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Best puppy pads 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated October 1, 2020

Norman RyanHi there, I’m Norman Ryan. One of the most important sections in the article – the comparison charts for best puppy pads in 2018!

I will go through the main features and what you should consider when deciding which one to pick over the other. What I would like you to remember as you browse my website is that I don’t work in the industry so the reviews I have are based on good old fashioned honesty.

Best puppy pads of 2018

Now, let’s get to the gist of the matter: which are the best puppy pads for the money? So, what exactly would anyone want to know about puppy pads? I know most of us don’t really care much about the history and the origin, all we want to know is which of them is the best. Of course, I will spare you the history and go straight on to the best puppy pads.

Following is the list of top three puppy pads of 2018. Not all puppy pads are created equal though.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads

AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads

Each pad measures 22×22 inches (LxW), with the center pad measuring 19×19 inches (LxW). The pad has a 1.5 inch plastic border on all sides to prevent overflow.
Super-absorbent core that turns liquid to gel upon contact
Leak proof with plastic lining to prevent damage to floors
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this puppy pads win the first place?

I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse.


Ease of use














№2 – AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads

AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads

Each pad measures 28 x 34 inches (LxW), with an absorbent center pad and plastic border on all sides to prevent overflow
Super-absorbent core that turns liquid to gel upon contact
Leak proof with plastic lining to prevent damage to floors
Good, but not great board quality.
A little bit heavy.

Why did this puppy pads come in second place?

Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture.


Ease of use














№3 – Select Companion Puppy Pee Pads with Scent Remover

Select Companion Puppy Pee Pads with Scent Remover

• Get the best for your puppy with our puppy pads that give you the highest level of confidence for you and puppy. We have traveled the world to get you the best pee pads and puppy training pads. We added our unique moisture lock in our pet supplies wee wee pads for you and your puppy;
Wears off quickly..
Not very flexible.

Why did this puppy pads take third place?

This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. We are very pleased with the purchase — the product is great!


Ease of use














puppy pads Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy puppy pads, right? No!

Patience is the Key!

Litter training a pooch is not a piece of cake. It may require a lot of patience. So, expect all kinds of accidents and mishaps meanwhile because this process will take much time. The most important thing is to be cooperative with your pet because punishing him in any way may not just make him depressed, but will discourage him too.

Minimizing Brake Fade

Big rig drivers and racers of all kinds are perpetually concerned with a phenomenon known as brake fade. Brake fade occurs when brakes get too hot and lose their stopping power.

Brake fade is clearly a serious and dangerous phenomenon. Luckily, with performance brakes you can minimize the possibility of brake fade. Our performance brake parts feature advanced materials and designs and that ensure maximum heat dissipation and help expel brake gases to give you maximum friction and optimal control over your vehicle in even the most demanding situations.

Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotors

Rotors on stock vehicles tend to have a solid 1-piece design, with a completely flat friction surface. This simple design provides enough friction, strength, and temperature management for regular driving conditions. Racing vehicles are much more demanding on their brakes, so performance brake rotors usually feature grooves and cross-drilled holes to improve overall performance.

Another method used to enhance braking is drilling holes through the rotor. The holes in Cross-drilled rotors also provide more bite and they allow air to blow through the disc, helping to keep the rotors cool and vent even more brake gas. Stoptech brake rotors and EBC rotors place the holes in a spial design to promote better venting.

Drilled rotors are generally used on race cars and high-performance vehicles. Drilling provides tons of benefits but they can be vulnerable to cracking around the holes, so be sure to examine your drilled rotors often. Many EBC rotors minimize cracking by only drilling partially into the rotor, so you get some of the benefits of drilled holes with the excellent structural integrity of a solid rotor.

To paraphrase an old saying, two performance features are better than one. That’s why you’ll often see rotors that are both drilled and slotted. This combo provides an excellent combination of cooling, gas venting, and friction.

Helpful Tip

Most drilled or ventilated rotors are areodynamically designed specifically for the left or right side of your vehicle. When ordering a pair of vented rotors, make sure you choose one for each side.

Different brake manufacturers have their own unique vent designs, each with the goal of maximizing air flow and gas evacuation. Rotors are available with straight vents, spiral vents, and in the case of DBA brake rotors, a unique “Kangaroo Paw” shape that is designed to promote even better cooling and structural strength.

Big Brake Kits

Picture a metal disc on an axle spinning vertically in front of you. If you were to try to stop the disc by pinching it close to the axle you would have to use a lot of force and your fingers would get hot from the friction. If you pinch the disc towards the outer edge you don’t need to use as much effort and the disc stops much more quickly, without burning your fingers. Big Brake Kits provide that mechanical advantage due to their large-diameter rotors. Plus, because there’s more material in each rotor and pad, big brakes can absorb a lot more heat and therefore stand up to much more demanding situations than stock brakes.

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Many vehicles are equipped with soft rubber brake lines. Rubber lines might be fine for the daily commuter, but they don’t hold up well for performance and off-road drivers. For one thing, rubber lines are vulnerable to getting punctured or broken when hit by sharp rocks or sticks. This makes them unsuitable for most trail-bound off-road drivers. Rubber brake lines also get stretched out after frequent or intense use, an effect known as brake line swelling. Swollen brake lines don’t maintain pressure well, so your brakes lose their performance and your pedal feel becomes soggy or spongy. To avoid swollen or fragile lines, racers and off-road enthusiasts in demand of better brake performance often upgrade to stainless steel brake lines.

Stainless steel brake lines are designed with a soft rubber brake line wrapped by a braided mesh of thin steel strips. The steel doesn’t give like rubber does, so you don’t experience the weak braking and spongy pedal feel you get with swollen rubber brake lines. Plus, the steel mesh protects the lines from tears and impacts, making them suitable for rugged off-roading. Braided lines like Stoptech brake lines also give you all the protection and strength of steel while maintaining proper flexibility at the connections. Best yet, they look really cool under your hood and in your wheel wells – that’s a plus no matter what you drive.

To hold the pad up manufacturers often put a small strip of silicone on the top and bottom seams. It can irritate the skin however, so some manufacturers use slightly smaller strips or eliminate it all together, preferring a stretchy hem instead.

Ventura Bike 70 mm Brake Pad Set

Like the old one, they are asymmetrical. It has no instructions. I find the shorter end should move forward the back- the metal rim should turn the way at the time of riding.

Think about it more and you can figure it out. The bigger tail gives more drag over the rim to stop you. It is working well, and this is the way.

You are the owner of an old bike or rebuilding one, this type of bike is fit for your need. The wear mark is visible, and they are gray.

They are fit inside and the well-made shroud of the old Schwinn- need not use where they are.

It has acorn bolts and washers and simple to mount without any shroud. If you like to get this, it has Dia Compe label.

Nothing at all

Rim brake utilizes the rotating rim for the wheel on the baking surface. It is greatly used in BMX, city and road bikes.

Disc brakes utilize circular metal disc mounted instead of using rim on the braking surface on the hub with the wheels.

Size for your changing pad

If you have bought a diaper changing table, you need to check out whether it can accommodate the pad. Another thing that you should consider is your baby’s size. Most of the newborn babies fit right on the pad. However, for the older babies, you need to know the pad’s length.

Non-skid base

Wiggly babies cause the pad to get slipped. Whether you have placed the pad on a higher or lower surface, you have to look for a pad, where the base does not slide. This is an important feature if there is no strap, attached to the pad.

Pad cover

It works as a bedcover and protects the pad from any dirt. After changing the diaper, you may also wash it. However, you should have a stock of multiple covers.

Dream On Me Two Sided Contour Changing Pad

Material- The product is made of Rayon, and so, it will not cause any rash on the skin.

Non-skid system- The base of changing pad does not skid against your floor.

Shape- It has a contoured design providing safety to your baby. These contours are present on sides of your pad.


I believe in the notion, “value for money” i.e. when someone is spending an amount on a product, he or she should receive maximum satisfaction from that product. Hence, it is very important to choose the products very carefully which is possible only if you have a good knowledge of the product you are going to buy. Especially when we are talking about baby products, we need to take care of its quality as well. Keeping all this in mind, She started this blog that would guide parents to buy the right products for their kids.

Best Diaper Caddy 2017-201(Reviewed and Best Deals)

If you follow the simple, step-by-step guidelines on this page you’ll be able to avoid the majority of accidental or misplaced ‘puddles and piles’.

But don’t expect to housebreak your puppy in days, or 7, or 10…. those kinds of expectations are unrealistic.

No matter what anyone promises you, it is extremely unlikely that your puppy is going to be properly housebroken within a week or two.

Your pup learns through repetition and by linking cause-and-effect.

When you help him make the right connections (by anticipating his needs and showing him what you expect), he quickly gets into the right habits. Habits that he’ll follow for lifetime.

Pick a ‘Trigger Word’ and use it consistently

Over time your little guy will come to associate this word or phrase with the actual action of peeing or pooping and eventually just hearing it will trigger the desired reaction.

Make sure your puppy knows when he’s succeeded

Always praise your puppy when he ‘goes’ in the appropriate spot. He wants to please you and this is how he knows he’s been successful.

If you want to you can give him a tiny, tasty treat as a reward too (I do this for the first few weeks and it really does help).

Puppy House Training When You Work All Day

As you’ve probably realized by now, house training demands a lot of your time (and patience), and a pup who is left to his own devices won’t learn the right potty habits.

To do this you’ll need a puppy playpen and a supply of

Set up the playpen in a room where the floor is made from a non-porous, easy to clean material such as tile.

You can put his crate in there with him if you like, just make sure the door is removed so he doesn’t get himself locked in, or hurt by it.

This puppy housetraining method can also be used if you live in an apartment, or a home that doesn’t have a fenced yard, or if you have mobility issues that make it difficult to get a puppy outdoors quickly.

It’s not an ideal option, because at some point you’re most likely going to need to re-train him to understand that he’s no longer allowed to pee/poop indoors, and that can take some time.

BUT, it is a stop-gap method of potty training that works if it’s necessary.

A playpen is better though because it’s a smaller, more confined space and your pup is less likely to think that any room is a suitable potty place.

Housetraining At Night need at least one potty trip outdoors (more likely or during the first week or two) between the time you got to bed and when the alarm goes off.

Puppies are like babies in so many ways (well, they are babies of course!) and loss of sleep goes along with the territory.

By about 1- 1weeks most puppies have outgrown the need to go out during the night, but those early weeks can seem like a l-o-n-g time when you’re sleep deprived.

However exhausting it is you NEED to make sure when your pup cries to go outdoors at night, that you take him out! Potty training takes consistent 24/effort during the early weeks, but it’s well worth the effort in the end.

What I’d recommend is to give your pup a potty break right before you go to bed at night (even if he’s napping by then or whatever), then put him in his crate, turn out the lights and ignore his initial fussing.

Most puppies whine and cry when they’re first being crate trained, it’s normal, and as long as you know he’s ‘done his business’, and is just crying because he doesn’t want to go to bed, you can ignore him.

But, once he’s slept for a while and wakes up and starts to whine then he most likely needs to go outside.

If you choose not to crate train your pup then I wouldn’t recommend letting him sleep on your bed, or in your bedroom – chances are when he needs to pee/poop in the night he’ll simply find a convenient spot and do his business.

The best alternative would be to use the playpen containment option as I talked about in the section on housebreaking a pup when you have to go to work all day.

Puppies are attracted back to the same areas by their own smell and ordinary household cleaners simply won’t do the job of removing all the lingering odor.

Although YOU may not smell it, your puppy will, so always use a product that’s been specifically designed for the purpose.

To fit a human diaper, choose a brand that doesn’t pinch your dog’s tummy, such as Huggies Snuggies which have a really ‘elastic’ waist band.

It is easier to find the right size if you have a small dog. For large and giant breeds, look for adult incontinence diapers which are of the same type as baby diapers, not the ones with a disposable pad that fits inside.

Many campers like this sleeping pad because of superior durable features. The pad is virtually indestructible. It is a worthwhile investment. Most importantly, the sleeping pad features an advanced warmth materials. It was designed in such a way that you enjoy the warmth while you use it.

It is easy to pack and that is because of the compact design. Because of that, it is easy to move it about from place to place.

This remains the best choice for ultra light elites. This is the lightest and the most compact designed sleeping pad on the market today. It ensures that users are comfortable as it features heat-trapping substances.

This notwithstanding this is one of the most popular sleeping pad for camping for you.

Another superior quality-sleeping pad for camping purposes includes the Lightspeed Outdoors Warmth Series Self Inflating sleep camp. As you can see, this brand is self-inflating. It is available in at least three sizes and thicknesses. This is to provide options for campers to make their choice.

Moreover, it is composed of PVC free materials. This is great because it eliminates odors. In addition, it can eliminate those crinkly plastic noises. These features ensure that users derive maximum rest.

If you want to be comfortable for your various outdoor activities, then you should get started with this sleeping pad.

To ensure that you derive the maximum comfort with the sleeping pad, it is integrated with a pillow.

Also included in the package that you are going to get is an over sized carry bag and compression straps and so on. This is a high quality product and can be substituted easily for air mattresses. It is the best for backpacking and car camping.

Dog Car Accessories

Whether you take your pooch out regularly and want to make sure they’re  as comfortable as possible  or you only take them out once in a while but want them to have some extra gear, these dog car accessories are excellent choices.

Pet Ramps

Dog harnesses  can be buckled to your seatbelt to ensure your pet is safe. In the event that the worst happens – you get into an accident – your dog will stay in the vehicle where you can immediately attend to any medical needs they may have.

Seat Extender

On the other hand, large dogs have special needs too. They often can’t make use of the backseat without laying across it in such a way that it’s difficult to travel with others. A seat extender fills in the space between the back of the front seat and the front of the back seat to provide more area for the dog to lie.

Car Seat Covers

Your long haired dog can make quite a mess if they’re in the car frequently. Car seat covers are waterproof, stain resistant, and can be washed in your washer and dryer. They’re easy to take off and put back on and can make it simple to keep your car clean when  traveling with your dog.

Window Cages

What about the dog that loves sticking his head out the window to feel the breeze but is also likely to run off any time you stop? Enter the window cage. It allows your dog to hang out the window but restrains them and provides mesh to keep them from being able to jump out.

Dog Travel Accessories

For the dog that’s on the go, you need plenty of dog travel accessories. You’ll have several goals when  traveling with your dog: keeping them safe, keeping them secure, and ensuring they’re comfortable and having fun. These are the best dog accessories for those needs.

Sunscreen or Paw Protection Lotion

Are you traveling to the beach or another hot spot? If so, you need to make sure your  dog is safe from the heat and sun. You want them to have a great time but you don’t want them coming home with blistered paws or a sore nose. There are several things to consider:  protects your dog’s nose, the tip of their ears, belly, and other exposed areas from harsh UV rays. Remember that  dogs can get skin cancer  and they need to be protected just like we do.

Paw protection lotion

Cooling bandanas  keep your dog from overheating. Simply soak the towel in warm water for a few minutes, wring it out, and then put it around your dog’s neck or head. As the water evaporates the towel stays cool – and your dog stays comfortable.

Dog Carrying Purse

When you want your dog to be ready on the go, a dog carrying purse is a great option. You can  tuck your little pooch inside  and take them out on the town with you without worrying about them keeping up – or keeping track of their leash. These are especially good in heavily populated areas that can easily spook dogs.

Dog Car Organizer

These hang over the headrest in your car and have spots for holding water bottles, Frisbees, treats, leashes, dog tags, and much more. They’re the perfect way to have everything you need when you want to take your pooch on the go – but without the mess.

Dog Lift Harness

Dog lift harnesses  are a great way to keep them comfortable and mobile. These harnesses help support your dog’s hindquarters or for dogs who aren’t capable of supporting their entire weight. They can still get the exercise they need with a little help from you and this harness.

Exercise Balls

You may be familiar with these large, air-filled balls often used by people for yoga but they can help dogs too. Just balance your dog’s front end on them to strengthen their hind limb musculature and improve proprioception – both of which help your dog place their feet properly when they’re walking.

A Hole in the Fence

Is your dog too old to get around the neighborhood like they used to? If their mobility issues keep them stuck in the yard, consider special wooden fence panels that include a clear globe your dog can look through. They’ll wag their tails with glee when they can once again watch the squirrels run and play.

Dog Shoes

Look for water-resistant shoes  that will be perfect in all water conditions and anywhere the trails may take you. You don’t want your dog slipping and sliding the first time you take on a shallow creek.

Choose a dog shoe with a textured, rugged sole. This allows them to firmly grip any terrain. While most small dogs can’t handle challenging trails, a large dog can – as long as they can get aproper These shoes help them do just that.

Proper fit is essential. The manufacturer you buy them from will have a sizing guide. Pay close attention to it and follow it exactly. Do not eyeball the size. If your dog’s shoes are too small or too big they will not be comfortable and your dog will hate wearing them.

Dog Crate Accessories

Dog crates serve several purposes. Whether you use it just for transporting your pooch or it’s where they sleep nightly, there are many dog crate accessories that will help them feel safer, more secure, and happier in their crate.

Crate Cover Ups

You’ll love two things about dog crate cover ups. First, there are hundreds of patterns to choose from so you can find something that isn’t an eyesore. Second, they help your pooch calm down and sleep more easily. With privacy and comfort in one package, this is a great choice.

Dog Collar Accessories

Dog collars are great ways to express your  pet’s personality  but you can add more to the fun with dog collar accessories. Even if you chose a dog collar from your local drug store and it has no personality, these add-ons will be great additions that provide tons of flair.

Dog Flowers

For the lady dog  that has everything, a dog flower is a lovely choice. You can choose from life-like fake flowers or cartoonish flowers. Pick a bright, pastel color or choose a deep, dark classic red rose. There are simple flowers and flowers covered in glitter and glitz.

Dog Tag Silencer

Dog tags are necessary for you to feel secure that if your dog were to get away they’d be easier to find. However, the clacking of them against each other can be noisy – especially for families with young children. Dog tag silencers  prevent dog tags from making noise  but still ensure they’re easily visible.

Matching Tags

Remember those Best Friends necklaces that used to be so popular? It was a heart split in half and each one of a pair of best friends wore one-half. Now they make similar necklaces – but for owners and their pets. You get one on a necklace to wear around your neck and your pooch wears theirs on their collar.

Dog Monitors

Just like human activity trackers, a dog monitor can be attached to your pet’s collar and will give you all sorts of information about what they’re up to. They can track how long and far they walked, how much time they spent playing, and how much time they slept or rested on a given day.

Light-up Collar

While it looks like a simple collar during the day, the light-up collar has a brilliant light in the front of it. As night approaches just active it at let your dog run ahead of you. They’ll illuminate the way and you’ll be totally hands-free and out of the dark.

Refuse Bag Keyring

How many times have you been out to take your dog for a walk when you realized you forgot their refuse bags? The easy way to avoid this is to buy a refuse bag keyring. The bags are tucked tight away but when you need them you can quickly and easily get to them.

Unique Dog Accessories

From designer dog accessories to handmade options, there are some really unique options out there. Not all of these will be the best dog accessories for every dog but you may just find something unique you’d never thought of before.

Automatic Ball Launcher

Paw Washer dog’s paws  in and then pull out past the brushes. Viola! Clean paws.

Designer Dog Collars

You’ve seen thousands of dog collars in your day but these days you can find every manner of personalized dog collars handmade by individuals or dog collars encrusted with diamonds. For the truly unique dog get a truly unique dog collar.

Dog Hair Dye Gel

When you have tons of accessories for your dogs, and they include everything from clothing to hats to carriers, you need a doggie dresser. They are just tall enough that if your dog could stand up they’d be able to grab their things from it. If you’re serious about making dog accessories a part of your life then this is the ultimate way to organize them.

Dog Shower Curtain

Anyone who’s washed their dog at home knows how messy it can be. As you try to soap them up they’ll shake it off – leaving you covered in soap. The dog shower curtain has special holes you can wash them through. Your dog gets squeaky clean and you get to stay high and dry.

Dog Hair Accessories

Whether your pooch is a long-haired beauty or a short-haired sassy they’re missing out if they don’t have the latest dog hair accessories. From keeping them well-brushed, clean, and pretty to keeping them outfitted in the latest designer styles, there’s a dog hair accessory for every need.

Pet Lifter Sponges

Are you tired of having dog hair everywhere? Do lint brushes not quite work well enough for you? Then a pet lifter sponge may be just what you’re looking for. They can remove even the most stubborn dog hair and work great on virtually every type of fabric.

Dog Hair Clips

When it comes to dog hair accessories, nothing quite beats a simple dog hair clip. They come in tons of varieties from bows to barrettes and beyond. If your pet isn’t already used to having their hair clipped, start with a small, lightweight option and work your way up to more elaborate designs.

Dog Rubber Bands

When you want to tie your dog’s hair up into adorable pigtails or a single ponytail, don’t reach for your own hair ties – and don’t used standard office rubber bands! Instead, choose dog rubber bands made specifically for the texture of dog hair.

An Incredible Dog Brush

You can use your own brush on your dog but you may find it hurts them and doesn’t do a particularly good job.   for the best dog brush, you should look for one that’s made specifically for your type of dog. A  short haired dog  doesn’t need a long haired dog brush – and vice versa.

Cute Dog Accessories

Dressing your dog up doesn’t have to be reserved for Halloween. Pick up a cute duck costume, a costume of your favorite superhero, or any costume you’d like. They can wear it around the house, to the dog park, or on a walk around the neighborhood. luscious, cozy scarves  just for dogs. Not only will your pooch be cute as can be but they’ll also  stay warmand toasty in cold weather.

Dog High Chairs

Imagine how cute it would be if your dog could pull up next to you to enjoy dinner. With dog high chairs that’s a possibility. It clips right onto a table and also has optional straps on top so you can not only give him a place to sit but be sure he stays there.

Vic Firth Universal Rubber Practice Tips

As for rebound, it is not as ideal as a well chosen practice pad, but it is a significantly better alternative to nothing. The volume is also quiet, which is preferable.

Some disadvantages include a few reviewers saying that the tips are having difficulty staying on the stick and keep falling off. For some sticks with very small tips, this could be a problem. Additionally, due to the added weight, the performance of the stick itself is altered, which can be a problem for consistency.

Gibraltar SC-PPP Pocket Practice Pad

Coming in at inches, this pad is very portable, and can even fit in your pocket. It has velcro straps that wrap around the leg, allowing practice virtually anywhere while seated. It uses a stainless steel backing for support, but also has a rubber bottom to allow you to place it on any flat surface.

I really like this pad because it can fit in any stick bag so I always have a pad handy. It also remedies the previously mentioned issues with the putty pad and rubber tips. Not to mention it also has great rebound and is quiet.

Useless if strap is lost

Coming from cymbal makers Sabian, the Quiet Tone Practice Pad is my absolute favorite practicing tool. I find this pad is largely unknown, and judging from the lack of reviews available, could use some more exposure.

Designed to be just like a standard snare drum, the quiet tone pad features the largest playing surface available coming in at 1inches. It uses a mesh surface covered by a coated drum head similar to a coated ambassador of Evans Gcoated.

Secondly, the pad features an adjustable triple flanged hoop identical to the ones on a drum kit. This allows for practicing rim shots and cross sticks just like on a normal snare. The hoop is also tunable which can change the tension of the head.

In contrast to the Remo pad, the Quiet Tone features lugs that can be turned with a standard drum key. This is great, but due to a silly design flaw, you will need the aid of a wrench or pliers to hold the bottom nut in place when turning the lug. Sadly, tuning is a little more painful than it should be.

By design, when the pad is struck, it transfers the vibrations downwards through the four legs and into whatever surface it is placed on. This gets a greater response when placed on a snare, but when placed on a table, it makes everything louder.

Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slim Pad

On the main side, compared to the VInvader, the playing feel is similar, but the volume is much louder. The Slim Pad also does not have a rim. Lastly, the pad is much lighter (3.4lbs), thinner, and slightly smaller than the Invader giving far better portability.

Vic Firth also offers a replaceable mylar laminate insert that can be put on top of the Slim Pad for greater articulation. The laminate also gives a better surface for sweeps and scrapes. However, after a few months of use, the glue may come loose and a new laminate is required. This can get costly after multiple replacements.

A Crate Idea

Introduce the crate in a positive manner. Get your pup used to going in the crate by tossing in small treats while the door is open. Most dogs will venture in to get the treats. Once they are comfortable going in to eat the treat, you can briefly shut the door, stand right in front and hand your dog treats through the door, then open it and let them back out. If you also use the crate to feed your dog his regular meals, he will quickly associate it as a pleasurable place.

How often do they need to go out? Pups normally eliminate a few minutes after eating or drinking, and again about 20-30 minutes later. Keep in mind that some dogs will actually poop twice in one outing, so walk them long enough to make sure everything is taken care of before coming back inside. Also, when dogs have been playing and drinking water, they will have to go out more often, sometimes even every half hour if they are out with you instead of sleeping in their crate.

When Accidents Happen

Having problems housebreaking an older pup or adult? First, rule out a medical condition (such as a urinary tract infection) by a quick trip to the vet. If everything checks out okay, make sure you are truly observing the rule of keeping the dog right beside you whenever they are out of the crate (so you do not miss any signals).

For female dogs, purchase doggie panties, which are used for females in season, and use them in the house, taking them off just before you take the dog outside to potty (the same way you would if using a belly band for a male dog.) Be sure to change the pad if the dog does urinate on it. If you are consistent enough to prevent accidents through the use of the bands or panties, plus you are continuing to take the dog outside on a regular basis, most dogs get the idea within a month or so.

Keeping it Comfortable

The chair was designed by a Korthopedic surgeon to help animals that suffer from hip dysplasia, arthritis, neurological problems, and other weaknesses.

The chair was designed by a Korthopedic surgeon to help animals that suffer from hip dysplasia, arthritis, neurological problems, and other weaknesses.

The rear harness is positioned so that the animal can easily evacuate their bowels or bladder without getting waste on the harnesses. The neoprene is easy to clean and is long lasting.

The galvanized frame will not rust so you can let your animal go outside even when the grass is damp.

SitGo Dog Pet Wheelchair Revolution

SitGo Dog Wheelchair allows the animal the opportunity to use their wheels or sit and rest when they need to. I liked that the animal has the option of resting when using this device.

I found many of the other features of the item to be desirable and I recommend this item highly.

KCarts Rear Support Wheelchair

Kcarts have been developing dog carts and wheelchairs for more than fifty years. They have trained veterinarians helping them to design wheelchairs that will be the most beneficial to injured animals.

I fell in love with this cart and with all of the amazing features it displays. Lightweight is the key feature I love about this product.

Size Of Wheelchair

In order for a pet to be able to travel over uneven ground, or unlevel areas, you will want to buy devices with the large wheels. Larger wheels roll easier over uneven ground, rock, grass, and dirt. Small wheels are intended to be used on smooth surfaces like house floors and smooth concrete surfaces.

Dogs come in all different sizes. You may have a tiny Chihuahua or a miniature poodle, or you could have a Great Dane. You need a cart that allows the animal to reach the ground comfortably while they are in the device.

You do not want to leave your animal in the device to long. These mobility devices are designed to help the creatures be able to get exercise but they can rubbed them or cause injuries to them if the animal were to be left in them for long periods of time without a break.

Handheld Or Not

There are hand held slings that you can buy to help your dog navigate steps and stairs. These devices go under the belly of the animal and you lift up when the animal needs assistance going up, or down a step. These are very beneficial to creatures with hip dysplasia or rear limb weaknesses. These devices are not ideal for animals with front leg weaknesses.

It does not matter if the animal is young or if it is an old animal they can both learn to use these devices. Animals are very resilient and they will quickly adapt to their disability and to the devices that help them to overcome their disabilities.

Many people believe that a dog of advancing years will not be able to learn to manipulate the device and use it. Older dogs quickly figure out what it takes to make the device function when they realize that the only way for them to go on excursions with you is to use the device. Their love for you will cause them to learn to use their wheelchairs and carts.

Dog wheelchairs and carts are great items to help a disabled animal get exercise that they need to stay healthy, maintain their weight, and keep their bowels working properly. You should never let the animal use the device when you are not with them. The devices are safe but they can become dangerous and the animal can get into situations where they can be severely injured.

When you are not home your animal will usually be content to sleep or rest so there is not a reason why you would want to leave them in the device when you are not going to be there.

After you take your animal outside for exercise you will find that when they come back indoors they are generally ready to be taken out of the device and allowed to rest comfortably close to you. You can determine the amount of exercise that your animal requires to maintain their weight and health, and when they are not exercising you can allow them to be without the device so they will still try to use their natural muscles as much as possible.

Love for a Disabled Puppy

The best way you can show how much you love your disabled pet is by providing them with a source of mobility. The best dog wheelchair will enable your pet to still have an active life and a sense of independence.

Disabilities may occur as the result of a disease, the natural aging process, or an accident. Animal and vehicle accidents often result in pets being left paralyzed, or having to have a limb amputated to save their lives. By loving the animal enough to provide it with the freedom to go where it wants to go, when it wants to go, you will increase the quality, and the quantity of life for that animal.

Before you rush out to buy the best dog wheelchair available make sure that you are aware of the disability types that each chair can help. Make sure that you are buying a device that will enable your pet to be mobile again by checking the features of the dog wheelchair and matching them to the needs of your pet.

Paw Pad Injuries

Dog owners encounter all sorts of questions relating to their pets. Make this your headquarters for learning about pet health and more.

How to clean, bandage and treat a dog’s injured paw or foot at home.

A dog’s paw pad is prone to injury, and paw pad injuries can be difficult to heal, but follow these tips and your injured dog will be well on his way to recovery.

Competitive Musher Edward Long offered these tips for pet owners who have a dog with an injured foot.

How to help a dog with a broken or injured nail

A dog will a broken or cracked toenail will often experience excruciating pain, limping and significant bleeding.

In some instances, the vet will need to administer general anesthesia to de-shell or trim back the damaged portion of nail, otherwise proper healing will not occur.

Dr. Michael Levine, DVM, offered these tips for treating a nail injury at home.

If a dog’s toenail appears to be damaged, trim the dog’s nail as much as possible and use caution to avoid the live portion of the nail, also known as the quick.

Stop bleeding by applying styptic powder, or in a pinch, use cornstarch or even flour to help promote clotting.

Once the bleeding is stopped, the foot must be washed with an anti-bacterial soap like Dial, and then disinfected using Betadine.

Next, apply a dab of antibiotic ointment. The dog’s injured nail must be cleaned, disinfected and dressed twice daily until healed.

Conclude by wrapping the foot and ankle in rolled gauze using a “figure 8” pattern. And then use a self-adhering Ace bandage to wrap over the gauze, as this will enable the dog to walk on the foot.

Oral antibiotics and veterinary attention are often required for proper healing of canine nail injuries.

First Aid for a Pet’s Foot Injury

How to Treat Your Dog’s Injured Foot & Help Prevent Secondary Injury.

Leg and foot injuries are among the most common traumatic injuries in dogs and administering proper first aid will help prevent further damage until you can get to the vet.

In many cases involving a dog with an injured paw, foot or leg, additional damage occurs after the initial trauma, making for more pain and longer recovery.

According to Dr. Michael Levine, DVM, it doesn’t take much to injure a dog’s foot. Normal activities like running and playing can result in cuts, sprains, torn ligaments and even broken bones.

Pet owners should always seek veterinary attention for a leg or foot injury, but administering proper first aid at home will help in the meantime.

Begin by visually examining the foot, looking for any wounds, nail breakage, swelling or other abnormalities. If nail damage is present, trim the excess portion of nail, wash the area, disinfect before proceeding.

If the dog’s nails appear to be in good condition, or once you’ve stopped the bleeding in the case of a dog with a damaged nail, the next step is to examine the rest of the toes and paw. Check between toes for debris and slowly manipulate each toe and the foot joints, checking for evidence of pain, swelling and discomfort.

In the even that a joint is misaligned, this can indicate fracture or dislocation. Do not try to re-align the joint; instead, splint the foot and seek immediate veterinary attention.

If there is a wound (or in the case of a broken nail involving bleeding) foot must be washed with an anti-bacterial soap like Dial. Then, remove any embedded debris with tweezers. Then, disinfect the wound site using Betadine. Antibiotic ointment can then be applied to any wounds.

The foot should then be wrapped with rolled gauze if a wound or broken nail is present. This cleaning, disinfecting and dressing process must be repeated twice daily until the dog is brought to the vet or until the injury heals.

If broken bones are suspect, splint the foot and ankle with coat hanger wire and gauze or an Ace bandage. Mold the coat hanger to the natural shape of the leg/foot and wrap around the leg and foot. Once complete, the foot should be immobilized, which will prevent further injury.

To help limit swelling and pain, apply ice compresses for 20 minute increments, several times a day.

Self-warming vs Electric-Heated Dog Beds

Self-warming dog beds use thermo-reflective liners. They are easily washable, simpler, do not use power sources and are more cost-effective. On the other side, they are less efficient.

Electric-heated beds can be cordless or can feature cord protectors for extra safety. They are more effective, but at the same time more expensive and at higher risk of failure. If purchasing electric-heated bed, always consider the thickness of the mattress. Over time the padding sinks and if it comes too close to the heating coil it might cause painful burns. Most of these beds utilize only a few watts of power, which will not raise your electricity bill. Some heated beds feature user-adjustable thermostats that offer accurately pinpointing your dog’s needs.

All in all, both self-warming and electricity-heated dog beds are ideal options for creating just the right temperature that comforts your dog.

Provides Extra Protection for Smaller Dogs

Even if your tiny Pomeranian has a thick second coat, he could still benefit from a heated dog bed. Heated dog beds are actually for year-round use. A heated dog bed can provide your dog a stronger sense of security and the right amount of heat that your pet needs. It also provides therapeutic benefits to newborn pups and injured pets. Dogs with less hair or shorter fur will truly benefit a heated dog bed the most.

For indoor use only​

The Milliard Indoor/Outdoor Heated Pet Pad provides your furry family member a warm haven during long chilly nights. Its specially designed internal thermostat warms up your dog to a comfortable 38.8° Celsius. A six-inch chew-resistant PVC cord powers its heating system, preventing any damage or electric shock in case your dog might nibble it carelessly. Energy efficient, it only uses roughly 30W per hour.





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Most important, have fun and choose your puppy pads wisely! Good luck!

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