt to slow him down and rest while grabbing his opponent. It is during this certain situation that a boxer might try to attempt to deliver close quarter blows while holding their opponents at bay. Speed bags are sometimes tied up on both ends to give a boxer a faster means of applying some combination of footwork routine while avoiding the speed bag to some extent while it moves back and forth and sideways.

Choosing The Right Punching Bag For Beginners

Free stagnant bags are onerous bags that impact super amygdaliform bases and rest on the story kinda than suspended from the cap or hung from surround mounts. Free stagnant bags attain an enthusiastic pick for anyone who module be both punching and move the bag, this is because the sparkle on liberated stagnant bags begins nearby to the humble and provides more utile striking opencast for kicks. Another beatific feature of liberated stagnant bags is that modify when filled, that crapper be easily pronounceable absent for element or meet pronounceable to the crossway of the room.

Standing bags crapper be filled with either liquid or sand. In most cases liquid is preferred; this is because liquid provides whatever forcefulness feedback and adds a more graphic see when touching the bag. Sand module attains the activity matter more, but module impact creates a thick, unyielding feel. Standing bags are commonly fashioned to matter between 250 and 300 lbs. when filled. Hanging bags are onerous bags that are suspended from surround mounts or from the cap finished the ingest of chains and hooks. Best heavy bags are famous for being extremely imperishable and waging you with an intensive, changeful workout that develops stamina, capableness and coverall cardiovascular fitness. Hanging bags also wage whatever sway, which is beatific for nonindustrial coordination and rising activity time.

Precise Weight

The more coefficient an activity has, the inferior displace it module produce. Too such module attain the activity hornlike to hit, and likewise lowercase displace module attain the activity see same a rock, and change to ingest impacts which module drive alteration to clappers and tendons over time.

A 5′8″ phallic with a coefficient of most 170 lbs. should countenance for an activity consideration between 60 and 70lbs. solon rank or heavier hitters strength poverty to countenance for something fireman to 100lbs patch those hunting for an activity with more displaces strength poverty to study something nearby the 40lb. mark.

Correct Ornamentation Bag

The mart is nearly broad with onerous activity manufactures still, there are a some who defense out. Heavy bags from knockout are mostly thought to be rattling broad caliber and are famous for there durability. Their bags are wanted after by gyms and enclosing schools alike. Everlast, patch at the broad modify of the toll range, makes rattling broad caliber equipment and should be thoughtful when hunting for an onerous bag.

Leather bags are extremely day long and module impacts an easier see when struck. Vinyl bags crapper simulate the see and countenance of leather patch remaining more affordable. Water-core ornamentation bags are adjustable in weight; this adjustability is attained by under-filling the liquid core.

Hanging An Onerous Bag

Unlike free-standing bags, ornamentation bags requirement added the element before they crapper be used. There are a difference of surround mounts and menus that you crapper acquire to increase your onerous activity virtually anywhere you requirement to. Common places to secure the activity are garages, workout flat and basements. If you are fascinated in ownership the activity outside, you haw poverty to countenance into a weatherproof, or indoor/outdoor onerous bag.

How To Hang A Heavy Bag From Ceiling

A punching bag can be a great stress reliever as well as an excellent piece of exercise equipment. Even though boxers typically use these best punching bags for training, a person definitely does not need to be a boxer in order to own or use these items.

Those people who want to hang punching bags in their home can usually do so without needing to hire somebody else to do it, however it is important that those who want to install their own bags makes sure that they follow the steps with exactness.

If a punching bag is hung improperly, there is a large chance that the bag could actually be ripped right out of the ceiling, along with a large chunk of the ceiling. Therefore, it is important to follow these guidelines when installing a punching bag in the home.

Most punching bags are somewhere around 12pounds. Punching bags for kids often weigh even less. Assembling and installing these types of bags is fairly uncomplicated.

First of all, the installer needs to drill a hole into the ceiling where he wants the bag to hang. After the hole has been drilled, the eyebolt should then be installed in the hole. Next, the chain and the swivel that came with the punching bag should be installed.

Then, the installer is done. The process is fairly simple for hanging punching bags of this weight, but it is important that it is followed with exactness.

Those people who want to hang punching bags that are heavier than 12pounds might find that doing each of the following steps twice will help stabilize the bag. This means that two holes should be drilled in the ceiling and two chains should be used. This will distribute the weight of the bag more evenly and will allow for the bag to be solid and hold up well.

Those who fear hanging anything so heavy from a ceiling can instead opt to use best standing punching bags. These bags are advantageous because they allow the user to work out without worrying if the next blow will be the one that tears the bag from the ceiling. Likewise, many people choose to use these bags because they are easier to move from place to place.

For example, if a person wanted to put the bag in the bedroom, but then later decides to move it to the garage, there is not a problem doing something like this. However, this is much more difficult and time-consuming to do with hanging bags.

It is usually a good idea to wear some type of glove when hitting punching dummy. Often these bags are made from a canvas fabric. The canvas is nice because it holds up well, but it is not pleasant on knuckles. People who hit these bags without gloves often find that they scrape their knuckles raw from hitting the bag.

Full-fledged boxing gloves are not needed to work out with these bags, but using thin gloves that are specially made for people who are using punching stand can keep hands in good shape.This is the best way to hang a heavy bag.

So here are our two favorite free standing punching bags at a glance. Be sure to read our full buyers guide, product reviews and videos below!…


Free standing punching bags are super convenient, they require no modifications to your home / gym and can be pushed into a corner or closet when not in use.

The “dummy” style bags allow you to practice the full range of MMA techniques including take downs / throws, Grappling or BJJ drills and Ground & Pound (see video below in our review).

They won’t have the feel of a heavy bag for hard punches / kicks. If you are expecting to feel the same solid resistance and impact you get from a heavy bag you will be disappointed. Free standing bags are all made from very light foam, with all the weight being in the base.

Free standing bags will move and/or tip. Obviously some more than others depending on the size and design.

Wavemaster XXL Color Black Sold Per EACH

As it comes with a fixed hard plastic base, it cannot be used for take downs or ground and pound drills.

Absorbs combinations of kicks and punches without tipping over. You can throw, two, three, four strike combinations at this bag with decent power. This for us is most awesome and important thing about this bag. If you want to get an intense workout and practice correct technique its important the bag is at least sturdy enough for this. Other lighter bags on the market either completely tip over, or slide backwards meaning you constantly have to reset them.

Can be used to train any stand up strike, from leg kicks, body shots to head kicks. The length of the padding makes this a true kickboxing bag.

Its a good height for most adults. At 17cm tall this bag is a similar height to a 183cm / 6ft tall man if they were to take up a slightly crouched boxing stance. This means all but the tallest of users will get a realistic target height.

Century The Original Wavemaster

Freestanding Training Bag. The Wavemaster is the first unsupported substantial bag, superb for creating kicks, punches, and strikes. Developed of high-thickness forth, the Wavemaster has an adjusted base that is effectively moved without the need of lasting apparatuses. The base can be loaded with sand or water. Highlights seven tallness changes from 4crawl to 6inches.Century is one of the best punching bags company.

Advantage: What do we like best about this fine preparing item? It would need to be its flexibility. Since it has such a position of safety base it can be changed in accordance with a wide range of statures. You can put it up high to work on striking the head territory, place it in the center to work on striking the midriff and put it down low to work on kicking legs.

Disadvantage: There are a couple of things that were a tad bit of a worry as we tried it out. It will move a tiny bit on the off chance that you punch it or kick it to a great degree hard. It additionally requires a little investment to fill the base with the sand it requires in light of the little opening.


Padding nowadays generally comprises of one of the accompanyings; that would be substantial froth, gel sacs or some kind of compacted delicate fiber material. Substantial froth is the most prevalent on the grounds that it makes such a decent showing with regards to of retaining the vitality of each blow and decreasing the effect of them staring you in the face and feet.

One thing to recollect the extent that weight goes is the enchantment number that specialises say to utilize when choosing a punching bag. It is said that you have to get one that is as overwhelming as at any rate half of your weight. If not you stand the possibility of purchasing a bag that will move excessively as you prepare for it. This can be to a great degree irritating as you attempt to sharpen your striking and kicking abilities.

Odds are whether you have others that you prepare within your home you will need a punching bag that is movable in stature. It is not likely that everybody you prepare with is the very same stature as you may be. All things considered, you will need to search for a punching bag that has a stature alteration ability incorporated appropriately with it.

Unsupported bags can do this in a wide range of routes and with hung bags, it is finished by changing the bolster chain that holds it as specified some time recently.


A free standing punching bag can provide an excellent workout, improving upper body strength while also improving your reflexes. That said, there are a lot of things that go into making a good punching bag, and some are better than others. Below are five different things you should consider before you invest in a free standing punching bag. Paying close attention to these features will help ensure you get the right bag for your workout or practice needs.

Bag Weight

The weight of your punching bag goes a long way towards determining how much resistance a bag offers and how much force it can withstand. Some bags may be well-suited to light sparring and throws but won’t hold up well under massive hits.

What Size of Glove to Get

Boxing gloves, rather than being classified by conventional sizes, mainly come in different weights, and this fact can be confounding for newbies. The weight refers to the actual weight of one glove.

The weight differences of boxing gloves has to do primarily with the amount of padding that exists in the glove. The foam padding of the glove covers the entire outside of the hand, from the wrist to the fingertips. Thick padding goes over your knuckles and it’s thinner everywhere else (although some “puncher’s gloves” will have the padding more evenly dispersed). So you can expect maybe 20 – 30% of the overall glove weight to come from the area of padding that protects your knuckles.

Many trainers will suggest that the glove weight used by a fighter in training should correspond to their body size and weight, but this is pretty flawed logic. Meanwhile some folks propose that pros can use a lighter weight and rookies should use heavier weights, but in the end it has more to do with personal preference and protection needs rather than any prescribed methodology.

What you really want is the optimum protection for your hands and wrists that corresponds to the power of your punches. It makes sense to err on the side of safety, but at the same time you don’t want to be burdened with extra, unnecessary weight – a couple ounces doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t, but it does make a difference and it could mean fatigue setting in quicker.

When using gloves to hit a target you should ALWAYS wear hand wraps – no exceptions. One of the benefits of hand wraps is that they can compensate a little for small wrists and hands. You want your boxing gloves to fit comfortably snug. Gloves that are loose are an injury just waiting to happen. Your gloves should feel… just right. Got that, Goldilocks? If your gloves fit awkward it’s simply a matter of time before you throw an awkward punch and suddenly you’re having a very bad day.

What Materials and Other Details to Look For

For most training, a velcro strap is a better choice over laces simply for the reason that you can get them on and adjusted pretty easily by yourself. One disadvantage is that there could be some limit to how snug you can get them secured (but that’s why you have armpits and teeth!). A longer velcro strap will allow you some extra torque, but then the velcro can get snagged on things when they’re undone, including hand wraps, which can cause damage.

Laced gloves are old school cool, but you’ll likely need assistance getting them on and off (although that could be a benefit if there’s someone special at the gym you’d like to ask for help!) For sparring, laced gloves are preferred by many trainers because they can be secured a bit more snugly than velcro. Just make sure the laces are contained so as to not fly up and hit you or your partner.

Some pretty standard features that your gloves should have are thumb locks (tip of the thumb is attached to the body of the glove) to keep your thumb aligned and a fabric lining to limit the amount of moisture that comes into contact with the glove’s padding and leather.

Some other options that are available are open mesh palms and gel lined padding. We don’t have a strong opinion of these. We prefer our boxing gloves to be as classic as possible and these options, while not without merit, seem to be primarily marketing features. Additionally, some brands have incorporated some very silly sounding glove “technology.” You’d be smart to be somewhat wary of these premium extras. Just sayin’.

Note for Beginners

I would not encourage complete noobs to Muay Thai to train at home right from the start. It is vital to have a solid grounding when learning martial arts. Without proper guidance and immediate correction, it is easy to develop poor form just learning from books and videos. Home training is beneficial for those who have already had some foundation, so I stress again, definitely not for complete beginners. However, if you have already started training in the gym, having a heavy bag at home can be good for practising what was taught in the gym. Just don’t attempt any new techniques on your own.

Increase Power

The most obvious benefit is improving striking power. Putting in regular hours on the bag increases bone density and strengthen muscles and tendons. A stronger body equals the ability to withstand the impact of your kicks and punches and gradually throwing harder, more powerful strikes.

Sharpen Your Techniques

The solidity of heavy bags will force you to work on perfecting your techniques and form by giving you instant feedback via a sharp stinging pain. Regular, intense training on the bag will sharpen your form that will follow you through sparring and actual fights.

Improve Coordination

As you incorporate movement into your bag workout, -and not just standing stationary- you will improve coordination and balance. This is accomplished as you need to work on stability with each kick and punch especially when the bag swings back at you. Knowing when to kick and punch with a swinging heavy bag will test your coordination and technique as striking at the wrong moment can be a painful experience.

Train Alone

Muay Thai training really isn’t meant to be a solitary affair as it goes against the nature of a competing sport. It works best to have a trainer or a training partner for pad work, sparring/clinching practice and someone to push your limits. But having a trainer or training partner can be a luxury not available to everyone. Bag work, on the other hand, can be done anytime at home which makes it the most reliable training method for everyone.

Standard Heavy Bag

The standard heavy bag weighs around 100 lbs filled and measures around ft in height and is used across all stand-up combat training. This is still the single, most important heavy bag in Muay Thai training. I would say about 75-80% of bagwork revolves around this particular type of heavy bag. Besides your standard repertoire of Muay Thai strikes minus the low kick, you can manhandle the bag to mimic a clinch and knee; you can push the bag to train your core; swing the bag to work on your movement; there is so much you can do with it. If there is a need, just lower the bag with a longer chain and you will be able to practice low kicks albeit a mild hassle.

Verdict: If you have budget for only one heavy bag, then this is certainly the one to get.

Teardrop Bag

Same same but different. The teardrop bag has been marketed as the bag for clinch and knee drills due to its shape that most resembles the human torso. Slightly shorter than the regular bag at about ft and weighs a lot less at about 60 lbs. They really are easier to knee because of the angled bottom but can feel slightly awkward when connected with roundhouse kicks. The rounded-edge design for knees is not that necessary and that’s why you don’t see too many of these. There might one or two of these at some of the Muay Thai gyms but you will find most of them to tend to stick to the good ol’ regular. The teardrop bags also tend to cost more so there really isn’t much reason to get it, especially if it’s going to be your first heavy bag. With the light weight, they really aren’t going to be of much use for training your power.

Aqua Punching Bag

If you are looking for a bag to work on those punches, the water-filled Aqua bags are your best bet. I have had the opportunity to experience working out with these bags at a local boxing fitness club and they are really great. They are shaped either like a teardrop and a wrecking ball, designed exclusively for punches only. The bags typically come in sizes: 1inch (120 lbs) or 2inch (190 lbs). The contours make them great for training uppercuts but what really differentiates these from old skool bags is the punching sensation that feels more similar to humans. There is less impact as it gets absorbed easily so it’s kinder on the hands and bones. All you need is a water hose to fill it up which makes it really easy to set up. They will shipped unfilled so that cuts the shipping cost by a large margin.

Verdict: For a good cardio workout or a bag to train specifically your punches, this is perfect.

Wall Mount Heavy Bag

Not so much a bag. Like the Aqua punching bag, this is strictly designed for punches only. Not a lot of Muay Thai gyms use these, possibly because kicks tend to be favored over punches in the sport. I have seen these at YOKKAO and Sitsongpeenong gyms but don’t get much love elsewhere in the country. Like most bags designed for punching, this works the uppercut very well and the smaller targets can aid in training precision.

Verdict: You’d probably be bored punching this after days. Doesn’t look like a very fun training equipment.


This is easily my top choice since it’s the brand of choice at the gym where I train. Day after day, days a week, 36days a year, these bags receive an unimaginable volume of battering from morning till night. I trust in the gym manager’s calculated and well-researched decision to fill the gyms (all locations) with Fairtex heavy bags and no other brands. Fairtex is of course, a renowned Muay Thai gear and equipment manufacturer, so the guys that run the gym obviously know what they are doing.

As for my personal experience, everything’s been really positive. Nothing to complain about. Fairtex heavy bags are constructed using Fairtex Syntek Leather with heavy duty, water resistant and non-tear nylon lining, finished off with indestructible nylon straps. I would expect them to chalk up many years of striking mileage.

Do note that Fairtex heavy bags come unfilled which cuts down on the shipping fees.


Outslayer is a MMA equipment manufacturing company based in California. If you are reading this somewhere in the United States, you will be happy to know that Outslayer heavy bags are made with pride in USA. Outslayer bags come with a 10-year warranty that speaks volume of the confidence the company has in their own products.

Outslayer bags come filled with shredded cloth like all good bags should. Depending on the model, they can weigh from 80 to 150 lbs. 80-100 lbs for a regular and 130-150 lbs for a banana bag. The bags are made with high-quality, heavy duty American vinyl (not leather) for long-lasting durability.

Pre-filled or Unfilled

Some merchants will offer the option of buying a heavy bag pre-filled or unfilled. The price difference is not the only consideration when it comes to making a choice. Given that a pre-filled bag weigh around 100 lbs on average, this can add weight to the the shipping cost which in turns, can take a hit on your wallet before you even get a chance to hit it.

Unfilled bags are a lot kinder towards the budget and it’s actually pretty easy to stuff your own bags. Just fill it up with your unused clothes or buy some from the salvation army and it’s good to go. Avoid using sand as it will create an extremely hard bag inhumane for kicking and will weigh a ton. Of course, if you find DIY a hassle, paying that extra for convenience to have it pre-filled is not such a bad idea too.

It boils down to things: budget and convenience. Remember to factor in the shipping cost and weigh it for yourself if it’s worth to Fill-It-Yourself.

How to Hang Your Heavy Bag

You will need to find a way to hang your heavy bag, unless you plan to use it as a bolster. There are general ways to do it: wall mount bag hanger or heavy bag stand. The former will require some minor structural work but wall mounts using hangers or brackets are a cheap solution. Heavy bag stands require some quick assembly but the problem is that most stands only allow you to hit the bag from the front which is counter-effective. On top of that, stands are less stable and will wobble from a solid power kick unless you secure them to the floor permanently.

Heavy Bag Maintenance

Sweat and traces of blood can stain the heavy bag, breeding nasty bacteria that can give you plenty of dermatological troubles. Wiping the bag after training using a damp cloth and mild soap solution to remove sweat and grime, then again with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture will help to keep it sanitized. Regular maintenance also helps to prolong the lifespan of the bag by preventing mold and reducing bacteria growth.

Ideal weight

The general rule of thumb is that you should always buy a heavy bag that weighs half your own weight. This is usually solid advice, but the ideal weight heavily depends on your martial art and the experience you desire.

If you are involved in a sport that involves kicking, like MMA, muay thai, karate or kickboxing, you will need a longer, heavier bag than the standard. Kicks pack more power and will make the bag bounce around more than punches. The striking area also needs to be bigger to accommodate for leg strikes.

To find out the ideal size of a heavy bag for you, take a look at our Punching Bag Size Chart & Weight Calculator.

Cover materials

While the filling determines the quality of your workout, the cover material affects the durability of the bag itself.

Leather is most durable, and most expensive. This type of material is incredibly resilient to tearing and can last for decades.

Hanging punching bag

If you think this is the bag for you, make sure to take a look at our best punching bags review before buying one.

The heavy bag is seen both indoors and outdoors, commonly suspended by straps from a ceiling or a heavy bag stand.


Many of us are under the impression that a punching bag is used only by boxers, but this is incorrect. Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes use a punching bag workout in their exercise routine, it is one of the best ways of exercising your entire body.

Do not set up your punching bag outside

The bag is filled with fabric, rather than sand or water, making it easier on the hands, but still excellent for training. It is the standard MMA height and designed to stand the test of time. It is durable, well made, and comes with both a money-back guarantee, as well as a 10-year warranty certificate.

How to Choose a Punching Bag

Picking the right bag can be a challenge to someone who is new to training. There are a lot of things you should consider before getting a bag and we cover the most important ones, including weight, cover material, filling of the bag, and your training plan. While there is no perfect bag, there are a lot of good ones to consider, so make sure to check out the punching bag reviews on this site after you’re done reading the below.

Punching Bag Weight

At the same time, you don’t want to get a bag that is too heavy for you. One of the benefits of training with a bag is the ability to work on your speed and timing. So while you don’t want a bag to move too much when struck, it actually can be helpful if it moves a little so that you can practice your timing.

However, it is important to note that the weight of heavy bags only applies to traditional hanging bags. This is because free standing punching bags have heavy bases that the bags sit on. Seeing standing bags with weights of 200-300 pounds is completely normal and in general the heavier the weight the more likely it will withstand power striking without moving too much. You can read more about free standing bags by visiting the homepage.

Cover Material

Another critical thing to consider when choosing a heavy bag is the cover material. In general there are three types of materials used in most punching bags: leather, vinyl and canvas. Cover material may not seem like a big deal, but this is what keeps the bag intact after repeated punches and kicks. The last thing you want to do is get a bag with a poor quality cover as once it starts to split the bag can break apart pretty easily.

Leather, in general, is the most premium material and most leather bags you can find are very high quality. They are also generally able to withstand a serious beating and rarely split. The only negative to leather bags is that they tend to be a bit more expensive than other bags. Also, free standing bags, which we really like are almost never made out of leather.

Vinyl is a good alternative to leather as it is also very durable, but in general it is a cheaper material cost wise. Vinyl bags feel pretty good on the skin when striking them with punches, kicks, elbows, etc. Our favorite bag is the Wavemaster XXL, and it is made from vinyl.

Canvas bags are very often cheaper and made with poorer quality filling materials. These are good bags if you just need something cheap to throw up in your garage and practice on. But in general we’d suggest you stick with leather or vinyl. However, some bags are made with a poly canvas blend (Everlast makes a pretty popular bag), and this is a decent option that is cheap, but still pretty good quality.

Filling of the Bag

There are a variety of fillers used in punching bags and it’s important you choose a bag with a good filler. Punching bags are usually filled with materials like sand, water, fibers, fabric, synthetic materials and even things like old clothes.

Many bags are made with sand and it’s a decent filler to use because it generally provides a nice firm striking experience. At the same time, it’s also pretty easy to replace if the bag ever gets a leak (just buy more sand). However, the one big negative to sand is that it can tend to sink and settle on the bottom of the bag. This can lead to an imbalanced weight distribution where the bottom is rock hard. This could potentially cause problems if you repeatedly are striking the bottom of the bag.

Training Use

While the weight, cover material and filling are obviously very important, it is important to choose a punching bag that matches your training needs. For example, if you are planning on training heavily with kicks and not really focusing on punches you may want to consider a good Muay Thai bag, which is longer and thinner than a normal hanging bag (good for practicing high and low kicks). Or if you just want a bag to work on cardio then you don’t need as heavy a bag since you won’t be hitting it as hard.

In general, we recommend you get a standard heavy bag if you don’t know exactly what you’ll be doing. A freestanding bag like the Wavemaster XXL can be a good choice as it provides a good experience for all kinds of training. Alternatively if you want a good hanging bag you could consider something like the 100-pound Everlast CFoam Heavy Bag.

Using a Heavy Bag

Heavy bag training is very effective to practice striking and also to get a great workout. But if you are new to martial arts you may be looking for some training drills that you can do. We recommend finding drills that are both fun and will allow you to develop your technique. We go over some of good punching bag drills that can be really good to do. You can also check out the video above for one of our favorite training drills.

Essential Punching Bag Drills

Anyone taking up the sport of mixed martial arts would do well to incorporate a steady routine of heavy bag drills into their training regime. No matter your skill level, working to develop a good combination of speed, precision and endurance is critical for anyone who wishes to have success in the ring or cage. Mixed martial arts punching bag drills are simple to understand and when done properly can be very rewarding to the student but they require consistent effort as well as a high level of motivation. Below we cover essential punching bag drills that can help you develop speed, accuracy, endurance and power. You can also check out our guide on how to choose a heavy bag here.

Accuracy Drill

Mixed martial arts is all about precision built on a foundation of good technique. This will allow you to deliver swift and crisp blows. With a high level of precision in your strikes, there will be more power in your technique that will help you gain an edge over your opponent in a fight. For this exercise look at the bag and imagine three marks anywhere you want to target. Or to make it easier use masking tape instead to mark the spots you specifically want to target. Strike the targets rapidly in succession with left and right punches, making sure to stay accurate and keep well timed pacing between the punches. Repeat this cycle for two minutes and rest afterwards for 60 seconds. It is recommended to change up the marks every so often, adding kicks and strikes for more advanced students.

Proper Training

Heavy bag drills are essential for mixed martial arts training to improve precision, speed, endurance and cardio. A good routine with proper guidance will help anyone become a better overall fighter while at the same time increasing general athletic ability. It is a good idea to keep record of number of repetitions for each exercise. This helps create goals and monitor progress so that you can constantly aim to achieve your goals. Good motivation and consistency are key to staying focused and will help students perform and train to the best of their ability. A well built training routine will see your skills improve in a very short amount of time. This can not only help you in real sparring sessions with opponents, but also a successful mixed martial arts fighter.

Of course, all heavy bag drills should be only attempted under the supervision of a qualified instructor and it is very important to always warm-up correctly before attempting these exercises. Without warming up properly you could be at increased risk for injuries to your fingers, wrists and legs. Also, remember to focus on breathing deeply when conducting these drills. If you are looking for a good punching bag to train with then definitely read the reviews on this site. We cover the top bags by the major MMA brands like Century, Everlast and more. Using a good quality bag will definitely make your training experience better. Make sure to read the reviews on our site for details on the best punching bags available.

The Heavy Bag

If you ask a sporting goods salesman this question – you’ll get a wide variety of answers depending on how knowledgeable he or she is. Most of the ones I talked to had no clue and some even tried to feed me a line of bullshit saying the heavier bags are for pros because they hit a lot harder. In the end, I analyzed what everyone said, cut through the crap, used some common sense and came up with an answer.

Basically – the difference is the amount of resistance the bag is going to give. This is obvious. A heavier bag will put up more of a fight. It will take a lot more force to move it. Not that a swinging bag is bad thing as it ensures you aren’t stationary while you are hitting it. The added resistance will be beneficial in the development of stronger punches and more overall power.

I cringe as I type that; however, as power punching is more technique than raw strength. Like weight training, though, you have to continually increase the resistance to experience gains in strength. I believe the same goes for a heavy bag.

I eventually settled on a 100lb bag for my garage. I weigh about 170lb and have a pretty good swing and I find the bag puts up a pretty good fight. It does feel different from the full length 150lb+ bags hanging in my boxing gym though. They move a lot less and I find myself using a more power when I’m hitting them.

If you ask a sporting goods salesman this question – you’ll get a wide variety of answers depending on how knowledgeable he or she is. Most of the ones I talked to had no clue and some even tried to feed me a line of bullshit saying the heavier bags are for pros because they hit a lot harder. In the end, I analyzed what everyone said, cut through the crap, used some common sense and came up with an answer.

Basically – the difference is the amount of resistance the bag is going to give. This is obvious. A heavier bag will put up more of a fight. It will take a lot more force to move it. Not that a swinging bag is bad thing as it ensures you aren’t stationary while you are hitting it. The added resistance will be beneficial in the development of stronger punches and more overall power.

I cringe as I type that; however, as power punching is more technique than raw strength. Like weight training, though, you have to continually increase the resistance to experience gains in strength. I believe the same goes for a heavy bag.

I eventually settled on a 100lb bag for my garage. I weigh about 170lb and have a pretty good swing and I find the bag puts up a pretty good fight. It does feel different from the full length 150lb+ bags hanging in my boxing gym though. They move a lot less and I find myself using a more power when I’m hitting them.

Consider your size…

I weigh 170lb and I work out on both 100lb and 150lb bags. If you weigh 90lbs, will a 100lb bag be of more benefit to you than a 70lb bag? Maybe, maybe not. I’m guessing the added resistance of a bigger heavy bag is not really going to be that big of a deal. You probably get plenty of resistance from a 70lb bag.

I weigh 170lb and I work out on both 100lb and 150lb bags. If you weigh 90lbs, will a 100lb bag be of more benefit to you than a 70lb bag? Maybe, maybe not. I’m guessing the added resistance of a bigger heavy bag is not really going to be that big of a deal. You probably get plenty of resistance from a 70lb bag.

Heavy bag stand versus mounting

In my opinion the best option is always to mount it – preferably from the ceiling. Doing so gives you the ability to move around it 360 degrees which is beneficial for your footwork, practicing pivots, movement, and so on. That takes room obviously so it’s not for everyone. You won’t get quite the same range of motion by using a heavy bag stand, but it’s better than not hanging one up at all.

In my opinion the best option is always to mount it – preferably from the ceiling. Doing so gives you the ability to move around it 360 degrees which is beneficial for your footwork, practicing pivots, movement, and so on. That takes room obviously so it’s not for everyone. You won’t get quite the same range of motion by using a heavy bag stand, but it’s better than not hanging one up at all.


Of all the heavy bags I’ve tried – the Aqua Punching Bag stands out far above the crowd (use discount code Commando at checkout for 10% off). You can read my full Aqua Punching Bag review to find out why. full Aqua Punching Bag review to find out why.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the punching bags by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your punching bags wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of punching bags



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